Sunday, November 20, 2005

...And the verdict is

well boobies seems to be the winner..Yeah for boobies...

(if u have no idea what I am talking about, better read last post)

The husband is now telling me that since I have all my friends on here, that maybe he can find some friends and go out on the weekends with..This is all fine and good, only that I don't go out with you guys, my rear end is stuck home pretending that I have friends, reading about your life cause mine is so damn boring. This is the difference buddy. I don't leave , so over my cold, dead, rigamortis ridden body will you leave the confines of this nearly 3000 square foot palace of poopy diapers and whining. End of story...Unless you make a friend with someone who has a wife worth while talking too..And hey, then maybe we can double date.

Otherwise drop it buster..If anyone is leaving the confines of this crap whole it is me. Hate to break it to you like that..But since you boycott my blog anyway, guess it don't make much difference.

And last night The husband created a monster. He let baby spawn lay in bed with covert spy spawn. Now this little darling bundle I call call my "baby" thinks she can just sleep there whenever she feels like it. I tried putting her in her cage last night, but she cried and said " seep ober dare momma...wit bbbbay" (that is what she calls covert spy spawn,bbbaby) .

I was not comfortable with this arrangement. I like her in her cage. She is a baby for crying out loud. But the husband seems to think we should get her a bed. Oh hell no.
So when she fell asleep last night I had the husband put her safely in the confines of her cage...That is where she belongs, until she has to curl in the fetal position to fit in there...Nuf said on that!!

I am making chili for dinner. And this poses many problems. First off the kids hate chili, so that means I make 2 different dinners..I run a diner on these days.
But my biggest problem lies with the fact that chili makes The husbands body to very gross things...things that smell like someone or something crawled up his rear end and died. I am thinking of buying Beano.."if you take beano before, there will beano gas after"

So in honor of what could be a rough night and early morning..I leave you with this little poem or ditty if you will

beans, beans the musical fruit
the more you eat em the more you toot
the more you toot the better you feel
so lets it beans for every meal

there you have it....Happy Sunday


editors note...the chili was a no go..I tried using my vegatarian stuff instead of my usaul ground turkey...big mistake..not the normal brand I have had..the chili tasted like maybe it had ground testicales in it..(ok, dont ask me how I know this..mmkay)

so we are having tacos...with my ground turkey...(we do not eat beef..pretty soon we wont be eating poultry...*cough* can we say Bird Flu.


pack of 2 said...

yar for boobies!!!

I would stay away from chili if that is how his body reacts!! YIKES!


The Blog Whore said...

We are doing the toddler bed conversion tonight. Should be a rough one for us. I am going to miss the "cage" at least that way we know exactly where they are.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

shelly, three cheers for boobies..:-)...and the chiki was a no go tonight..thank goodness..I really need to sleep tongiht..LOL

Thersa, now does you crib convert to a toddler bed? or did u buy a toddler bed? our crib turns into a toddler bed but with all three of the kids I never used it..just went straight to the big kid bed..let me know how it goes will ya?

The Blog Whore said...

The crib does convert but I don't like it 'cause one of the sides stays tall, and it looks stupid. They are both crashed out right now, already just like usual. So far so good...We'll see how nap goes tommorow, lol.

Melis said...

Ack! I did vote for the pic lookin like boobies... but I can't give ya any cheers for 'em... cuz I hate 'em, and can't wait to get rid of 'em!!! LOL

I think someone was lookin out for ya with the chili thing.. I agree with Shelly... YIKES!!! lol

Baby spawn... yeah! I'd a been pissed about that arrangement as well. We do have the lil ones crib broke down into a toddler bed, and I like it... but we're still working on the "keeping her in it" thing! Good luck!

Melis said...

and one more thing....

How DO you know how ground testies taste?????????

d said...

Ground testicles? Oh I'm dying over here.

We have to get together. Even if we can't go out, let's meet up and play some cards on Yahoo. Sound good?

d said...

It will be bring your own booze tho ;)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

d, sounds good me me lady:-)