Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Let it rock

I had a crappy time at work Sunday evening/Monday morning. I am a delicate flower and should not have to deal with crap. I had to break up two fights in my MAX cell. The boys was fighting. 2 murders and two drug dealers. Fighting about touching the phone after one of them had their hands down their pants, and about wearing socks. Rule is if ur not in your bunk you must wear socks...And ur jail issued shoes.

The boys were not wanting to follow the rules, and wanting to fight about dirty hands and the phone..I told everyone to keep their hands out of their pants...Like talking to my 3 year old.

Some days they don't pay me enough..Especially when I have to break up fights..

I come home from work at 6am, and my Boo is sitting on the couch watching the wiggles...( I have not broke the news to her that the yellow wiggle is leaving) and she runs to me and says

" momma guess what?...I frowed up last night"

I guess my baby had a tummy ache in the night...When she was discribing to me the situation, she told me it came out her mouth and went on her floor..She referred to it as " pooping outta her mouth"..

I love this damn kid, I swear to God.


well some things have come up here at the hive. I may not blog much after the end of this month..Maybe its a "secret job" I have that non of you know about. Maybe I am a bounty hunter....Maybe I am a covert Russian spy..Hell maybe I have joined the circus. Maybe I am an elephant trainer. Maybe I won the lotto and am leaving for a tropical paradise, where its not 8 degrees at 1 pm.

Maybe I have been asked to join the cast of Riverdance. Maybe I am I touring with my secret rock band. Or maybe I am running away with a rock band.

Man the freaking possibilities are endless....I am a gal of many secrets....I am a gal with many talents....I am just a gal...

And you all thought you knew me...

Not to say I will stop blogging all together, but it is looking that way..At least for a while..But like I said, not till after the first of the year...But with that damn holiday where I have to fork out money to buy my kids shit, coming close...My time will be spent making cookies, wrapping gifts, trying to steal shit out of Toys R Us,,because I am THAT cheap...So between now and x-mas I might be sparse, depending on what's going on here.

Now that I have a wrestler in the family, who knows what will be going on...My little pint size ass kicker.

Damn my Boo keeps running up to me telling me she wants a damn onion. What the hell is that about?

I threw her my big red onion and told her to dig in, she ran to the basement with it...Not sure what she is doing with it. Dear God she best not be wasting it.

tomorrow I am gonna post an audio clip of her singing you a Christmas song..It will be the only song she knows the words too..And shit, she cant even get that right. She is a tard, like I have been trying to say..I mean look..She farts out her mouth, wants onions and craps out her pie whole...

U people just don't get it do you?

so anyway, back to my story...Oh yes, I am needed in other areas and wont be here much anymore. And please don't email me asking what's going on, because its a federal offense to ask me shit I wont answer..I will be around here and there, telling you about my crazy ass family and how Mr Shaky, Butch, Blonde and Boo irritate the hell out of me...Cuz that's what I do..And if a few days go by where some things that go on here are blog worthy, sure as hell I will keep u updated on that stuff..I am a woman of the people..And the people love me, so I deliver.

Well I gotta go find my damn onion.

Bee real


Kendra Lynn said...

I'M FIRST! Okay..I won't ask questions about your mysterious upcoming DIS-apperance.
But I hope you don't disappear all together.


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I will still be reading everyone else, just wont have time to do my own really...but thank you and I wont be far, I promise;)

Neurotic1 said...

Okay so when are you gonna break the news to Boo that you are running off with the yellow wiggle? That is the only thing I see that can keep you from blogging!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

and I thought my secert was safe with u...u have shamed me girl..shamed me indeed:)

gonna be more boarder said...

i think ur replacing the yellow wiggle
you will be a good wiggle
well good luck at whatthefuckever your covert mission is I wont even try to guess what it is cause my mind is in the gutter so there is no telling what I will guess!
ole cracker

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well I wont be far..and no I am not a stripper..or maybe I am...at the one for big boobed ladies...u frequent there dontcha?

Britmum said...

Darn it to heck Bossy you keep throwing us a bone and then taking it away. What is a girl to do? It will be weird not having your around so much. So sad, so very sad!!

How funny about pooping out of your mouth? hehehehe

Well I hope you send me some cookies.

Take care xx

Princess said...

I want to ask questions DAMN it!!!

*sigh* I guess i will have to wait. ;)

Make sure U visit meeee!

Your kids rock btw!!!


Blazer1234 said...

Damn, you're Santa Claus, aren't you? And I always thought Santa was a big fat guy. You ruined my perception.

Did Mr. Shaky feed Boo an onion before she "frowed up"?

Karin said...

Ok so you will tell us when your season of Survivor will air right? You see that is the only reason you would leave so secretly, as they made you sign a hush hush deal. If it isn't survivor it is one of those reality shows. Boo is really too funny and she will miss you while you are off on your deserted island. SO I guess another blogger is biting the dust. Damn it all to hell.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I did not mean to throw a bone..I think u might know what I am talking about if u think about it, we have talked before jojo:)

I will come see u, of course...and u can ask all the questions u want, I just can not garantee I will asnwer them:)

Santa?...Gosh i wish I had that much power;)

he better not of fed her a damn onion..but i dont question anything anymore..

reality show huh?..well the only one I would ever do is Americcan Idol, and I am too old for that!

But good try:)

and I am not leaving all the way..I said I was going to be here and there, and not till after the first of the year...so dont throw me out with the bath water little missy:)

Fantastagirl said...

I hope that is' just a temp thing - this stopping blogging after the first of the year - you know we'll miss you!

Your kids crack me up - what did she want the onion for ?

Brandy said...

Well its like this... ya gotta do what ya gotta do! I will miss your witty banter. I know if all goes well my way I wont be able to blog that much. Hope you had a restful day. Dont let things stress you out!

kaliblue said...

Say your running off to train a circus?. *wink*. So the one you live in has been completed aye?. *giggles*. Seriously you have to come back at least oh I'd say 4 times a week :-). Naw I'll let ya get away with at least 2 times a week m-kay?. This Christmas thing seems to get in the way about this time every year doesn't it?. *LOL*
Take care of the young'ins chickie:-).

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I found my oinon and it had a few bite marks in it..not sure if its her or the dog..and i am not sniffin either mouth.

well I hope things go your way..I wont be far, just will be bsuy with other comitments and stuff..i will be by your place to check on u, so dont worry;)

well teice a week maybe..hehe..I hate leaving, but holy crap..my hands are tied:)

~Deb said...

I don't know how you do it working in a prison! It must be very interesting, yet very scary at the same time! Geez!

Heart Of Darkness said...

I say (and this is just my generic point of view) let them fight it out and see how many less slimes you'll have to let out onto the street... or put on taxpayer's payroll by putting in jail.

But, again, just my own, generic point of view...

1 plus twins said...

are you kidding??? i so look forward to reading your posts. some days they are the only thing to make me smile. just when i have had enough of my kids i read your post and i am no longer alone!! lol i hope everything is ok and hope maybe you can write at least once a week!!

keesh said...

Good luck with your mission.

Yeah, like that is all I will say...what the hell? You just love making us wonder don't you? Federal offense my ass....:)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

nope not a prison, its just the county jail love:)

well its all good in theroy I suppose huh?

1 plus twins,
I am gonna maybe post once or twice a week..just not on a daily basis, thats all.

what? u dont belive its a fedral offense?..hehe

js said...

strippers never did much for me, except inflated the price of the drinks in the joint.
but you can go ahead and send the pics of the stripping if youd like i'll review them and grade them for you!!!!
hows that??

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Hmm, that would mean I was giving it away...And I am much to cheap to give that kinda stuff away..

If I start giving u a freee show, then everyone is gonna want one;)

Peg said...

If your taking time off to do some baking, then i want cookies damn it!
good luck with that secret squirrel stuff...

js said...

yeah i can understand cheapness i am tight too, my bride is the president of the purchasing department for sure.
I wasn't gonna look at the pics in that way i, have an eye for naked talent it seems so i was going to simply try to help you out on the presentation of nakedness thats all. Just trying to help out thats all

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

if I took time off to do some baking, then u would have my permission to kill me in cold blood:)

I kinda thought u had an eye for that sorta stuff..I may just have to drop u an email, I dont want my cracker to worry bout his stripper friend..

keesh said...

No, i don't. but whatever it is, I hope you are happy :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

ok ya got me..it aint..

thank you...and I am not leaving for good..just after this month it is going to be sparatic, unless I get way swamped with said mission...we will see..


u migt be hearing things I write, yet just not know it...just keep that in mind:)

keesh said...

I know what it is...I know what it is...
I am very proud of you. Go girl!! I will email you cause in case you don't want to tell me or anyone for that matter...

Laura Elizabeth said...

She's running off with a yellow wiggle? You mean Homer Simpson's penis?

For shame!

I've got first dibs on Mr. Shaky!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

u know what it is?....r u sure?..haha

um, its wiggle, not shrivel..hahaha..homer penis, your funny girl!

js said...

oh i absolutely adore the naked female body I mean I reallllllyyy enjoy to view it, among other things, it is definately Darwins best work!!!
but i just aint into stip or tata bars.
cool on the mail, anytime I'll be checkin for it
or hell just call its the same number as before
or 900- big-sexy thats how you remembered it before, if you type 6969 after the first ring it wont charge you the 29.99 per minute.

The Blog Whore said...

No! This is the only bright spot of my day :)

You cannot post sparsely, I will simply not allow it.


What's the secret? I need to know this shit.

just_tammy said...

I don't even know what to say about this little announcement...nothing!

Guess I'll honor your request to not call or e-mail begging to know what the heck is going on. All the best in whatever you're up to!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I thought it was 99 bucks a minute..thats what the bill saidllsomeone is ripping me off.

Blog whore,
I am not going yet...and when I do "go" it is not permant, just will be sparadic..kinda like u..hehe

holy crap..ur the eception to the rule..u can email me all u want...ur my tammy..

Amanda said...

*hears twilight zone music..with you honey, there's no telling where this sebatical leads too! :) you will be missed tho

js said...

oh its always free for you sexy!!