Friday, November 04, 2005

Draining few days, but oh well

There truly is nothing more draining than being sick with worry. I feel so completely drained mentally and physically. My house is looking like I have neglected it for months. But truth be told, I have been so tired. I mean when you are working on about 10 hours of sleep or less, for the whole freaking week, it wears on ya..

Anyhoo, I think she is fine. On to other things.

So much funny crap has been said here, but I will be darned if it hasn't escaped me.

although I must say when I do get the chance to sleep, I am having Wiggle dreams again. My gosh I find myself in the back of the big red car, and I like it. It has been a few months since my last dream. And the funny thing is, I have not even watched The Wiggles in a long time.

And I have been finding myself growing more attracted to the freaky looking blue Doodlebop. Why I don't know, for I am sure he is gay and would not give me the time of day, plus I have no freaking idea what he looks like. But I watch him dance, and that is what gets me. He can move, you can tell he is a trained dancer...God bless him..And someone needs to tell that weird looking girl Doodlebop to use to teeth whitener..Man she has the yellowiest teeth I have seen in ages. I am a teeth person, that is the first thing I look at. Call me crazy. Look, you will see what I mean..We should all pitch in and get her some crest whitening strips.

Why is it there is nothing good on TV on Friday night? Don't they think us (meaning me) moms with no life and go nowhere on weekends, like to watch something good on Friday nights? Or are we a forgotten breed?

Hope everyone has a good weekend. I may take the older spawns to see Chicken Little. I think it is out now.

Well c-ya Monday....

One more week before we head back to the homeland for a few days..



momma of 2 said...

have a good weekend - hope you get some much needed sleep...

Kristen said...

that blue Doodlebop would TOTALLY give you the time of day. Don't say that.

I'd say that sleep is overrated but I go insane without it. Get some soon. We wouldn't want any spawns disappearing unexpectedly.

Heather said...

I personally like Moe.. when he gets on those drums.. my heart goes pitter patter. You are a nut, my friend.

I have a Women of Faith conference all weekend.. which is great.. a bunch of moms I rarely get to see.. and we get to fellowship and sing and worship together. Its one of my favorite weekends of the entire year.

Love ya girlie.

Melis said...

Ack! The Wiggles?? Pick something more fun to dream about girly! LOL Have a good weekend!!

Marel Lecone said...

O-M-I-G-O-S-H!! I could relate to Anthony but Rooney?!?!? You're right--he can dance. OK. I was laughing so hard with my hand covering my mouth . . . O-M-I-G-O-S-H!! hahaha :)

Get. Some. Sleep! :)

Wethyb said...

Ah the Doodlebops! I'm with you, the blue one is way better than the orange :) And ditto to the teeth thing.

Hope you get some sleep and have a good weekend!

Cliff Morrow said...

I'm glad baby spawn is better. Maybe time for another 'spook' movie.
On this other stuff. I think this farmers going to have to quietly back out. This orange and blue stuff is scaring me.

Gangadhar said...

Have a nice weekend and good sound sleep..
take care

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Momma, u too girlfriend:-)

kristen, u think he would???..LOL..your so full of sh*t, but thats why I love ya:0

heather,moe has big teeth, that scares me..LOL...have a wonderful weekend, sounds like a great time..

Melis, well my dreaming of The Wiggles goes back for some months now...not all of them, just Anthony:)

Marel, LOL..Moe has big teeth,that freaks me out I think.LOL...but Anthony will always be my one and only..*thump thump, thump thump*...heehee

Beth, glad u see it my way..LOL..have a good weekend too chicky:-)

Cliff, thank you..and dont worry, consider yourself lucky you dont know who we are talking about:)

gangahar,thank you, you too friend:)

mal said...

hang in and pace yourself *S* "Wiggles"? sounds scarreeeeeee

mal said...

BTW....64 channels of cable and nothing on worth watching, makes me wonder why we bother

d said...

Poor mommy, no fun when they don't sleep. Babyzilla was ereally bad until I started to let him slepep in my bed. I had to, he was killing me, up every 2 hours all night. But last night he was up 4 times. I think sometimes kids just go thru a phase. Hopefully this one will pass soon for you.

Erotic wiggle dreams? You freak!

Jamie Dawn said...

Get some shut eye!
Have a good weekend. Chicken Little will probably be a cute movie.
I'm eagerly waiting for the next Harry Potter movie which comes out on Nov. 18th.

Jewl said...

I hate the orange Doodle... Everytime I see him I feel the need to stick toothpicks in his eyelids.... OPEN YOUR DAMN EYES!! It drives me nutso!
I have to say I love the Wiggle... Why? Because it is baby crack and I can sit and have a cup of coffee in peace and quiet! LOL