Friday, August 17, 2007

Old Macdonald had a....

So, it seems when I told you Blondie and her friend were selling graham crackers for 50 cents, I was wrong...way wrong...

Look at this....this is their sign..

That's right, she was selling them for a buck....not even a whole cracker, but a half of a shit..

AND..someone bought one...

then with her new found buck hot in her pocket, she tracked down the ice cream truck and bought herself a snack..


I had two of my friends over for dinner...I made steak, tots, and one of the pals brought some corn on the cob. I have not had that all damn summer..and it was damn good....damn damn good..

Then after dinner we went out to where one of my pals has her horses, because Blondie wants to live on a farm and has wanted to ride one for some time..

Look, here she is..

and another..

Look, here is Boo and I petting a pony..

Here is Horse lady riding her stallion..

ok, the horses name is Ginny, so not a stallion...big deal.

Here is us three farm girls...






If Old MacDonald had a farm, he would chase us three with pitch forks off his property and call the cops cuz we woulda been trespassing..

I was going to show you a pic of The Boy's Dorothy Hamil/Jon Bon Jovi mess atop his head, but he spent the night at a friends house...

poor kid, he missed his one shot of getting his picture on the Internet.

Like I tell Mr Shaky, if you do not want your pic on the world wide web......

move out.


I am starting to not like this whole unemployed thing. My friend Dillyweed, (pictured above) was also she has nothing to do, she comes over everyday..and guess what we do?


I love her.....and I love the fact she doesn't mind coming here, sitting for hours with my kids and I...doingnothing.

My dream of living off state/federal aide is not as great as I once thought. I assumed that sitting here, being totally unproductive would be a good time.

For the first few days it was...then one day leads to another, then they kinda blend into together...I forget what day it is...

It seems like I have been out of work for a months..Sad thing is, its was only a week on Monday. Yet I am sure it must be October...I want to get the Halloween shit out, cause holy crap, I have been sitting here at home for a damn coons age..

wait...nope...its only been a week..


Plus I don't even know what the hell a coons age is.

so it may be a week..I don't know..

I want to have a kid and name it Frasier.

or a dog, or a rabbit....or a fly...
Moving on..
I am going out Saturday with Horse Girl and a few other friends, we are going to the VFW I guess there is a band playing...
I am not into seeing bar bands unless I am playing in it.
I have had this secret desire to be a rocker girl in a chic band..I want to be the drummer and singer, ya no kinda like Phil Collins in Genesis and Don Henley in The Eagles..I want me me me me.
Mind you, I have no idea how to hold a drum stick much less play one...
and when my kids hear me sing, they not only beg me to stop, but inquire about purchasing ear plugs with their allowance money.
I have always fancied drummers....they have nice arms....
I want to get my eyebrow pierced.
Ok, I am done..enough mundane crap no one gives two shits about..
I am out for the weekend..
Gonna try and form a girl band...
Big plans I tell you...BIG HUGE plans.
Rock on..


Katie said...

Blondie and her friend are quite the sales girls.

Flip Flop Goddess said...

Katie, appears so..she always tells me her goal in life is to be a casheir..I would say she is damn clse to achievng it;)

aatank said...

When you get your band together you can come play at the 2nd annual rock stock at the drive-in next year.

Blondie is quite the saleswomen, I bet she could sell a flat tire to somebody. Kay wants to ride horses to after going to the ranch on vacation.

Have a great weekend doing nothing but stalking a new band.

patti_cake said...

Hey I think sitting around on your tush always sounds much better than it actually is... something will happen for you. I just know it!

Flip Flop Goddess said...

u wanna join my band?..hehe..I know u do.

I am not to thrilled about seeing this band, but all my friends rave about them..we will see.

Patty cake,
yes, it does always sound better then it is...

Acctually I am going to tkae this opputurnity to start a daycare..I was in the process two years ago, but then changed my timelike the present right?

Humincat said...

Damn, Blondie is freakin BLOND!!! It almost looks like a wig, that's how blond she is, and compared to her little tan arms, definite wig. That's funny. Very cute. I also like the cow standing in the tire. Welcome to my world of complete boredom (at times). That's why I want to get a regular babysitting gig going. Screw the license, I'm too lazy for that. SOMEBODY should trust me, I mean, my kids look half fed and half dressed, and being that the day isn't even half over, I'd say I'm ahead of the game! And I'd love to see The Boy's hair, it probably looks fine.

Flip Flop Goddess said...

hense why I call her Blonide, wait till u see the boys hair, his is just as blonde;)

Well I am gonna do the babysitting gig too..until i get a lisnce, with that u can charge more,plus get money for food and shit...lots of perks to having the licesne.

Cheeky said...

If you ever start a bank lemme know - I used to play bass guitar and I gots rhythm for a white girl! Word!

Its cool having a friend that can just come over and sit - that is true friendship right there

Flip Flop Goddess said...

u mean band, not bank right?..hehe

Slick said...

A dollar for HALF a cracker? geeez, just like a women, only smaller.

Looks like ya'll had a good time on the farm anyway

lo said...

sandi and i want to be your back up dancers/singers-can we, please!?!?

just_tammy said...

Boy, have you been up to no good! Can't turn my back on you for one minute! And you wonder why your kids do the things they do...

If you punch one more hole in your face, you are going to turn into a watering can when you have a drink. You can probably pull it off though. I hate you for that.

Have a great weekend. If you get too bored sitting on you tush, get it down here and help me unpack a few boxes!

Neurotic1 said...

Have *un watching the band! Sorry just had to do it! I won't go near horses. I got run down by one at my Grandpa's when I was little. Maybe that is my problem now ;D

jsull said...

great post
bu i wondr
do girl rocker bands have trshy groupies thatfollow them around and get on the bus and screw everybody?
I want that gig!
ole crackzilla

1 plus twins said...

i could so see you in a band!! what a hoot. blondie keeps selling like that you should have your concert money in no time if she would quit being selfish and buying herself shit. lol

Halfmexican Mama said...

Looks like you all had fun...someone looks high in her pic...for real.

Ba Doozie said...

Blondie found a sucker to buy her cracker, I am a sucker, can't resist a cute kid making money.

Your headlights are on in that first picture. Also, in each picture when you enlarge it the horse has demon eyes. What is up with that?

As for you being in a band, please do. Start a band of girls and let me join. But don't pierce your eyebrow, it might be offputting to the old folks at the church your shakey pastors