Sunday, June 26, 2005

Toot,toot,chugga,chugga,big red car

Well had another dream last night, this time it was in the back of the Big Red Car..Man I need a shrink..!!

Taking the spawns to the beach today,so that should be fun...If I can find one that isn't as rocky as the last one..You know here,lakes are a dime a dozen..Just drive a few miles and Bam..There is another one..!!

My son who is 8 and the oldest of my spawns is a very sensitive young fella..He likes to fight with the middle spawn..She is 5....And when he gets in trouble,it is all of a sudden her fault...
Well lately anytime I have asked him to do chores or scolded him about being mean to his sister,he comes back with this line..And I tell you it is hard to keep a straight face..
"I am just trying to live a life".......That is his line..What the heck that is suppose to mean is beyond me..But I know its wrong and bad of me..But I just nearly bust out into a belly laugh everything I hear him say it...

Soon it will be the baby 2 birthday..We were thinking of taking her to a Wiggle concert,they are coming a few weeks before her birthday..But I am rethinking all that right now...I may get arrested..Something may make me run up on stage and start man handling the blue one..Yikes..Don't need a crimnial record..Went this long without one..!!

Ok here is story.and it goes like this..:
When I was 5 years old and in kindergarten we had these neighbors we played with.They were older..But me and the girl were pretty good friends..When we would play house I would alwyas be married to Ponch and she was married to John(all you guys who don't know..These were the guys from CHIPS)..anyhoo,
one day her and her older brother were over playing in our yard..There was a bottle on my grass and I picked it up and threw it against my house..Why I do not know..I might have been showing off..My mom was very mad I had did that..I could have been hurt!!
The brother of my friend said"you no when you break a bottle against your house your parents will be gone the next day"..(he was fat ,ugly and mean)
I told him he was full of crap,but in my own mind maybe he knew what he was talking about..I mean he WAS in 4th grade..And you no lots of stuff then..Right?

Well the next day I get on the bus for school..And then return at my usual time..I run to my house swing open the door...And yell"mom I am home"..But NOONE WAS THERE".....I looked high and low and my mom was nowhere..So I start thinking the kid was right..I threw the glass bottle now my parents are gone..To make a longer story short..I ran to my granparent who I knew were in Florida..Ran back home..And she was there...She had been just a few houses down vistitng with a friend and didn't realize what time it was...So that was my first episode of being totally freaked out..
There is my tale for the day..Enjoy..Toodles


Jaws said...

LOL cute story.

Oh boy your sons gonna be a smoooth one he is..

Tammy said...

That's a cute story. I can't believe you can remember all these so well. I have a hard time remembering things.

You son is too funny. Mackenzie every once in awhile will come up with things too. You just can't help but laugh.

BipolarPrincess said...

When I was about 12, my mother was screaming about why I was acting like such a little bitch. I just said (apprently not knowing the right words), "Mom, I have hormones!"

A few weeks ago my mother told me how guilty she felt about that now that she knows I'm bipolar. Ha, teenagers revenge!! ;)

Gabriel said...

Being the amateur psychology student.. I don't think I'm qualified to be your therapist, though the act of blogging is at times therapeutic and cathartic. It's a release that I'm sure you've become addicted to.. I know I have ;)

Be well...

Kristen said...

I think you HAVE TO go to the Wiggles concert. Maybe it will be the cartharsis you need to get beyond Blue. Or maybe it will just make for even BETTER dreams.