Thursday, August 16, 2007

oh well

warning..I am using the computer that does not have the letter that comes between E and G in the alphabet..I will put a * in replacement..mmmmkay?..

So, anyhoo...

I drove past the rodent I killed yesterday. He did look at peace, I suppose that's good..Right? But I mean everyone looks at peace when rigomortis sets in.

My Blondie , pictured here..


is somehow becoming an entrepreneur...Her and her little *riend *rom across the street set up a stand in the yard selling shit.

Wanna know what they were selling?

Graham Cracker.

who the hell sells that?...I believe she told me they were selling them *or 50 cents a piece...

Nothing like scalping the neighbors.

Gotta love kids....they always seem to think they have damn good ideas, when really they are nothing more the *ruitull indiocy.

Its great...And I hope they get out there in the early AM and start up shop once again, because momma ain't got no job, and neither does the girl's mom *rom across the street...She was canned too, *rom the same damn place....

bastards....*ucking bastards.

My sons hair is getting creepingly long...he sorta looks like a cross between Dorthy Hamill and Jon Bon Jovi...and its not a good mix.

Mr Shaky seems to think we should let him keep it this way, as he *eels good about himsel* with his hair like that, even though I think he looks like a jackass.

So I am not sure i* I will let him keep his locks...or *orce him to buzz it as i* he were joining boot camp..

I really don't like him looking like a jackass...

I have a question...have u ever heard the phrase.." in a coons age"

I will give u some examples..

"gosh I ain't seen jimmy in a coons age."


"gosh I ain't been sober in a coons age."

ok..what the hell does that mean?

I don't get you see where my kids get their retardeness *rom..

their retarded mother.

And to cleari*y things...when I posted yesterday about the 100 bucks a month *or Boos pre school..I was not meaning it was pricey, Lord knows it isn't..

I just think it *unny when I have no job...AND it was only 70 bucks three years ago when Blondie went..

Highway robbery..

but it gets her ass out o* the house or 2.5 hours three days a week..

I might be willing to pay 300 or more *or that..

I cant wait until I am living o** the state....Unemployment is gonna be great....

Nothing like living a dream....Making money *or blogging...



Karin said...

So did she actually sell any graham crackers? Well my brain is fried and I don't remember anything else I was going to say. I guess the baby is getting all my brain cells.

Flip Flop Goddess said...

dont worry, I didnt say much else worth a damn..

I dont know i* she did or not..I was not home when the shop closed..

1 plus twins said...

no idea what that phrase means. never even heard it. between boo adn blondie they should be able to make you money and save it for you for your concert money stash!

Katie said...

Are you going to the great MN get together? I think I am bringing Arlene when she visits.

Selling graham crackers is a new one. Love it.

Flip Flop Goddess said...

1 plus twins,
well...they better get an early start..I need to start saving up for next year;)

yes, yes I am..I am going Monday the 3rd, its the day Def Leppard plays...hello, of course I am going..haha

aatank said...

My kids would buy graham crackers from a stand...they're retarted like that. I have been teaching them to dance on a pole so that should roll in a few bucks.

Inflation has not hit Sandtown yet as I just signed Court up for preschool and it is still $70 a/mo.

Poor squirrl...but damn one of these days they are going to quit running out in front of cars.

Flip Flop Goddess said...

glad your STILL alive..

how many days a week is she going to school?...Boo is going three days...100 bucks...damn..

I remeber when it was 70 when Blondie went..shit, inflation sucks ass.

Dancing on a pole should make u ALL kinds of money...U will be moving to snob hill before too long;)

patti_cake said...

Yeah for living the dream and hey you've got a kid who is at least trying to be an enterprenuor!

patti_cake said...
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Humincat said...

That's funny with the graham crackers. Cateyes and her cousin wanted to do a lemonade stand when they were 4 and I didn't feel like making lemonade, so they took their chairs and table and put the rotten lemons from under the tree (I also didn't feel like picking lemons, apparently) and tried selling those for a $1.00 a piece! I laughed for days when I saw what they were trying to write on the sign (small, leftover piece of construction paper). Some old guy actually bought one cause they were so cute. Kids are hilarious.

Neurotic1 said...

I'll come buy some graham crackers. When I was a kid- I sold pine cones! Yes- I was a entrepreneurial retard too!

Butch's hair can't be that bad. I looked like Dorothy Hamill a few months ago but now I'm onto Shawn Cassidy ;)

Stay away from the rodents!

Jamie Dawn said...

I think racoons live a long time, so if you say "in a coon's age," it means in a long time. That's what I think, any way.

Having no F button really screws up your ability to curse like you want to, doesn't it? Of ALL the letters that YOU could have trouble with!!
Maybe the Good Lord is trying to get you to clean up your language. Mr. Shaky's prayers are being answered! :-)

My kids used to set up stands too. The thing is, we lived on a 40 acre ranch for all their childhood years, so there was NO ONE around except hubby, me, and Granny & Grandad. I bought a few things now and then so they would feel successful.

My son has a new hairdo. His has been long and scraggly forever. He decided on his own to get it cut. He now looks less like a caveman, which is a good thing. Maybe Butch will get tired of his long hair. If not, you can always drug him and then shave his head.

KrazyMom said...

A graham cracker stand! Geesh, now I know what to do with the daycare kids! They could be making me all sorts of extra income! LOL

just_tammy said...

Dang, now I want a graham cracker and there isn't a stand in sight!

I need to go back through all your old posts so I can *ind out what the * you've been up to.

Halfmexican Mama said...

HIS hair is fine...and very up to date...have a kid who is "with it" rather than a Billy Ray mullet...mind u billy ray is still hot jus without the mullett!!