Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Young lies

OK..Here is an update..Still no tortoise sighting,all the kids are sick now...grr!!

Were you one of those kids in school who may have been slighly mean to others for your own personal reasons? Like the person probably was a good person..But you still felt the need to be mean...I have been thinking about this...Maybe wanting to tell everyone who I was ever mean too that I feel bad. And I was stupid..Afterall I am dieing soon..(according the deathclock..Check a few post down for it..Go ahead and take it)..

I was a sneaky teenager..I would sneak out at night..And lie about it..Even in Jr High I had a diabolical plan to fudge my report card...AND IT WORKED...I kept a report card from the marking period before(our report cards were zerox copied..Not in pen..So stupid..It made this so much easier)..Anyway I kept my report card..And made a copy of it...When report card time came around again..I put my grades in the approiote boxes..Then copied it again..wha la...To this day I do not believe my parents know this...It was around grade 7 or 8..Now that is pretty sneaky....I just hope my kids do not have moments of thought like that..I always felt desperate I guess...My mother had a bad temper..I was always scared of her...She would get mad at me,throw her hairbrush at me...Then I would get in trouble when her brush would break..It is all true...My dad never really acted like he cared..After they got divorced I wanted to live with him...I could get away with so much more livivng there...He was clueless..

AS the kids grow up..I can already see the sneaky tendency coming out in my 5 year old..GOD help me....I hope my kids aren't ever scared of me...And no that they can tell me things or show me things and I will not fly off the handle...
Enough for now I guess....Toodles

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Tammy said...

No, I was the good kid....ALWAYS..LOL