Monday, December 04, 2006


I put my tree up. I hate trees. Trees belong out of doors. As well as children. And husbands.

I worked all weekend. I hate working.

I wont be home until 6am Monday morning, and you wanna know why? I have to work for a damn living that's why. And it kind of pisses me off.

it did not get much about 10 degrees the whole bloody weekend. This also pisses me off.

I helped inmates at the county hotel make Christmas cards Saturday night. Who can top that? I was in a room with 4 males making cards. One which is a murder. And there were 4 pair of scirrors in the room. Along with rubber stamps and ribbon. They coulda killed me 20 ways with that shit. But they didn't. In fact, all of them told me I need to start wearing my hair down.

Inmates creep me out. Especially the ones that look at me.

Lets see...What else...

My son informed me he can not join wrestling because he is and I quote " too fragile"

My Blondie actually has her first practice tonight. She is going to whomp some ass. She informed Mr Shaky that a "friend" of hers is in wreslting....A penis friend. Not the same penis who calls, but another penis...

I just only hope she learns some moves so she can kick the penis in said penis, should she need to one day. Did that make any sense?...Yea I don't really care anyway, so don't tell me either way.

Two people Saturday called Kareokee....CA-ROW-KEE....Not CARE-EE-OO-KEE..What the hell is up with that?

I must go. I am tired. And I am crabby. No I don't have crabs, I am just crabby..There is a difference people..Look it up.

""I don't have a gamblin' problem. I'm winnin', that's not a problem. That's like sayin' Michael Jordan has a basketball problem, or Def Leppard has an awesomeness problem. So why don't you pour some sugar on that?" - Earl Hickey "

Bee Real


Gette said...

Poor Bossy. Enjoy that night shift, then get some sleep, ya crab.

Gette said...

PS, that Karaoke thing bugs me, too. Kinda like people that say "eye-talian" or "supposably"

Fantastagirl said...

Night shifts, inmates suck.

I hate it when people say thing incorrectly as well.

Kendra Lynn said...

awww...hope tomorrow is a better day for you...sounds like the weekend was wild!


Kelly said...

Sharp scissors and inmates don't sound like the best much do they pay you?

Get some rest and stay warm. I agree, this weather sucks!

Brandy said...

I hope you gave them inmates a really hard time to make them pay for you having to work all weekend! Your week will get better. We are suppose to have a small warm front move through at the end of this week. But that is after we get more snow! YAY! Snow. I finally got some!

Get lots of rest and relaxation this week!

keesh said...

you are so funny. I think you are the only person who can make me laugh with hating everything :)

js said...

i am glad you finally overed the crabs I know hain them had you all stressed out. I hope Mr. Shakey didn't find out.
remember don't hate the penis!

deni said...

I swear you cursed me didn't you? You were just so jealous of the 70 degrees we were having you had to send the cold air down here, didn't ya?

Last night it was 25 freaken degrees. Yeah, 25.


On another note, I miss having my kids home and drowning out the voices in my head. Because the voices are sometimes just too damn scary.


Neurotic1 said...

Cheer up it is suppose to be the jolly season! No way would I be in the vacinity with inmates and scissors! Maybe Butch would like ballet or is he too fragile for that? ;)

1 plus twins said...

i so understand your anger with working. that is how i feel too right now. i closed sat and opened on sunday. i am still not adjusted to working the nights so i get home and can't fall asleep till like 3 then get the kids up for school 4 hours later. so i am averaging 4 hours of sleep but the night i closed then opened i only had 2 1/2 so my ass is going back to bed right after i type this. this whole work thing has screwed up my blogging. lol the inmate thing shit that scares the shit out of me and i wasn't even there. god bless you cuz i couldn't do that at all!!

Cliff Morrow said...

Just like a politician I just stopped by to say I have 'no comment'.
Okay,,I do have a comment. I think and inmate wanting you to wear your hair down, is a potential problem.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

hey guys, I am not ignoring you, I was sleeping..cuz damn..I was working all night..

I am hungry now...anyone wanna come make me some lunch?

always lookin out for you said...

well i cant cook or do anything else for that matter, i'm slightly more domesticated than a dog but I will be glad to order something for you if you'd like and i'll pay!!!!!!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

aww, thanks..ok this is what u can get for me..

I want some steamed veggies and white rice..and an eggrole...oh and some wonton soup..

u can just have it delvired, or u can bring it yourself..makes no never mind 2 me:)

js said...

ok that sounds ummmmmmmm not so good but if thats what you want then by god thats what u'll get
if i'm gonna deliver then you gotta order me something with some meat in it like a bbq buffet. or aice (all i can eat) seafood or something.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

cracker ,
get whatever u want..its on you:)

js said...

Hell with it get 2 dozen egg rolls I'll eat 23 then I'll stop for a coupla burgers on the way home.
I lost 2 pounds last week and I'm hunting them hard right now.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

dem burgers r gonna kill ya cracker...I need to wean off the red meat:)

js said...

well im kinda a meatatarian
an I am definately a carnivore
i gotta have that meat
why u gettin off the red meat?
thats insane
thats the Dem coming out in you!

Peg said...

I'm with Deni, you and your cold weather curses suck!
It will be in the low 20's in freaking florida tonight...

dude, you are more woman than i'll ever be, scissors and mrderers are deal breakers...

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well for Years I acctaully ate NO meat at all...none..I have went back to eating ground turkey and chicken..and lean cuts of pork..but red meat, I dont eat it cuz its bad for the ticker:)

and it doesnt taste good either...dont shoot me..its just the way it is:)

well under normal circumstances it is a deal breaker for me..but when they pay me what they makes up for if I get injured on the job, I figure I can sue...its a win win if u ask me:)

The Kept Woman said...


They totally could have stood you in a corner and stamped your arms and legs and tied curly ribbons all over your body!!!!


Sorry, that was wrong.

js said...

i always knew you yanks didn't cook the way we did but i didn't realize you didn't know how to eat either!!!!
evidently you haven't ever had it prepared properly
come on down and I can change your mind on that i assure you, if your taste buds work that is!!!

BossyĆ¢™¥'s YOU said...

I looked real fnacy with the green bows..for real;)

hmm...its not so much the taste as the atrey clogging factor..but I would be willing to eat a good steak that U have bought and prepared:)

js said...

i don't do prepare
why would i have even consibered being wed if i could cook?
what advantage would it be to me?
i don't mind buyin but someone else needs to preperate it

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well I though u said u were gonna show me how its done right?..well have ur bride cook it..we will have a cookout...dont u grill cracker?..I thought all men loved to grill!