Friday, March 21, 2008

The Wall

I have this thing with teeth. I don't like looking at people with snaggle tooth looking teeth. Its just a phobia of sorts.

Kinda like being scared of spiders or tornado's.

One thing I don't get is why some folks out there find it ok to not brush the pearly whites God has blessed upon them..

I see lots of people around these parts with what I refer to as summer-teeth.

Now I realize there are humans out there whom have horrid teeth, but it may be beyond their control. Like make a monkey threw a coconut at their faces , broke all their teeth and its gonna take weeks to form the mold for their veneers or dentures, I mean shit happens...I know that.

But when I see the good folks around these parts with black teeth or breath u can tell has not been freshened since the last time they had a Peppermint Patty, this troubles me.

I had this nightmare the other night that I was sitting in a dentist office with my mother, go figure, and two of my teeth fell out. Just out of the blue.

I promptly told her we need to be like make like leaves and blow outta there.

To which said told me this was just the place to be for such an occurrence.

To which I no, cant be letting the dentist see me with no teeth, or anyone in this office for that matter...

So its really a phobia, I mean I have nightmares about losing teeth or one being loose.

I have issues, real issues.

Summer -teeth and butter-faces really scare the shit outta me.

So please this Easter weekend, take the time to floss and brush and tell your dentist you appreciate him/her for making your smile shine like that of a brilliant diamond.

I realize this is a lame Easter message, but dang, I bet no one else has told u today to take care of your smile..


ok, I have got many emails asking what SUmmer-teeth and butter faces were, im sorry , I forgot to explain..I will use them in a sentece for u..

look, she has summer teeth, some are here, some are there...

look, she is a butter face, everything is hot, but her face... u know.

Just so u know both my laptops are nearly completley hosed, thanks to tots stepping on one and some sort of file error on the other one..So if I am not around, this is why...

anyone wanna come here and go singing with me friday night?..yeah, my plans feel thru with who I was going with..and I dont like to go sit at the bar alone..

so call me, we will hook up..

Good day.


Bradley's Mom said...

FF, you are just too funny!

Thank you for the nice dental message. I promise to brush and floss religiously.

And my the tooth fairy shine her light upon you.


Jamie Dawn said...

Happy Easter to you and your family!!
We'll be coloring eggs, and my mom will be here to do it with us!! Hooray!!!
My teeth get brushed twice daily, and yes, I DO floss regularly.
I hope this meets with your approval.


Flip Flop Momma said...

Ma Linda,
consider it my PSA for the year;)

keep brushing ma:)


have fun with your mom and dad...dont stain your clothes coloring eggs..

catscratch said...


Katie said...

I thought at first it happened, then I learned how to read and realized it was a bad, bad dream.

Flip Flop Momma said...


yes, bad bad bad dream....

pay attention:)

1 plus twins said...

too funny!

i may be emailing you soon if the offer is still there cuz i am barely hanging on.

have a great easter!

Patti said...

I love what Linda said hehe...

Scarlet said...

Well, I'll have you know I brush AND floss. I am paranoid about teeth, too.

If you want to come to Miami for karaoke, we got our old place back!

MamaMichelsBabies said...

Appropriate timing for the message, with all of the junk that's going to be in baskets on Sunday.

Butter face... hehe, I'm jackin that one!

Happy Easter you!

Packof2 said...

Though I have never heard the term summer teeth...I knew exactly what yoou mean:) TOO funny!
If teeth (or lack of them) freak you out, I suggest you stay out of the South!

Tom said...

Bossy, when I get up to MN to visit, please don't recoil in horror because I still haven't replaced a cap that fell off....I'll get to it....

gel (emerald eyes) said...

This is a hoot! I'm turned off by the visuals, too and especially halitosis! Your post won't keep me away for chocolate. I DO need dental work (Ugh- I hate going)even though I brush 3 x/day and floss regularly.

Enjoy Easter and may the Tooth Fairy wave her magic wand so that your neighbors are orthodontially blessed and fresh air abound in your neck of the woods!

Gel { * * }

Shannon said...

Summer teeth and butter faces.... hilarious!!!!
Happy Easter!

Gette said...

Dang. Gotta work Friday.

Yippeeskip said...

Dreams about losing teeth mean that you feel powerless over a situation. Happy Easter.

Anonymous said...

I'm headed to the bathroom to soak my dentures as we speak

dakotablueeyes said...

This "Now I realize there are humans out there whom have horrid teeth, but it may be beyond their control. Like make a monkey threw a coconut at their faces , broke all their teeth and its gonna take weeks to form the mold for their veneers or dentures, I mean shit happens...I know that." made me lmao lol

just_tammy said...

You know how obsessive we are about teeth around here!!! We went to see Horton Hears a Who the other night and there was yet another big bad dentist scene. People can't understand why my family likes cleanings and that fresh from the dentist feeling! Eventually we'll even have a dentist in the family - yea! Yep, we are sick and twisted.

Love the summer teeth and butter faces!

Have a great Easter!!!

Groovy Mom said...

You know how they treat phobias, right? You have to gradually expose yourself to the thing you fear. I have a picture sitting on my camera that I am going to send to you because I can't stand to see you living in fear.

cathouse teri said...

That bunny cartoon is one of my favorites.

I like your summer and butter explanations. I didn't stop to ponder what they meant. I just thought they were random phrases. Weird for me. I always wanna know where people get stuff from that they say. Maybe I'm tired.

Actually, I know I'm tired.

I'm off to go swimming. See if that will perk me up.

CMB said...

Great Easter message - especially with all the candy one might consume - but really because I too am a 'teeth' person. I am also a 'feet' person. Ugly feet and nasty teeth scare the CRAP out of me.

Marel Lecone said...

It's nice to know that no matter how much time that I stay away . . . you keep being just damn funny!!

we need to be like make like leaves and blow outta there.--did you really say this in your dream!!? hahaha

Thanks for explaining summer teeth. I knew about butter face.

Take care.

Foster Communications said...

Summer teeth? Butter face? Freaking hilarious! Love it!

Oh, and I HATE the dentist too. Actually, I wrote about that a couple of days ago. Something about these perky ass hygenists who think I'm sposed to get all excited about a cleaning. And then they start talking about saliva. EW. I have no grounds for my fear. I have only had one cavity and my teeth are white and straight. But still, ew. I'm right with you on this one.
Happy Easter! :)

Flip Flop Momma said...

hey peeps,
sorry I have not been able to comment back to eahc of u...But my three computers ALL of them, have been acting all bitchy lately and needing some specail care..

I am here and reading all your comments..

Now get brushing.

Tom said... word....."linux"

Anonymous said...

Some folks r sheltered!
The butter faced and Summer Chewers.
Have a big ole easter
get the prize egg
If you wanna hit me up for a booty call u have permission, for the singing gig u understand!

Anonymous said...

lol-good thing I wear my nice pearly fake ones. Cuz my crappy luck mine were implanted into the dashboard of a car in the wreck I was in when I was 16...2 weeks before I was due to get my braces off.

Happy Easter to you and yours. I'm gonna email you my favorite funny Easter Icon.

IamDerby said...

Summer teeth.... LOVE IT (not the teeth, mind you, the saying) Happy Easter FF!

dakotablueeyes said...

Happy Easter