Thursday, December 21, 2006

Time after time

Nothing says Happy Christmas like a some good pirate photos. This is Boo being a pirate.

Not sure what Butch was doing, I think he just wanted his mug shot taken...

Here she is screaming " shiver me timbers"

as she is swaying her hair about.....

This is her with her telescope, looking for her boat..She may be a retard, but she is a retard with an imagination.

oh and that's my dog in the corner...The one who had shit caked on her ass cause I am a really bad mom and dog owner..Long haired fancy canines need proper grooming every 6 weeks..Right Cliff?...He knows...When u don't groom them, the hair around their bung holes catches their poop when they go, then you have to bathe them, cut the hair around their anus, and call it good....

My Butch made this...He may not be much into sports, but he is a crafty lil bastard..

Ok, I am off..

My secret mission starts NOW.

c-ya in the funny papers.

Bee Real


Karin said...

Boo is so creative what a cutie! Butch is quite crafty maybe he can help you paint your figurines. Have a good holiday see you when your secret mission is over.

js said...

well I think your an elf!!!!!!!!!!!!!
or a mommy pirate
or a dog groomer
or the only person other'n Michael Jackson with diamond studded socks!!!!!!
good luck on ur top secret mission, I wont axe cause I know you can't tell cause u don't wanna haveta come to Fl and commit murder
go get em

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well, I do beilve it was a forced craft..those damn teachers can get those lil boys to do just bout anything..

thanks, and see u in a week or so.

so why am I an elf?..r u calling me fat and short?

my secert mission is posted on myspace..u can read it there..u are one of the few who can get it in ya know..

Brandy said...

I do believe my son made that same thing for me when he was younger! Love them crafty ones!

Boo is sooo Cute! Very good imagination.

Ok I want in on the secret mission! I need something to keep my mind occupied! Wanna share with me?? Huh Huh do ya! Huh huh do ya??? LOL

Have a good weekend!

Fantastagirl said...

Good luck with your secret mission! and Have a Merry Christmas!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yup seems all kids make the same stuff..its sweet though..I have a star on my tree that I made in kindergaren...and it still has the same sparkels on it..

um do u have a myspace, i have it laid out there..but u cant just view it if u dont, cuz i have it set to privvate, for such reasons..but if u had one, I would sure let u in:)

thank you..and same to you..

Gangadhar said...

wonderful and cute pics here..My love to ur kids..
Glad u r having great season over there....

take care

1 plus twins said...

sorry i haven't been around but you know busy busy busy this time of year. boos is adorable! hey you got an aritist there. he did a great job!! if i don't get back here till after christmas i hope you have a great holiday!

Neurotic1 said...

Have a happy holiday. Good luck on your secret mission. I hope you return safely and in one piece!

just_tammy said...

Love the kids! Poor Blondie got left out on this one though. She must have been on the phone with a penis type and missed out. Since you are torturing me, I thought I'd torture you a bit! Yeah, you and your secret mission. You know I'm much too lame to have a my space account. Heck, I can't even get the blogger thing going!

Well, enjoy your ice cream party in December and have a wonderful Christmas!

Meow said...

Good luck with your secret mission ... hope we're gonna hear about it afterwards !!
Take care, and Merry Christmas .... Meow xx

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thank you, and same to you frinend.

1 plus twins,
dont feel bad, I have not been around much either..have a great holiday:)

I miss u already.

Blondie was in teh shower when all this transpired...her loss I say!

well, not sure I can ever tell about the mission here...but not to worry, your in no mortal danger:)

~Deb said...

That telescope seems as though it may have a few strands of hair in it...but nevertheless...creative!

Kendra Lynn said...

Merry is really into pirates too! HOw weird is that?
Boo makes a really cute pirate, though. :)
Have fun on your mission.


The Kept Woman said...


I totally thought there were going to be some pictures of Johnny Depp here.

I feel so gyped.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

and its her hair to boot, thats her brush...and she hates having her hair brushed.

it seemd my blondie went thru a pirate phase as well, I know for dang sure i never did, thats boy crap:)

um, i suddlenly feel jipped now too..damnit.

Brandy said...

Bossy... Now you gave me a reason to bug my daughter to help me set one up. She has one! As soon as I get it figured out I will let you know! Thanks :)

Choppzs said...

I love the homemade ornaments the kids come home with! Some may be quite ugly, but hey, it'll be fun to laugh at someday, or well right now!

Oh and I feel ya on the dog thing! Damn we have a pekingnese, and that bastard starts wiping his ass on the floor when it's time for grooming. He needs his anal glands released! Fricken gross POS! lol

Blazer1234 said...

What a cute little pirate!
Glad you got the poop-cake taken care of.

Wethyb said...

LOL...that's so funny! You're right, nothing says Christmas like a pirate :) And, cute ornament. I remember those days of making those things. I think my mom still has some :)

Merry Christmas!

Badoozie said...

will we see you? in the papers? i hope you aren't handcuffed in the picture

Jamie Dawn said...

It\\\'s so great to visit you again, and to find you in such a good mood! You LOVE Christmas, right?
Your last few posts have got me all depressed and out of the merry, holiday spirit. I think you\\\'d shoot Santa if the real one showed up at YOUR house.
You are moving to Columbia, SC?! I\\\'ve been there before, and it is terrific. You will like it for sure.
Of course, you will be close enough to Charleston, SC to visit there often and see where the true southern womenfolk live. They all talk with very soft r\\\'s and sip their tea with their pinky sticking out.
It is so nice to drop in on your place again. It feels great to be back in Blogland again.
Merry Christmas to you, you Christmas hater you.

vani said...

cute kids! even if they are a little off.. ;) merry christmas n happy new year!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

im baacckkk...

dakotablueeyes said...

cute pirates

Jamie Dawn said...

My comment above has a bunch of slashes in it that I did not put in there. What\'s up with THAT???


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i thought maybe u were typing in the dark:)