Tuesday, December 26, 2006

land of Confusion

Well the dreaded Christmas Day has came and went. I can honestly say I am glad. I was not into it whatsoever cuz I am a grinch who will more then likely spend my eternity in a very Christmas like state with garland, egg nog and misltoe type of hell.

I will give u a run down of the shit I got...Not that u care, but something funny/horrid happened. This kinda shit only happens to me.

See Mr Shaky and I agreed to not by eachother anything, cuz we don't need anything, I would rather buy lots of stuff for my horrid wretched spawns.

But me, going against all rules bought him something anyway. Cuz I am a rulebreaker that way..

I got him XM radio. I got him that cause I like that kinda shit...I mean he likes that kind shit.

Well the night before Christmas I went on a mad hunt for Pat. I knew he/she had to be somewhere. And on the holiest of days the greatest miracle took place. A light shown from above, and it lead me right to Pat..There she/he was..The battery was dead, but she/he was no worse for the wear.

Well, Mr shaky had bought me a new Ipod, cuz, well, like he says "I cant take care of crap so he bought me a new one...

So I wrecked my own damn Christmas. I gave him the Ipod he purchased for myself. So he got two cool gifts. Me, well, I guess I am kicking my own ass for ONE losing my Ipod and TWO finding it.

but I did get new weight bench, a leather jacket, perfume, and some gift cards to my best stores I like.

but I am still stewing over the damn Ipod mishap.

This was the tree Christmas Eve, just after that jolly ole man landed his fat ass in my yard..

Man, that is one sorry ass looking tree...The blue gifts are Blondies, the white and red are Boos, and the green there in the back are Butchs...As u can see, it is not an even disbursement..Never is..

here are my hooligans..

Yes Blondie is wearing boys jammies and boo is shirt-less..What are u gonna do about it?

Here is Blondie, her and I made cookies for Santa...

Here is the final product. She decorated most of them...She is pretty good..

Boo got a case of dress up clothes from Santa, this is her trying some of them on..

I cant tell if she looks like a street walker or a gypsy...U decide.

Here is that God forsaked doll I spent the farm on....I hate this doll. Blondie is way to over involved with this thing..She wont let us talk while she is napping..And she now is potty training her so she don't have to spend money on buying more diapers..Baby is not even a day old and cant shit in its own diaper anymore. I am hoping this is good birth control for her..She is already not wanting to spend money on diapers. This is a good sign I think.


This is Boo...She tried staying up for Santa, but crashed early...And was up repeatedly in the night..Once cuz she wet her bed..Wanna know why? Because I wanted to shut her up and let her drink before she went to bed..Cause I am a good mom that way..

And this is Mr Shaky...He was modeling Boo's earrings from her dress up set..

And this was before we broke out the Jesus Juice people...See this is what I live with..On.a.daily.basis.

By the days end Butch had stated this was the worst Christmas ever. Then Blonide wrote a book and it said

" Blondies book"

" I got a baby alive for Christmas"

"and this was the worst Christmas ever"

I asked her why it was the worst Christmas.

her response is nothing more then a typical brat who needs to be sent to the gas chamber.

"well, I only got a few toys, and those tinker toys I wanted are kind of stupid and boring."

Yup, she opens 20 gifts, all toys, and books and some clothes, yet her Christmas was shitty.

My job here is done. It is officially a Bossy Christmas, when ya get all the kids crying and threaten to bust all their crap cause they keep complaining..

Ho Ho Ho..

Bee Real


just_tammy said...

Some might say that finding Pat was a Christmas miracle, while others will look on it as a huge Christmas joke. I know Pat was loaded with all your favs, but maybe the new one should have been yours and hubby could have Pat. Glad you still got a few other gifts.

I'll have to fill you in on ours some time. Let's just say extended family can ruin any holiday from any distance.

Let's all bask in the let down that was this Christmas.

1 plus twins said...

oh i am so glad that someone else out there had a christmas like mine and kids that say and act like mine did. i too am glad that it is over!! lol

Cliff Morrow said...

Just another day in paradise it would sound to me. Sorry things didn't go better. Lets shoot for a great New Years Eve.

Peg said...

good, I'm not the only one with a spoiled brat.
Kelly opened her gifts at one grandparents house, no two grandparents house, no three...wait...4 yeah that's right, four freaking sets of grandparents, one wombdonor, one real set of parents, and an aunt and 2 uncles....at least 10 gifts from each of those people, and when it came time for the biggest present at the end of the night that belonged to her dad, she pitched a fit that would rival a lactose mariah carey in an ice cream store overnight.

I'm not in the hohoho mood either, although I did get some kick ass gifts, I just ain't feeling the spirit of the season this year.

new years better kick ass.

Peg said...

i meant lactose intolerant

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I am basking in the let down, shall we drink?

1 plus twins,
dont ya just wanna beat them senseless

I am hoping not to remebr much of new years, if u catch my drift;)

kids these days, u just wanna hang them..so what kick ass gifts did ya get?
wanna go out with my on new years?..hehe

deni said...

You can donate the tinker toys to a good cause...ME!!

Cuz you know I am just a big kid that way.

Brandy said...

Well here I cant lie... We had a really nice Christmas. My teenage son even hugged me and told me thank you! Everyone was happy here, that is after I made him open all the clothes first! LOL

dakotablueeyes said...

love mr shakys earrings very nice lol. I think she looks cute all dressed up. cookies turned out better than the mess I called mine lol

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

as luck would have it, she likes them now..kids are some stupid..otherwise, i had a bow with your name on it;)

well, things seemed to have cooled down now..now its the best chirstmas ever, man I hate kids.

mr shaky is still sporting them;)

Kendra Lynn said...

I'm relieved its over, too.
We had wayyy too much stuff.
Now, I must say...my Christmas was GREAT! Scott got me a diamond ring...what could be better than that? (except maybe paying off the mortgage?)
Hope you are more cheerful now.


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

wow, a ring?..very nice..

im jelous now.

Jamie Dawn said...

Our Christmas was very low key. We ate a LOT and relaxed a LOT, then ended the night by playing a family game of RISK. I will most likely post about it if I feel like it, but the game lasted more than eight hours. I am not kidding! I HATE that game, but I gave in to my kids\' begging me to play it with them. Usually, it is just hubby and the kids who are silly enough to play that eternal game. Well, I lost which made the game even worse. We ended the game just AFTER 3 a.m., so I am feeling a bit cranky today from lack of rest.

Your kiddos are just making you feel guilty about this Christmas so that you will buy them MORE stuff next year. Don\'t fall for their evil, coniving ways.
Blondie looks more like a gypsy, thank the Lord.
Christmas just isn\'t Christmas unless you end the day with each kid getting a good, hard spanking.
It\'s the way things ought to be. :)

Kendra Lynn said...

A very nice ring.
Only about half a carat, but looks bigger because of the design. :)
I love it!


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I have heard that risk can run into hours and hours...I will never play it..course I dont know how either..

but any game that can not be wrapped up in say 30 minutes, isnt worth playing if u ask me..hehe

well it sounds very nice, u will havbe to post a pic so I can see it..

deni said...

Oh, bummer, now I have to find something else to play with.

Now wait, that didn't sound right.

Err, I need toys.

Gah, never mind.

The Blog Whore said...


My kid got that same dress up kit.

I think Santa is a pimp.

Princess said...

Hi Bossy!!! That is crazy talk of you finding Pat!
LOVE the ear rings Mr Shaky! ;)

I was a spoilt as your kids too B :P

What are you doing for new years?


Fantastagirl said...

Love the earings - such a good look.

js said...

that sounds like my lil shitheads!
I think the Jews do it righter. If you gave them once a day then they wouldn't say it was worst ever at least until the 9th day or 8th or whenthehell ever its over for them. We cried here cause some shit wasn't exactly right. We were in time out
we got spanked
at least one not right toy made the dunp.
fun had by all!!!
Please tell me Mr. Shakes-alot didn't have ur sweat pants on with the earrings?!?!
don't wonder why Butch is against wrestling!!!!!!!!
Grinchy J

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well I got a few boxes of old toys I am fixen to throw out..they are ur ifen ya want em..hehe

Blog whore,
fo sure he is!

I have to work on new years..yippie..I dont have to work till midnight..so I can have a little fun..what r u doing?

yup..he looks hawt huh?


i got an extra pair of earrings if ya want to give em try..

next year I am planning on celbrating all the holidays..hopin to make a killin next year.

JD's Rose said...

I am such a fan of gift cards... you get to get whatever you want AND take advantage of the post-Christmas sales. Gotta love that!