Friday, November 25, 2005

I need a bucket to vomit in..And I am getting a new mommy

I don't know about you. But this fat broad at way too much yesterday. I ate enough yesterday to sustain a little Etheopian kid for 10 years. I would puke but I just hate to think of all that crap I made wasted:)

When I think about it, I really ate enough to last me till at least January. I hate Thanksgiving. Oh curse you white Angelo man for stealing land from the natives and trying to make up for it by making them sick with food. ( really I have no clue if that is what it all means...Been so damn long since I had a history class, I might of not paid attention that day anyway).

Going shopping today. If I can crawl my newly fat rear end out of bed in time to catch any deals. If not I will go Saturday. I do not do good in crowds. I have no shame, and I am not ashamed to admit it.

Here are some pics of my pies I made. Homed ladies...But the lemon meragnue pie did not turn out so well. I wont be doing that one again.

and this is something I did not get to do. The little creep says " I am going upstairs to clean." Oh it is so on now ,buddy.

My dad called last night to inform me that Jennifer had got a gift. He finally proposed to her. They have been dating for 2 and a half years. This was a pleasant surprise, as I have been on him for months and months to do it. She is 27 or 28, I am not sure which. So I am gone have a new mommy who is younger than me. How funny is that?

I told the spawns that grandpa and Jennifer were getting married. Kissing spawn says " huh, I thought they were married, they live together don't they?"

" you no mom, she dont look like a grandma. Like you do!!!!!!!"

Ok this kid is so not getting anything but a barbie and some panty hose for Christmas!!

I will leave you with my "hello hottie for today.
Now you have to go back...To the era of 80,s "hair bands"
I wanted to marry this man too...I had a very long list of perspective husbands...Still do...LOL
This is Joey Tempest from the band Europe...Think " its the final countdown " this would be about circa 1987...I am getting so hot right now..heehee..But when I look down do his "now"photo, totally loose my mojo with him...Guess its for the best:)

he just doesn't seem to "have " it anymore ya no?
I wont be knocking down the door I know that for sure...But I can dream about the good ole days.Right????

yup, Joey this is where you lost me...Where is your big curly hair? you tight leather pants and your mic? Your sweet voice trying like hell to sound all bad . Like you were one of then bad ones..You wish.....You were the tamest heavy metal band ever...I and I love yah for it...But if you really feel the need for a groupie today, I may consider it...only if you wear the hair and the pants!!.........IM just sayin!! :-)


I am assuming noone will agree here with me either..or maybe never even heard of him...I better start picking more mainstream boys.....gotta start buying people magazine I guess:)


Mike said...

lol....Congrats on the 'new' mom...and kudos to your Dad for snaring her huh?.....

Felecia said...

First item of order - what evil scheme do you have up your sleeves for the snoring hubby? Please keep me posted on this - I know I'll need it someday:)

Second, a younger mommy? I know we are only acquainted via blogger world, but whoah - I'm 29 and not quite sure I would know how to be your mother. Good luck Jenny. ha ha ha...

And finally, those pies look wonderful! I do okay in the kitchen but have always been intimidated by the idea of making pie from scratch! Kudos, you godess of the baking oven!!

Angel Girl said...

Hahah, a younger mommy! Well good for them for being in love (?).

Those pies look great, I LOVE to cook and from scratch. I will be one of those people who are in their kitchens for days before thanksgiving making everything from scratch lol. I don't mind I love to cook, probably why I am going to be a chef.

You've completely lost me on the hottie of the day lol. Maybe you should post a man and a female each day to keep both audiences amused (hehe jk it's your blog).

d said...

Ah, the old "I'm going upstairs to clean" trick. Don't worry, it's fooled many. I just send the baby to jump on mine when he's napping when he shouldn't be. "Go find Daddy, go tickle Daddy" - not a good wake-up.

Congrats on the new Mommy, weird that sh'e younger huh? My husband has a neice that's older than me and his sisters are both older than my mother. It's weird when you think about it- which I don't anymore.

Hello Hottie? No, I think back off unhottie is my opinion on this one. Doesn't he sorta look ike David Cassidy in the second pic?

Going to have my morning duet with George now :)

Peggy said...

You didn't let him stay asleep did you? I just know you had to have done something.. come on now share!! LOL Good to see you are fine with your dads pick for a new wife. Age doesn't matter as long as they are happy together. Sorry don't agree with the hottie today. Neither pic does anything for me.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

mike, LOL, thanks...

Felcia,well I was gonnaput his finger in warm water.. but didnt:-)

I am 30 and she is younger than me.makes me feel old..

and thank you ..the pies tasted ok too...not the best..but i dont really like pies:)

Angel, I seem to have lost everyone on my hottie for today..but that is a good idea..I may do that:)

d,i thought for sure you would like my hottie for today..damn it!!

um, he is mine...but i will let you sing with him...

Peggy, got him out of my hair for a few mintues..LOL