Friday, November 25, 2005

The wave....Conversations I wish I never had

shopping on this day is totally assnine. Not only was it busy, but we woke up this morning to a mini snow storm. Must be a good 5 inches out there, and the weather man gave me no warning! So your telling me mister weather guy that your freaking radar took the day off for the holiday?

It took twice as long to make to the mall. So this pissed me off. No what else pissed me off? Give up? OK I will tell you.

You know when your sitting in traffic and you see a car needs in or out, and you stop and let them in or out? I have no problem with this action, I must admit I don't practice it. But The husband does. And there is some unwritten law somewhere that you are to give your fellow traveler the wave when they let you in. It is just what a good citizen of this planet does. Hell, I even do it..I have been known to give the wave on more than one occasion. It is common courtesy. Why do you take my polite advances and move forward ahead of me, and not give me any acklogement? Like I am freaking invisible? hello, do you see me here, the one who is letting you..For the last time I might add...

This is why I do not practice good " people skills" because it gets you no where. Remember this folks..If someone let you in....Please for the love of God...Give them the wave..

As we were on the road, I noticed something really awful. My winter coat, that I have not worn since March, had a very odd aroma. It has been laying on the floor of the dining room closet for months now. And I guess at one point in time my cat was much too lazy to head downstairs to her litter box. Because my freaking coat had a spot that smelled like cat piss. Oh I was not happy. Then hubby says to me " crap, I think I forgot to put deodorant on today"

This does not phase me, because on days when he doesn't work he tends to forget such things...SO I open his coat, and sure enough he smells bad.

So here we are driving down the road and he says " so your telling me we are going out shopping and I smell like BO and you smell like cat pee? This should be one fun trip"

I may never leave the house again with him:)

Then on the way home he makes some comment about looking rugged. I say " you no, I really do not like the rugged look"

To which he replied " so you don't like the rugged look, but if I act the other way you tell me I am acting gay".

to which I say "yup"

Then he says " now this is totally off subject, but I want to start making beaded jewelry"

here is our next Hello Hottie..I have not been having much luck keeping you guys happy, and this is discerning to me. I will try harder...

This is Jim Cavisel. The man who played Jesus in the movie Passion of the Christ. He is very, very handsome..Right???????




Krystal A. Kelly said...

People who go shopping the day after Thanksgiving are glutens for punishment.

Make your life easier next year, give everyone $20 inside of a card. It's the gift everyone loves.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

LOL you are so right...but I think the kids would want more than 20 bucks and a card..LOL

but it works for the rest of the fam:)

Mike said...

We had the same weather today....about 4 inches of snow....and it didn't shop the shoppers any.

momma of 2 said...

ahhh - so it was you who was out and about so early in the morning....silly, silly girl lol! Hope you ended up getting what you need.

Marel Lecone said...

Hey, Girl. OK. This is a better hottie for sure. After seeing your previous boys, I had to take a blogging hiatus. Whew! Thanks for bringing me back! heehee :) Talk to you later. And, you're crazy to actually shop on Black Friday--I was only at the mall because I had to work. :) Got home after 1am. See you later. :)

Angel Girl said...

For a man, yes this a much better pic lol.

I have never practiced the "black friday" ritual - I HATE crowds. So you are a better one than me.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Mike, so u got a taste of winter too huh? dang I hate winter

Momma, unless you call heading out at 10 am early..LOL..I just wanted to get it done..and i am not done yet..LOL

Marel, u had me sick with worry, and here it was because i scared you with my hotties..LOL
Sorry u had to work,hopefully u got holiday pay for that..heehee

angel girl,well i dont noramlly go out on that day, sometimes I get hte urge to punish myself though:-)

keesh said...

1. I hate it when people don't give the wave too. Hello people, be appreciative bastards :). Just a quick wave, nothing fancy, a nod, a flash of lights, something...

2. Are you out of your mind going shopping that day and taking hubby at that? You were asking for it girl :).

3. Jim Casvel (SP?), YUMMY. love those eyes!

4. My pick for a man would be Matthew Mconoghy or Ben Affleck (Sp??) and for a woman, I am not ashamed to admit I have a small crush on Ashley Judd and if I wasn't strait, she would be my pick :). She is adorable. just some ideas for your next picture post :).

Working Mom said...

I just got caught up on your posts and I have to say....I love Jeff Corwin and the Europe guy (granted the 80's version of him, not the present). Yes, I am a fellow hair band lover! Maybe I shouldn't be admitting that to people....ya think?!

I, for once, didn't do the shopping thing yesterday. We went to Sea World. Today, though, I did venture out to get a few things. Actually wasn't that bad!

No snow here....we're in the upper 70's and wearing shorts!! It's really nice out!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Kish, I am glad I am not the only one who needs to have the wave..damn people anyway...and thanks for the ideas for the hotties..I am gonna start doing a male and female everyday. I want to make everyone happy:)

Denise, 70,s...I so hate you:-)

Peggy said...

you must be crazy to go out shopping on black friday! But heck thats what makes your blog so fun to read! LOL just kidding. All 3 of my daughters called to say they had went shopping in their areas. One daughter even got up at 3:30 so she could be the first one in the doors at one store... Now she IS crazy! I hate it when I don't get the wave and if I get a chance to pass them later I usually yell you're welcome you jerk... makes me feel better anyway. And if the car behind me blows when I let someone in... they get a nice pretty bird to look at. LOL Thanks for the laughs and love your hottie for the day... wonder if he likes older women?????????

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Peggy, wow 3am is a bit early for this lady..LOL..hats off top your daughter!!

hmm, I am not sure if he likes older woman..but I am sure he does:-)

The English Student said...

I'm sorry that you had to be in the madness. All day on Black Friday I stay in the warm house so that I won't be attacked by crazy people.

d said...

Oh yes, Amen hottie!

My husband doesn't give the wave but when he's driving I give the wave because, you are right, it's just plain rude not to. (especially since he's such an aggressive driver and will butt in and hold up traffic to make a left out of the driveway.)

Beaded jewllery? Get this man some power tools for Christmas. ;)