Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Home sweet home

its late, I am tired.

But we are home.

This trip has brought to light many things. One is that traveling with 2 kids ALONE, is not wise unless you have plenty of Xanex and or liquor.

We all had a good time, I took my camera and did not take one freaking picture.

But I need a vacation now.

We are under a Winter Storm watch. Going to get a crap load of snow. ( to me anything over a dusting is a crap load of snow).

I hate winter, I hate winter, I hate winter.

Funny things said while I was on my "get away"

Kissing spawn gets all bent out of shape when I tease him about kissing a girl. When I tease him about the barbie head he says " I am in training mom"

We are in my dads truck taking the kids to the MIL house. Kissing spawn says " so where you guys off too?" (talking to me and Jennifer)

" you girls must be off to the mall, all women and teenage girls like to waste time at the mall"

For a brief moment I thought maybe he was thinking I was young enough to look like a teenage girl. Then he says.." Well, old women like to shop too"

I was also convinced anyone I saw or heard coughing or sneezing was transporting the "Bird Flu" onto my plane. I wanted to tell them to please "get the hell away form myself and the children."

I gave anyone I saw who looked to be ill, a very nasty look. If you are sick, please stay home. We don't want any "bird flu " here.

If you plan a boarding a plane with or chicken, please rethink it. Or even a pigeon or Robin. I hate birds right now. I wont eat them, nor will I feed them. message to all birds

take your flu..And fly south already....And if u live in the south, I mean take it to Canada. If you live in Canada, I mean take it back to Asia. If you live in Asia. Please forgive me, for I have no idea where to send it.

disclaimer, I do not want the bird flu to travel to any of those spots. I am making a really bad joke. I realize it is not funny. But its late, and I am convinced I have the bird flu...


I will write more later. I can not wait to go read everyone. I have missed my daily reads. I hope everyone is doing well....



Gangadhar said...

Hi Christina,
yeah..I'm doing fine..
And i love winter here in India..lol
Have a nice sleep...
take care

Angel Girl said...

Welcome back!

Lesser_Lumpkin said...

welcome back. I'd keep a close eye on kissing spawn if he is already in training. And if you have the bird flu please stay far away from my house ;).

The Lumpy

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

ganghar,glad your doing well..it must not snow in India..LOL

Angel girl, thanks girlfriend..it is good to be back:)

Lumpy, so, where do u live again?..LOL

vani said...

crap, snow?? already?? so sorry... :(

Melis said...

Glad to see ya back girly! Geesh! I don't peek in here for only a day... and there's like three posts! lol Too funny about the mall thing... I would love to say that I haven't heard some pun about being old from my kids... but alas, I can't! lol Welcome Back! :)

d said...

That was NOT a bad joke, that was damn funny!

and no, no, not to Canada.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I knew you would like it d..LOL..and I dont mean your part of cananda...I mean scactwaun..however the hell you spell it:)