Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I need to win the lotto, serouisly

well so far from our " flooding fiasco" we had to fork out $250.00 for the carpet people to even come here. Then we had to fork out $ 135.00 yesterday for the plumber. We had tree roots growing int he pipe..lovely.

Then the carpet cleaner lady came again today to tell me we have mold growing in the wall and they will c0me tommorw to replace it...SO I kindly ask " how much is this going to cost me?"

" well, not that much, I would say under a grand"

NO..NO.. dont tell me you just said a grand...Holy crap no..we have a $1000 deductable...Oh hell no....So there goes Christmas..LOL

I dont know why it is, but shortly after we own a home it turns into the "money pit"..What starts off as seeminly nice home, are hidden little tressuare troves of problems and all around mayhem. And we paid 700 bucks for an inspection on this house before we bought it..and It passed with flying colors..So now approaching our one year anniversary of the day we closed on this " little piece of paradise" everything seems to be going wrong..

Ok there is this commercail I see alot...and I ask why?...it is the one about a pregancy test that can tell you your pregant 5 days before your missed period..Now who the heck needs to know that fast, and why cant you wait the normal length of time? I mean It kind of spoils the fun of " oh, crap. I am late"
Just makes no sence to me. But that is just me I suppose.



Tee said...

Ugh, I'm so sorry. That SUCKS big time. Why do household problems seem to happen all at once like that? And right before Christmas??! That's so awful :(

I hope it gets better.

As for the pregnancy test - LOL. The constant throwing up told me I was pregnant before any pregnancy test. ;)

pack of 2 said...

Aw shit!!!

good luck with that!!


keesh said...

Wow. that all sucks! Hang in there.

Yeah, I knew before I took a prego test too. I had cramping and that told me I was, shortly after I confirmed I started throwing up daily :). but I don't think there is any reason to know that far in advance. I think I would feel like I was pregnant FOREVER that way. that only adds to the time.

vani said...

that sucks girl.. :( hopefully after this you'll have your little peice of paradise back!

and about the prego test- i waited till i was about 2 months late till i checked- it's called DENIAL! LOL

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

tee, thanks..wanna buy a house??...LOL
and the fist time i was pregant i thought someting was differnt, by the time number 3 came, i knew, no test required..lol

shelly, thanks..and double shit on that:-)

kish, thats what i thought, yuo would feel prego for a year rather than 9 months..ugg

vani, i would like to take my piece of paradise and shove it &*%^$@!!..LOL

Dottie said...

Oh, so sorry about all of the flooding issues. The carpet cleaning people are going to replace the wall??? I think I would get a second opinion on that one and maybe give it a good dose of bleach with fans.

LOL about the pg test. I have NO patience and probably would have bought one of those! Thank goodness no more pg tests for me!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

dottie, well she showed me the mold, so i know its there..which bites big time..and this is the place the insurance company recomended. so i am kinda stuck..shucks anyway

Lesser_Lumpkin said...

Did you really just say the FUN of Oh crap I'm late?!! What fun? Everytime my wife tells me that I nearly end up with a heart attack.

Sorry to hear about all the home repairs. I've begun to believe that every house is a money pit. Even ones newly made.

The Lumpy

momma of 2 said...

Sorry this crap is happening -hopefully it gets better soon...biggest sympathies - and I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND...

As for the Preggers test - I don't know - maybe its for the ones who are trying to get preggers and just can't wait 5 more days...

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Melis said...

Wow girly! Ya'll are really having your hands full, and pockets empty with this whole fiasco! I'm super duper sorry! And agree with the other comment... why always right before the holiday?! Ugggggg!! And preggo tests... hmmmmm... for those that have it said to them... "And this.... *insert egg sizzling here** is your mind on drugs!"...??? Took 'em with 1 & 2, but #3, hubby told me! LOL

Cliff Morrow said...

The Lord works in mysterious ways. Just when all this financial mayhem hits you, a blogger, up above, you know ol INCREASE INCOME comes along to save the day. Glad all's well now.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

melis, yes why do things happen right before Christmas..LOL..I guess Santa has big plans for me:-)

Cliff, I see that, what am I complaing about now??..LOL

J&J'sMom said...

DUUUUUDDDDEEE! You look all dreamy and bahamaish in here! Like the new digs mucho!! Sending "Win the Lottery" vibes your way. That sucks.

Kristen said...

It's never just one thing, is it? Hang in there, girlfriend.

Sandy said...

Are you sure that spraying some bleach on it will not solve the problem? After the hurricane damage here last year we had several units taken advantage of for "mold removal" when all that was really needed was some bleach. Can you get a second opinion?

Are you trying to have a baby? *wink wink*

Jewl said...

Sorry about the house, that sucks. Really bad timing.... Not that there is a great time for that sort of thing but you know what I mean.
About the preggo test... for me, I couldn't wait because we had tried for so long... when you are trying and it isn't happening and then you THINK it might be possible... that is when you want to know right away!

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