Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Dental floss on my sink

I have had this fight many a time..My hubby gets out the dental floss..Uses it(of course) then leaves his used floss on my sink....Everytime I see itI wanna gross is that...Can you please throw it in the trash or even flush it down the toilet?...Sometimes I think I must speak in a foreign tongue or something...Because it keeps happinging...Over and over and over....Well finally last night I hit breaking point....And he finally threw it away hope anyway)...Men...Sometimes you just wanna shake them till their heads pop off...grrrrr!!!!!

I have been e-mailed a thing to write 10 things you don't know about me...Well I am sure none of you really cares...But here it goes
1.I hate dental floss left on my sink
2.I love prince,even have his symbol tattooed on my back(along with some purple rain drops)..Oh la la
3.My kids make me happy..And mad all at the same time
4.I do not smoke..Never have...Never will
5.I have seen one two many dead people
6.I had one medicated and 2 natural deliveries
7.Green..any shadeof green makes me smile
8.I love pajamas that you can wear outside..ya no in moments of laziness
9.All my friends are special..The 2 I have(hee hee)
10.I was a very permuscoius teenager...Now a lame ole stay at home mom who has no social life...:-)

See told ya I was a bore.....Well have a great day...Toodles


Jaws said...

Nice list! I have the old toilet seat issue with my hubby. He says, If I am kind enough and willing to put the effort into lifting it up you should be willing to put it down.. ... ....

Sandy said...

Have you looked into any moms clubs that might be in your area? They are a great support system if you can find one! : )

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

hey sandy...there are lots of clubs of that sort..but they are mosly all filled...if you dont stand in line the day they are miss out...I am hoping when i stat my new job..i will meet some people..and when we start working for the church..that might help too...good advice..and i know you have been there..:-)

sandgirl said... are so loved :-)

J&J'sMom said...

You're not a bore...we's a lot a like you and me ;0) Dental floss thing...eww..I'm with ya.