Monday, August 27, 2007

Rub me the right way

So, I had Shaky go up to the USPS office to gather my mail that I have been missing.

Turns was not my mail after all. So this is going on like week 4....I do not get it. So it looks as though I may be going up there to bust some balls. With my steel toed flip flops.


Over this weekend, I did nothing. Nothing . I mean, I mowed the lawn, weed whacked, trimmed the hedges..(um, outside and,, if u get my drift) I also re-arranged my living room and also the dining room..

I got a thumbs up on all my trimmings...


On HBO Saturday I saw that good ole Bob Saget had a comedy special. Now I do have experience in this field, and I rather do fancy myself an expert. I thought this would be a good show, I love watching stand up acts and thought his might be funny, or entertaining slightly.

Well he used the word fuck like every other word. Now I do throw those four letter words out, from time to time. I fancy myself an expert in this field as well as shit, asshole, bastard and I am in no place to judge.

But he was using the F bomb like every other word, and I kid you not, in some cases it did not even make any sense, it was as though he was saying it just so he could say it. And I do not think that is funny. Like his mom and dad were not home and he was showing off to his buddies that he can curse..

cause he is a big boy now.

He was not funny. And I like to give comics the benefit of the doubt..Give them another chance, but I could not even watch the whole thing as none of it made any sense, and if I wanted to hear the F-bomb, I would just turn off the tele and talk.


Look, my kids made a city...

I have asked the contractors, and I will be getting a McDonald's.

And I found something in my Boys toys that has troubled me. It is a female action figure. But if you notice, where her boobs are, the paint it rubbed off.


I mean is he trying to see some nipple action or what? Should I just go buy him his first nudey magazine? Is he ready for his first lap dance?

I just don't know....

I know one day he will wake up with whiskers, pubic hair and a voice like Kathleen Turner, but damn...It seems its happening to fast.

I need to go hide the Barbie Dolls.


Cliff said...

I agree with you on comics who do that. What's the point.
I'm glad the trimming and whacking went well.

Peggy said...

girl, I always go away laughing after visiting you!

Flip Flop Goddess said...

yes, there is no point...

all trimming went well, thanks;)

long time no see..

glad u le*t with that warm uzzy *eeling.

Katie said...

I heard an interview with Bob Saget awhile ago, yes, he's not funny.

1 plus twins said...

ok i use the f word a lot, too much. but bob sagat. the full house guy, the home video guy, the geek guy. that is too much. i think your right i think he was trying to prove he wasn't the nerdy funny video guy any more and instead of being funny he turned out to an f - ing idot. lol that is crazy about your mail. it makes no sense at all. and what can you do about it?? i doubt there is any other post office you can call. what a shame. i am glad your husband gave you thumbs up on your weed whaking abilities. it is nice when they take notice. lol

Ba Doozie said...

Bob saget has NEVER been funny. He is a retard

Flip Flop Goddess said...

yup, not *unny at all..

1 plus twins,
I bet u dont say it more then me;)

well thats a given..

Cheeky said...

so what is up with all the dead bodies in the city???

Wendy said...

I have never thought Bob Saget was funny. I can't imagine Bob Saget dropping the f bomb would be funny either.

Flip Flop Goddess said...

I just thought they were napping, but maybe they are dead.

no, I never thought Bob was ever funny, but I thought if HBO is giving him his own specail, maybe he really is..

I was wrong.

Neurotic1 said...

I heard about that show. Something not funny about that idiot dropping the f bomb every other second!

Not only hide the Barbies- you better hide the Sears catalog too. My brothers used to get a kick out of looking at the bras and underwear ;) Morons, I say!

Halfmexican Mama said...

I saw the same Bob Saget show once..your right it sucked...

Oh I want to movie to your kids city..are there any vacancies??

Flip Flop Goddess said...

I dont get the Sears cataloge, I should be safe..right?

sure, there are always vacancies..U can live next to spiderman.

Humincat said...

Her boobs probably stick out so they are the first thing rubbed,,,um, I was trying to defend him, and it just has turned wrong, moving on,,,,I haven't heard anything good about Bob, ever, so I just stay away, and I, like you, want to laugh and give them the benefit that they are just having a bad show, and still, not interested in him in the slightest. Glad to see your kids have the decency to add a McDonalds for ya, and so glad the trims have gotten an A-OK, my recent attempts have gone astray and a bit overboard, which is not good a few days later, so good luck with that.

Gette said...

I hate those little pet shop houses.

Flip Flop Goddess said...

yup..I tried giving him a chance, and he me shivers..and I have heard some bad stand up acts..but this one takes the cake.

ohh...well she have a whole fucking collection of them;)

Gette said...

I hate stepping on little pets, or having to rescue the from the beagle.

Flip Flop Goddess said...

I have to get them out of the batroom drain on occasion..