Thursday, December 07, 2006

Talk dirty to me

I made sugar cookies last night, and cuz I am a kick ass mom, my girls helped me. I rolled it, the cut it with the cookie cutters, and I frosted them, and Blonde and Boo decorated them. They are the ugliest cookies I have seen, but hell damn they taste divine.

I lost 6 pounds this week, so people who say that eating deep fried cheese sticks and sugar cookies are bad for u, can kiss my rear end....

My son was up puking his lungs up the other night. I hate puke. I hate vomit. I hate anything that comes forth your mouth that has already been digested.

Pat is still missing.

Lets see what else......Mr shaky is asking if I am writing anything about him. I told him no. So now I must..Lets see...What can I say about him now..

he has hobit feet.

Well, I am done for today, I have been busy. Not sure when I will be back, as my secret rock band I am in has told me I need to join them on the road. I swear, being in a rock band aint all as what it is cracked up to be.

I have people, I will have them send your people updates as they become needed.

Good day.

I think I might have the diarrhea now...

Bee Real


Karin said...

I am sorry you may or may not have diarhea. I hope you enjoy your time on the rode with the band and don't sleep with too many roadies. I want a picture of the ugly cookies.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

it was a false alarm...just gas;)

I will take a pic of the ugly cookies tommorw, just for u:)

Brandy said...

Mmmmm sugar cookies! I will gladly trade hand knitted socks for sugar cookies, even if they are ugly ones!

I hope you dont get what they have! It sounds nasty whatever it is!

Badoozie said...

i'm alive....
so you got the hershey squirts huh? i had those today too..must be something going round WAY around

Princess said...

Can you make me some cookies? I love them!!! :D

Congrats on losing 6 pounds! You must be sooo proud!!

Aww, i hope Butch is ok

Pat? I thought ur ipods name was Sheila? ;)

Hobbits are cute :P

Bad luck on the diarrhea thing :(

Get well!

1 plus twins said...

6 pounds!!! i want your seceret of fried food and sugar cookies cuz lord knows i need to loose 6 or more!! i will miss you while you are on the road. make sure to do all the things i wouldn't do! lol

Britmum said...

Hmmmmmmmmmm nice real nice on the butt thing.

Take care xx

Neurotic1 said...

Green poop = Christmas shits! At least you are all in the holiday spirit! Send some cookies my way- I am way way to lazy to bake!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

ok, I will send u some of my ugly cookies, and u send me some socks.

nope, it was a false hershey squirts...

my old ipod was sheila..the new one is pat, cuz I am not sure if its male or female;)

1 plus twins,
Oh, I am not going to garantee eating sugar cookies and cheese sticks will work for everyone;)

u like butts huh:)

good all I need is some bloody vomit and we will be all set..u want the ugly cookies, or do u want to wait till I make them alone?

Peggy said...

It was so nice of you to make cookies for all of your fans here on the blog!!!!!!!! Just leave the poops and puke at your house when you mail them mmmkay.LOL

mike said...

Sugar cookies are the best...especially if frosted.

mike said...

Sugar cookies are the best...especially if frosted.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well, I dont make ugly cookies for just anyone ya no?

yup..even when they are ugly they still taste pretty damn good.

deni said...

I'm gonna make cookies next week.


I'll pass on the poop though, bad enough we got boogers.

~Deb said...

Okay, I want to go on your diet! Damn----you lost weight on that food? And where are my sugar cookies you were supposed to send to me?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

bet your cookies wont be as ugly as mine;)

well my colestrol is prolly for shit;)

Kendra Lynn said...

Yum..Sugar Cookies, my favorite!
Do you have a good recipe for them?


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I u want it?

ole j said...

i hope my boy gets more better!
send me some friggin cookies
of course you have lost weight silly woman
think for just a second
elephants are they veg eaters or red meat eaters?
ever seen a skinny one?
hogs what do they eat?? bet your yankee patootie it aint red meat
fat as a cow, ever heard that? they eat grasssss
now tell me the fat animales (you better not say "you" or i'll karate chop you in the ear lobe)
that eat red meat??
think about it
also what skinny, scrawny person drinks diet drinks? I think its a conspiricy (i can't spell worth dick) to keep folks fat so they don't switch to regular drinks!
just some figurings from a cracker
(no email as of yet and alot of calls to my pay number but none from you)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

haha..karte chop my ear lobe..good luck..haha

your right though..I have never seen a skinny cow...

I dont eat red meat, but i eat everything well as diet drinks..I cant stand regular soda, its just to sweet for me. I live in dt dr pepper and lettuce, cheese sticks and cookies..its been working so far.

I know, I have not had a chance to mail ya...I will do it in just abit..I promise..

so have i been calling the wrong 900 number?..damnit

Choppzs said...

Home from vaca, and now back to real life! lol I have to do the same thing, make cookies and rock candy and try to get some sent out before Christmas is over! So much stuff to do, but to damn lazy! I hope we don't get sick, I hate sick as much as you, especially when I have to clean up afterwards! Ick!

Peg said...

I am the epitome of an evil step mother...I make the kidlet go to her grandmas to do that baking crap.
I prefer my sugar cookies in a nice plastic box with a pretty little price tag on the top.

The sucks about Pat and Butch.


js said...

well the 900# has filters built in so it won't let some folks get through
see it won't let folks thru that have reached stalker status (a downside of the trade)
it wont let the frigid thru either (hey i'm no mirical worker)
and it won't let the freaks thro (you have to be a super freak for this filter to cull you, a guys got to have limits right?)

I'm with you on the reg. drinks too sweet
im so sweet anything added is sugar overload
but i think they add fat maker to the diet drinks and to light beer!!!
wanna be a catrillionair? think Atkins beer!!!!
show me the $$$$

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

that was one long ass vaction my dear..good Lord.

my goodness, that is bad for the enviorment to buy those kinda cookies;)..tee-hee

i buy them all the time, so what the hell do I know?

crap I dont like beer either..shit your gonna block me off your calling list all toghter now arent you?

freak show J said...

i putcha on the "J's Harem" list, your calls will be put right through, free of charge too!
i much prefer women who dislike beer, that mean more for me!
morer is mo' betterer

Kendra Lynn said...

YES! I'D LOVE THE RECIPE. oops...sorry for shouting.


JD's Rose said...

Hobbit feet? Technically, how tall are you if you are a hobbit? Do you think that I'd fit the bill?