Friday, June 17, 2005

Moments of unclarity...

man thing have not been going well...The bugs,the ants...Everything...On my bikeride along the lake I have had 2 near misses of running over a bird,..I shit you not...I nearly ran over tweety on my mountain bike....On this same trip I swallowed at least 3 bugs....Then when I because smart enough to keep my mouth closed...They would run in through my damn nose...Yes...Its all true..

the little one is sick..She has thick yeller snots coming outta her cute as a button nose along with a fever....Yup...So I will be up all night..tis why it is 11:24 and I am writing on here rather than attepting to saw logs...:-(

In the morning I need try get my lawned mowed...Take kids to the lake for a day of swimming and fun...Then go for my bike ride and swallow bugs...The whole cycle will begin again....I have decided that my kids can not go out of the house with out 2 layers of clothing...2 good drippings of bugsrpay..Helmets..Gloves...And body armor...I think it will work out well..It is still in tis trial phase....I will let you know how the works out...LOL

BTW...Martha Stewart was found guilty...Went to prison..Now under house arrest...Yet Michael jackson who actually may be a threat to other kids out there in his crazyass neverland...Gets acquitted....Now he can go out and find fresh blood...Good for him...Good for him....You go get en mike...The justice system does not work..In cause you were wondering...Well I better stop flapping my jaws under the effects of my sleeping barbituait.....Hope all of you have great weekends..I will be posting throughout the weekend..Maybe some pics..toodles:-)


Gangadhar said...

yeah..he can go out and find fresh blood...The system is helpless!!

Tammy said...

Sorry the kids are sick. Hope you get some much needed rest soon.
I still can't believe the Micheal Jackson thing. But I guess when you have that much money...What can you do.
Thanks for stopping by once again. Ciao for now.

Jude said...

Hi, I'm Jude from Alberta, and I got here from a comment you left on Sandy's blog. (The Disco Palace) I placed my pin on your map and read some of your blog and I love it! Hey, the sunflower is my fav flower too, you'll see that for sure if you visit my blog, lol. (oh and I have a guestmap too) Have a great weekend! :)

Julie said...

I hope the little one feels better--and that you can get some sleep!
you know, there are easier ways to get extra protein in your diet; you don't have to eat bugs. :)

Marel Lecone said...

very funny but sorry about the sick child. no fun i know. take care.