Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Last worthless evening

I have decided that I hate Christmas. I am now a Jew. Don't ask questions, just send me 8 gifts during Hanukkah..Thanks in advance.

My 80 dollar doll should be here by weeks end. Then I just may have to take myself out to the back forty and be put down. Its the only humane thing to do.

I did however decide to cash in on this eBay idea. I am gonna start selling things I paint. Yes, among my other talents I do paint. I use to do oil paintings, but I really have no room for that right now..Someday maybe...But for now I am going to paint bisk..I am going to start doing holiday things...Then if any of that sells, I am gonna do other things..

I hate to brag, but I am really very good at it! Yea, well...Like u give a damn.

So I am hoping to hit it big there, collect my welfare and call it a day. Go Me!

Some days don't you wish you were rich and famous? Ya no, so u can get hot concert tickets, get invited to all the cool parties, get your name in a magazine, your pic taken with the president..All that good stuff? But what keeps me from doing things to make me famous, is the fact when I ever get arrested..and yes, I am assuming one day that will happen..

They post your mug shot on Entertainment Tonight and discuss your weight. Then Barbara Walters and Rosie talk about it on The View..Before you know it David Letterman is poking fun of you..he has some great writers by the way...I mean that guy is pure genius..Anyhoo, it just aint worth it. I've just been thinking, and it aint worth it.

Fame just aint what u think it is I am afraid. One minute your hot, the next minute your being poked fun of cuz your either too fat, or too skinny..Not funny, or too funny..Your boobs aren't big enough, or they are too big..

so this is your lesson for the day. Take from it what u will.


Yesterday I was printing off some pictures and Boo saw one of herself. She looked at it, and says " momma, dats me, I so chute"

I told her yes, she was cute, then asked her how she got so cute. She told me God made her that way. Then she told me she was and I quote..

momma, I so chute and berry smart too momma.

Yup, she has looks and brains people..Girls like that are not a dime a dozen...They are a quarter for a barrel.


Mr Shaky and I were on the couch . My son, Butch was in the basement being mean to his sisters..I was mad at him.

He was told to come up stairs, he refused. I yelled down and he said " WHAT"

Mr Shaky said and I quote..

he is a little bastard sometimes

Oh Lordy...He finally sees the light...

Really we don't beat our bees or verbally abuse them. Well on a normal day anyway.

Mr Shaky just got off the phone with him mother. I guess Mr Shakys cousin's wife daughter is gravely ill. They were our neighbors for a few years back in the homeland. This young gal is 22, had a baby the same time I had Boo. Her boyfriend I guess beat the piss out of her and now she is brain dead.. She was a very nice girl, as well as her mother...Now Mr Shaky's cousin is a bit spent, but the the wife and daughter were good people.

So sad. Why do women stay with guys that beat the shit out of them? I don't get it. They don't love you..If they did they would not try to kill you on a daily basis. I knew this boyfriend. I mean not personally, but I had seen him several times..And I shoulda kicked his ass while I was there...

And this poor girl told the cops she did not want to press charges. But thankfully the cops had caught him in the act and they gave her no choice, THEY were going to press charges. She was about to be released from the hospital, she told her mom her head still hurt bad. Next thing you know she is in a coma and declared brain dead. She is 22 years old. With a three old baby.

I hope the prick goes to prison for life.....See this is why I am for the death penalty. Fuckers like that don't deserve to have three meals a day that WE pay for...

Ok I am done..


My son keeps telling me my music is no good. He says he likes pop music, not classic rock. I told him to go pack his damn bags.

Bee Real

btw, if u have beta blogger, i can not comment..i dont know why...i have tried all day all of you with it, i am sorry, i am reading it...i just cant comment on it...I hate this blogger and am thinking of switching to something else...

take that and shove it up your balls blogger.


Kristen said...

I can FINALLY comment!!! Yay!!

Anyway- Baby Alive, perhaps? Or TMX elmo? I swear, I should've waited on line for one of those things and sold it for the cash to pay for Christmas - but I just can't bring myself to wait on line overnight. Too crazy, even for me the total psycho.

And I can't remmember what else I was going to say. Because I am that brilliant.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

its baby alive...and i hate the damn thing already..

and only pussys wait in line..the real woman pay double for what the want and buy it on ebay:)

Brandy said...

Hey there! I think that is an awesome idea of doing the selling stuff on ebay! I know you will do well! Plus I would love to see some of your pics of the things you paint! You dont give yourself enough credit!!LOL

I am going to finish it some maybe you can comment on mine. I dont know what I am going to do but I am going to try something. Stupid blogger. I did sign my hubby up for a blogger account and new ones are automatically sign up to beta now.

I feel pretty good knowing that someone elses kids out there somewhere are fighting or picking on sisters just like mine...hehe

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I tried commenting on yours I cant..I use to be able to comment on beta ones, but now they are trying to force Bossy into shit i dont want..damn them..

oh, I know I am good, I am not selling myself short on that..haha


Fantastagirl said...

You wanted a baby Alive? You are the bestest mommy every to get that for her...

LOl at mr. Shakey...sometimes they are a little slow with seeing the light - eh?

Sorry to hear about the cousin - that is so sad, I'll never figure all that out!

BTW - this is the third time I tried to post...I hope it takes...I'm not this patient!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

sorry fantastagirl,
i have been having trouble commenting all day too..I cant comment on beta anymore, and its starting to piss me off..

Badoozie said...

hey, i had the same trouble with beta blogger all day too!! it sucks. people are going over to wordpress. we should try it.

as for your painting? do you stencil on underpanties? you could buy a package of white granny panties, and paint stuff on them? that would be cool. you could sell a "buttload" of them LOL!!!!!

i'm must too funny...i crack my own self up

as for women who stay with they dont' think they deserve any better. they're mentally beat down, and they believe everything the guy tells them.

just_tammy said...

You'd better watch out once Boo gets her V-Smile. If she's already smart, there's no telling what might happen. You've seen my Boo (at least in a picture). She has looks, brains, and talent. She even does her projects way in advance. I'm not sure she's really mine since all I had (I repeat had) is brains and I always waited until the last minute. She attracts football players. Thank heavens she doesn't want to be a cheerleader. That would be the end of me.

Yep, Letterman has some great writers or at least one really excellent one;)

So when will you be painting - in your sleep?! You make me feel like the laziest person in the world. My latest achievement was winning best homemade dessert at a luncheon I didn't even attend. Go caramels!!! They will soon be going to Bossy's. Your batch ended up at the stupid luncheon. My son 'won' a free hour off from work. I figure he owes me the $11 or $12 he makes an hour.

Sorry to hear about your hubby's cousin. That poor baby. Will she be living with grandma? Turns out the girl Kait knows who had the simple concussion has lost a big chunk of her memory. Guess she wanders around school in a bit of a daze. The kids are having to help her every chance they get. Hope the opposing basketball player got more than a small penalty for bouncing her head on the court.

Glad hubby has finally seen the light as far as Butch goes. My hubby hasn't called so he still doesn't know that his brilliant wife allowed the piano tuner to walk out the door with the poor piano's innards right before Christmas. I swear that thing made me want to drink morning, noon, and night since it sounded like a barroom piano. Those hammers are getting it good right now. Frankly, what's left of my sanity deserves this over haul. Yep, he's in for a surprise alrighty!

just_tammy said...

Forgot to mention my son ended up with a farting Santa that Boo would absolutely love. I'd move it on but son thinks it's a riot at the moment. Do guys ever grow up?! 'Pull my finger' Santa is out for everyone to enjoy!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

so, your telling me I need to be a granny underpant decorator?..gee thanks..

so u sold my carmels?..ur a bad tammy..

and farting santas are tops!

Neurotic1 said...

I have never wanted to be famous. They bring up your past and that is not always a good thing. I have no desire to party with Paris Hilton and her ugly dog!

I'm with ya on the beaters. I can't stand to hear this sort of thing. Poor girl! They need to hang that man by his penis until he dies!

Btw- I think that you may need a g-mail account to comment on beta blogger.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes, I have no desire for the same thing...I think PAris dog is better lookin then she is though.

I do have a g-mail account...I use to be able to comment on beta until yesterday..its a go*damn conspiracy.

js said...

how would one go about shoving something up his balls?
Dont be a Jew just be a grinchy piss ant about it like me!
Ummmmm I make fair money on E-bay actually.... its easy and cheap (kinda like me!)
Paint some old west shit and I'll bid 10-12$ on it!
I hate bragging too but I am good at bragging, who else do you know that can and will rpoclaim they are poor, fat and bald with a smile??
Try to keep mr shakey britches off of my boy, ok? Did you tell him about me? I mean he said bastard.......
I dont want to be famous, i friuggin hated hated hated times 4737374622 signing autographs!
sucks about the cuz or whoever, they should fry him, see there your really not a dummycrat, cept for the no work draw a check theme!!
ole js

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

so I cant be JEw, I cant be Democrat, I cant be famous...I dont know if this friendship is gonna work, your too damn bossy.

U might wanna come and rescue your boy, one of these days, I may end up selling HIM on ebay...

but its gonna cost ya more den 12 bucks..

twelve fity.

deni said...

beta blogger is apparently having issues, cuz I can't comment either.

I wanna sell something on ebay too! But I need a hot commodity, let's see, hmm, how about my body?

Yeah right, like that would work, I'd be broke in a day.

Oh, I forgot I am already broke.

just_tammy said...

New batch of caramels for Bossy is in the works. These babies need to get in the mail before anything else comes up. Can't have Bossy mad at me! Maybe they'll show up with the doll so you can eat as you sob.

js said...

nah u can be those things its just that being a grinchy piss ant is more fun!
and you can vote Dem it just causes folks to wonder if your serious and if you have givin any thought to their essential positions
and you can be famous i just said sighning autographs nearly made my skin crawl and I hated it, you on the other hand might enjoy it!
I'll not be purchasing any of my own seedlings either! He likes pop for the love of Darwin (for u Dems out there) that just aint right.
I'll buy a painting tho ifn it has cowboys, deer, or naked hot chicks in it, i'll pay xtra if they are being naughty.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I am afraid I wouldnt get much for my body either..maybe a a penny and a nickel..

better make it a double!

so, craacker doesnt like to sign autographs?..didint any hot chicks with big ta-ta's want your john hancock? I cant see u turning that down.

well I might make an expection and just give u the boy..tkae him huntin with ya..get him some wranglers..u guys will be ebst buds before ya know it.

js said...

nah I didn't like to sign those either
no matter ta-ta size shape or general appearance.
I always left them with something much more lasting than a simple autograph ;)
yeah me and Butch would get on just great I'm sure, till it was his turn to shoot or clean i'm suspectin but he'd eventually over it!

Kendra Lynn said...

That's too bad about the cousin's wife's daughter. I hope that guy rots in jail.
(not very Christian, I know, but I don't care. Guys that beat up women are morons.)


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

so u get board with signing "cracker loves the boobies but not the crack"..your such a wuss..
u need to teach that boy how to skin something..he may need it in the future.

I know..I feel the same way..I would rather pay one lump sum to put them down, then to feed them, give them toilet paper, toothpaste, pay the cable bill at the jail..with my hard earned tax dollars..nope..I wont stand for it..

Cliff Morrow said...

funny stuff again bb.
I have to totally disagree about little davey letterman. I got tired and quit watching him a few years back, EVERY SINGLE nite was the exact same 8 jokes about how stupid the Presidents was. I thought absolutely any high school kid could replace daves writer. He surely can't have more than one writer.
But I guess mainly I have trouble with 'self important' people and he is the king of that.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

ok, I have to laugh my ass right shaky says the same thing about the president jokes, like I control that..give me a break for goodness sake...

I watch it..I do...good lord I am going to have to email you cliff, becuase holy crap I cant stop laughing..

david realllly isnt that way thought cliff, i swear to God he aint..

glad i got your approval once again cliff..i am to please:)

js said...

define crack first!
I'm thinkin I all for the crack!!!!!!!!!!
but the cracker aint for signin autos or folks crowding me
the only ones I let get in my space (3 foot diameter) are those with intentions!

my boy would skinnin game bare handed after 3 days with me, if you came to get him in a week he'd say momma don't you ever gimmie any of that sissified rabbit food and you damn well better not slap no grub down on my plate unless its been in the grease first, and mamma-san you better be tightnin up about it too cause a cracker gotta eat!


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well I was thinking more of ass crack..I had a vision in my head that I saw this week..a big fat hairy man and the crack of his ass was peeking thru...I did a mini barf in my mouth..

well u teach my boy whatever u want..although I know he will tell you he is a vegatarian...whhich is true, cuz with his eatigng disorder he ahs never once had meat..

if u can cure him of his disorder, i would ever so gratfull...I mean he musta got that from your side of the fmaily crakcer..not mine.

just_tammy said...

Have you e-mailed Cliff yet so he's in on the joke?! Man, I laugh so hard at the blogs and then there are our priceless comments! What more can I ask for?!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I love Cliff..and I did email him..some people just like Leno better I guess, its ok:)

Jerry said...

Mozel tov! You go, Jewish Princess!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thank you jerry:)

Peg said...

sell your art on

maybe check out something like