Friday, March 14, 2008

Thats why they call it the blues

Yeah so, im back...Did ya miss me?

Yeah I thought so...NO one ever misses me...

Anyway, my trip was cut short due to circumstances beyond my control and I am deeply thankful for this.

So lets see, what to talk about..

Oh I have decided not to send my Boo to Kindergarden. I am making her go thru baby school one more year. This was her first year going to baby school, and I think she needs one more year. Cause im just that mean.

This school system use to have all day Kindergarden but they went every other day. Thats the way it was when Blondie went. The boy didnt go to Kindergared thru second grade here, he went to a good school another state.

anyway, this year they are starting a new thing, where your kid can go all day daily...but for 1800 bucks a year.

Here and where lies my issue..Why should we have to PAY for public school? I send them to pblic school because I am cheap and only want to pay for milk money.

Oh wait, in this school system we have to supply all the teachers damn school supplies. I swear at the start of the school year bewteen all three tots I spent damn near 400 bucks buying the teachers shit.

So paying 1800 bucks a year for my tot to go to kindergarden everyday is not really something I support.

I mean you have a choice, BUT are the poor kids who only go every other day going to be outcast because they dont go daily? Are they going to be short changed in education because they only go every other day?

When I send Boo to Kindergarden NEXT year, she will indeed go daily...and I will call the school system four letter words under my breath as I put her pig tails in and watch her get on the bus..


SO today is the big mans birthday..

He has big plans of going out to eat and consuming a turkey commercail...for those of you who are not familar with that, as I was not when I moved here, it is a hot turkey sandwhich..

Then i kindly reminded him he gave up meat on Fridays for Lent.

Guess this pissa is stone cold outta luck unless he wants to burn in the firey pits of hell.


Oh im thinking of getting a perm...please talk me out of it..I mean whay year is it? 1988?

for shits sake..


gina said...

A perm- good lord, have you been hittin' the vodka again?

Look in to your state's law- Kindergarten isn't usually mandatory- I'd wait the year and put her straight into 1st grade- for FREE!

ps. it's not Friday yet, because if it were Friday I would be submerged in a bubbly hot tub right now, not here at home in my sweats squintin' at my computer moniter. Don't tease me like that! ;)

Cliff said...

In Nebraska, when a child is held for a year before starting school we call it their 'red shirt' year.
Skip the perm you look maaahvalous.

Flip Flop Momma said...

hmm...I never knew that about KND..I thought u HAD to go...hmm..

although im not sure she has the smarts to skip a grade;)

No vodka,...its not friday yet..hahahaha

well Boo is having a red shirt year...does this mean she is even more speacil then I orginally thought?..crap..

Groovy Mom said...

Ack! forget the perm! Do you color your hair? You know what color plus perm does to hair, right? Besides, it will backfire on you as perms have a way of doing and you will look like the bride of Frankenstein on crack.DON'T DO IT. Go get a Brazilian wax instead if you're feeling impetuous. That should fix ya right up!

Flip Flop Momma said...

Ok, I get brazzilan waxes...

u heard it hear first;)

so does this mean I can get the perm?..ha

1 plus twins said...

well i sure did miss ya! and a perm are you sure your not in the corner drunk on that vodka??? i can't believe they want to charge for kindergarten. that is bullshit. i have never heard of having to pay in public schools for kindergarten. bullshit i tell you bullshit!! this school system out here you have to pay a bunch of money for supplies for the teachers too. it is bullshit. never had to do that in ohio. go check out my post i just put up!!!!

Bradley's Mom said...

So glad to see you back!

I hope your trip went well.

Perm? Your hair looks just fine the way it don't need it!


Foster Communications said...

A perm?? Are you freakin kidding me? Girl, it is not the 80s anymore. Ogilvie is a crappy Minnesota town, not something you should put on your head!!!!

Flip Flop Momma said...

one plus,
bull shit, its ALL bullshit;)

see, I just needed some motherly advice;)

so this means u dont think I should perm then huh?..hehe

Tom said...

No Perm!! but a Carol Brady flamboyant flip would be nice!

Southern Sage said...

get it!
you need to be permed! You'd look right sporty!

You could home school her for a year, shed be way ahead and you wouldn't have to pay and and and then you could put her in first grade.
You don't haveto put her in anywhere if you don't wanna, yet, when the socialists take over then they will tell you how to raise your brood because in their mind you are far to stupid to do it yourself!

PunkRockHillbilly said...

Funny you should blog about this, as just yesterday I sat across from my little one's preschool teacher and was told that while my daughter is smart enough for kindergarten, she's not mature enough as she won't turn 5 until July. Her advice- don't send her, pay the extra tuition and daycare to put her back into preschool.....FABULOUS!

Still deciding on best route to go...

Speaking from experience...the perm never looks as good as you imagine...unless you imagine poodle hair...if so, perm away;)

Flip Flop Momma said...

wow, Carol seems to excite u..

Sage, thats a thought..

I may or maynot be smart enough to teach her kindergarden;)

Im gonna ponder that one..

Flip Flop Momma said...

yup...I was told her was smart enough, just she needs more help fine tuning her small motor skills..

and Boos birthday is end of August..she wont be 5 till then..

hmm, seems we are in the same boat..

Gette said...

Boo and Thing 4 can share red shirt stories. You can get the 1800 back on your MN taxes (Education credit). But it's still a hassle. Our school does the same: "normal" kindergarten is free, all day and multi-age are paid. iPastor made such a fuss, that when they overfilled the "normal" class, they upgraded Thing 3 for free. (Oh yeah, they only offered one section of the free class. Right on.

Patti said...

Girl you are too mean sometimes. LOL but funny as hell!
Happy Birthday Mr Shaky!
Alot of people accuse me of having a perm but I swear I don't!

Emma Sometimes said...

A perm? step away from.the.mai tai.

My baby girl just turned 5 and next year I don't have to pay but go to the freaking bus stop 3 times a day.

Teachers don't get paid enough because the dim bulbs in government don't pay to edumacate our kids. They want us to be dumb asses so we can vote for more dim bulbs in government.

It's a circle of life kind of thing.

Tom said...

Even at 10 years old, I wanted a 3 way with Marcia and her Mom!

Katie said...

Step away from the rollers. No perm.

CMB said...

NO PERM!!!! I made this mistake in June of 2005 and STILL can not look at any photos of my summer.

We have 1/2 day kindergarten which I am not happy about. By the time the kid gets to school - it's time to come home. David will start in Sept. We requested afternoon - we'll see what we get. I would not pay. Our taxes are the highest in the County - they better not be charging us. I did hear about the crazy amount of money that is spent at the beginning of the school year. I hope David does not mind supplies from the dollar store!
I do give up meat for lent, but not the hubby. He is an atheist (sp?) so he gives up nada. Maybe your hubs can have meat as God's b'day gift to him?

Shannon said...

I know what you mean about spending a fortune on school supplies. It is getting rather ridiculous, but PAYING for all day kindergarten? Never heard of that. We are also thinking of holding ours out a year because they have a late birthday, or sending them for two years to kindergarten....can't decide.
PERM????? Don't go there, lol.

Flip Flop Momma said...

ok ok...u guys have convinced me to get a perm..hahahahahahahahaha


Scarlet said...

Yes, a Rave perm would be nice to go w/ your clogs and roach clip. ;)

Oh and don't forget to crank The Scorpions while you're getting your hair done all. ;)

namaste said...

1800?!! that's completely ridiculous! i am just so glad that i'm pretty much done with raising kids.

btw, WRONG! i missed you, silly rabbit. glad to have you back, hon.



Flip Flop Momma said...

Rock u like a Hurricane:)

I know, its freaking crazy..

Aww.thanks for missing me,seems no one else did;)

Neurotic1 said...

Perm- damn girl. We are on the same wavelength. I am just so sick of my hair being to damn stuck to my head. I wanna stick it up. I want some body!

Just kidding. But I did love my hair in highschool when I had a perm.

Paying for kindergarten. That should be against the friggin law! Hold her back one year- take her everyday next year and don't pay. Just tell them you are doing 2 years for the price of one! Nothing!

Southern Sage said...

Ty for the awesome comments on my HNT!!

Doozie said...

thats funny because i have totally been thinking about a perm, only a wavy one. I'm tired of my hair and I have noticed a few actresses are kinda sporting the wavy look

Rachel said...

Not sure about the perm thing. I had only one and my hair was so frightful looking until it grew out. I vowed never again to go that route!!

IamDerby said...

No perm no perm no perm!!! ok now that we have that out of the way... I have never heard of such a thing as this 1800 dollar extra kindergarten thing... very bizarre. here in Cali (home of we dont want to spend any money educating children or paying teachers) everyone goes half day and its not even required until the kid turns six. At six apparently your ass better be in school. where was I going with this? ugh i dont know....

Janell said...

Omigosh - the two handsomest men I've ever seen are in the pic in the Wednesday post. I hope you remind them every day how lucky they are that you are sharing your life wih them! If you don't, I will!

Janell said...

And re: the perm - you have such a great smile, anything you do with your hair will be overshadowed by the smile. So what ever... You're really pretty no matter what you do with your hair.

Kendra Lynn said...

You crack me up! Happy birthday to the mister.
Also....perms are weird things. I get them, but I have hair longer than just about anyone I know. For whatever crazy reason, it looks natural on me.
Anyhoo....for shorter-haired beauties, I say, forgo the perm. Not really great.


Jerry said...

A perm? Wow, you'll look like one of the Brady Bunch.

The Brady men, that is.

Jamie Dawn said...

A perm? My hubby HATED it whenever I got perms. I didn't hardly ever get them, but I DID get them right before giving birth to both kiddos. This way my hair only needed to be air dried and I didn't have to worry about styling it. My hubby said I looked like a poodle, and he was not in favor of the look. Well, I guess I didn't listen very well, since I did it again when Tay was born.

Paying for public school is crazy. Are we not taxed enough to cover daily Kindergarten??!! Money is thrown at education like crazy, and I'd like to know where it all goes since we pay a lot of tax dollars per student to be educated.

I hope your hubby's b-day was good. I also hope he got his turkey sammich. The Lord will forgive him.

Anonymous said...

I was listening to the radio this weekend, and no shit, they were talking about how perms are the new rage! They tried a couple out, one girl loved it, the other hated it!
This was in England though, I'm British, so still listen to the BBC.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Sorry for the anonymous post above, but I don't have an account, but read you every day!
Funny! Even show my Hubby some of your posts.