Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Terminator takes a turn

As if using my dirty underwear for a pillow one night in a motel was not bad enough, coming home to find out I am out of a job just put a cherry on top of that fatty milkshake.

So, today I called ole Barracuda to find out the ins and outs of my termination. I asked her what grounds she has for such a wanker of a decision

She had NO answer..none.

I told her that this was far from being over...and I think my civil rights have been violated.

I mean we as employees have the right to write a grievance letter when shit that was promised to us was not delivered.

They fire four of us, when over 30 people signed it.


Because we wont back down, everyone else who signed the letter folded on us all. Cowards.

I have the right to do a grievance letter with no fear of dismissal from my job...the Law says so, as does our nice Policy and Procedure manual at our former place of employment.

So I had my sorry ass call up the good ole unemployment office this AM to file a claim.

Never in my life have I filed for unemployment..( course i never needed too)..But I will sit here, getting my new business up and going, while the Hecla corporation pays me about one third of my wage to do so.

See, this is what happens when someone like me wants to be normal and have a normal job that does not involve dirty doing...or things of that nature.

I was a honest to goodness hard working..ok, not hard working woman who went to my job daily and did a damn good job.

I am rewarded by a nice good ole fashion firing.

Well me and the girls meet with our attorney tomorrow.

We are hoping the want to settle, but if it goes to trial...we will drag their asses thru the mud. With smiles on our faces.

This is FAR from over.

I need a new job ASAP as my Def Leppard Stalking fund will run dry in another few months if I don't replenish some of it...and Lord knows we can not have that happen.

So.....Here I poor civil rights have been torn to shreds and I am jobless.

About the only way you can fight a termination is if your civil liberties were violated. And for sure ours were.

I asked ole Barracuda today how she sleeps at night knowing this is going on.

She had no answer.

I will fight this till the bitter end.

And it will get dirty, I know it.

And I am prepared.

They got rid of the only four employees that actually did any work..(full time ones anyway)

Its not over till the fat lady sings..and I am not planning on singing for a while.

unless you count the bathtub, the car, the store, outside, making dinner..

ok, I guess the fat lady has sung...but it still isn't over.

I wish I could go into more detail of the dirty doings..but I need to be careful..

So wish me luck...

The bastards are gonna get whats coming to them..


Neurotic1 said...

Sit back and enjoy your somewhat free money, but still go after those bastards! I'm glad you made it home safe and sound! Did you have to come over the Mackinac bridge?

Flip Flop Goddess said...

HELL NO I did not go over the M.Bridge...Hell NO.

Yup..I am gonna sit back, collect my money and buy shit to get a daycare going...

sounds good to me;)

Wethyb said...

I'd be pissed off too, but I liked unemployment. Hope those assholes get what's comin' to them!

Flip Flop Goddess said...

WethyB, money is always nice..

and we are not going down without a fight;)

Tom said...

I've always wanted to be a "go get 'er" You know leave my wife at work then "go get 'er"

Is protest near but not on their properties something your attorney would approve?
When I was in the Teamsters it was called "informational picketing"
Glad You got back safe and Mr. Shakey survived NWA (I would not allow anyone I loved to be on that airline). We don't even allow our crews on them if they are traveling.

Flip Flop Goddess said...

well...I am not sure picketing would get us very far, other then arrested..But I am not for sure..

Oh, I dont think he flew NW..he did the day we got to MI and his flight was cancled..(thank god), because if he would of left ontime he would of missed my grandpa dying and the vistation and for once NW did me a favor;)

Tom said...

You're doing all you can do Bossy.
I still plan on visiting friends in Brooklyn Park first part of nov. and getting to be in your gallery!

Sandi said...

Sorry about your job, even though your bosses sucked ass, I know those you took care of meant a lot to you.
Good luck with your day care business.
PS: Does this mean you will have more time to visit mySpace?

Flip Flop Goddess said...

well I will see whats going on in NOV, if nothing..we will meet so I can have a pic for my board;)

hmm...i will try and be around myspace more, I promise:)

Fantastagirl said...

That sucks.

Collect your unemployment - free money is always good.

~Deb said...

Wait though- I don't understand... They didn't give you a reason? Even something like, "Well it's not in our budget" type of crap? I mean---SOMETHING! ??? This sounds really bizarre to me and I'm glad that you're going full speed ahead to drag their butts in the mud---they can't just fire you. Then you have those flaky contracts that they make you sign in the beginning of your employment which clearly says, "We have the right to terminate you at any time for any given reason." But, they didn't even give a reason, did they? Do you remember signing something of this nature?

Sorry you're going through a rough patch. Things will look up.

My prayers and thoughts and hugs and kisses are always with you!


Flip Flop Goddess said...

yup...gonna get free money...let them pay me for doing nuttin..pissers.

yes..NO reason...and NO I signed nothing.

They are getting rid of us over a grievance letter we wrote asking where the hell our raises were..

30 people signed it..only 4 of u got fired..hmmmm..

doesnt add up huh?

Cliff said...

I say a protest is called for. How about burning your bras. Take pictures. Send me one.
Or six.
I think you guys will do fine.

Flip Flop Goddess said...

hmm...burn our bras?

u got it..

Gette said...

Daycare? And you thought the crazy house was crazy.
Maybe the pokey would take you back...

Yippeeskip said...

At least you have more time to blog-there's always an upside. You can also work on your board.

Flip Flop Goddess said...

beilve it or not...I did it back home for a while, before I had kids;)

yes, the board is very important..

Vani said...

good 4 u! sink em! hope you can sit back for a while and enjoy the uw money, lol

patti_cake said...

Just hang tight and document and record all you can. I"m in your corner babe! Don't give up your seat on the bus! Rock on!

Halfmexican Mama said...


Flip Flop Goddess said...

i am gonna try my damnest to sink me;)

Patti cake,


MamaMichelsBabies said...

Ouch.. what a slap in the face. I'm sorry you gotta be going through all of this all at once. Get em girl, cause that's total BS.

By the way, welcome back to the land of humidity.

Working Mom said...

I'm with everyone else, enjoy the unemployment money and burn their assses!

one of us said...

Maybe this is a blessing in disguise of: a slap in the face, cause God's funny like that, you know? Let me know how the daycare thing comes along, cause I've been tossing that thought around for years, but I would want mine like, from 8:00am to about say, 8:45am. do you think I could find any takers?

Flip Flop Goddess said...

i love the humidity:)

working mom,
plan on doing so..haha

one of us, your thinking..

Wendy said...

I have drawn unemployment on my Mother before. When she closed her business she told me as might as well, she paid it, it was her money. It was nice but over too soon.

I hope you can tell us more when it is all over! Good luck!

themuttprincess said...

Good luck with the attorney!

What a pain in the ass!!!