Friday, December 15, 2006

Hit me with your best shot

Well there has been a change of plans. I am not going anywhere..I am dying. Thats right, I fear I may be knocking on heavens door shortly. It seems I may have sucumbed to the bird flu. I dont know. My esphogus is burning, I feel like I my head has lost air pressure, my stomach feels like I am going to puke out all my organs, my anus is kinda just wiating for a big explosion of some kind...I dont know..its not looking good, not one bit...

Either that, or God is cursing me with nine months of agony and 18 years of hell..I am still shooting for the bird flu...I am going to buy a bird flu tester later on..just to be sure..

No, I really have the flu....its terminal. I know this much.

I was looking thru my old posts and I thought I would re-post my list of new year resalutions from last we can see how much of a loser I am, as I dont think I kept one of them longer then 2 days..

ok..the post will be written on remarks from today will be in u get it?..ok here we go..

January 3 2006
I am not the kind of gal who believes in making "new years resolutions"....

I on the other hand set little personal goals if you will..I will now share with you my personal goals for 2006, and this time next year I will see if I kept any of them..

Chances are more than likey I wont..

1. Make my bed everyday...( have made this one the last 5 years..Has not happened as of yet..But I feel lucky this year..) this lasted about a week. longer then I thought it would.

2. Try to keep the house as spotless as I can, afterall I have no freaking job so I have no excuse right? only excuse I can come up for this one now is..hell I have 2 jobs now and that was NOT on my list of goals...damnit.

3. excersie more.....( yup made that one last year too) ok, I did do this...I may spend more time doing this then anything....

4. Be a better mom yup, that one didnt pan out either....hello do you read my blog?

5. Try to go another year without beating my kids into a coma...( I have kept this one for the last 9 years) anohter succussful year for that I suppose..go me.

6. Win the lotto...( ok I know this is a goal I can not control persay....But I can buy lotto tickets right?)I dont think I ever did buy a ticket.. at least one blogger buddy hmm....nope didnt do that either I dont think..but I do suffer from short term memeory loss...did I meet you this year?

8.go thru menopause....( again I know this is uncontrollable, but its ok to have goals)nope...this one neglected to show itself as well...heres hoping 2007 is my banner menopause year!

9. Take a nice family vacation that does not require driving to Michigan..well, I drove there twice, flew there about 3 times...I swear those people need to move here for crying out loud...But we have NO plans on going as a family next year..I may fly there a few times to see the dad and new mom...cause if I dont, I may be left out of somebodys will or something...

10. Keep my van clean...( again, another one I cant seem to keep)shit...forgot about this one....nope...well I keep it clean when I have to travel long ways..but by the time we get there its dirty I figure why the hell bother.

11. Spend less time blogging...( I know, this is a hard one...I may need a 12 step program)acctually I have done this. I dont blog surf like I did, I post only once a day, if I can...and I pretty much only come to the computer when I have to....which is to blog..ok I didnt do this bad.

There that's all I will bore you with........I would love to hear what your goals are..If u have made any..

While I am taking a break from purging, I will write or jot down my list for 2007.

*watch more tv

* stalk def leapprd thru 3 states instead of 2

*find Pat

*buy a new PAt should I not find the old one

*spend at least $2000 on concert tickets and stalking equipment...this is scaled back from 2006, i realize I dont need as much as I thought, cuz I am cool like that.

*Lose 80 pounds. I am trying to get down to my orignal weight..7lbs 13 onces

*sell shit on ebay....and start collecting welfare.

*write a screenplay....for the funniest movie u will never see.

*learn how to write said screenplay

*quit 2 of my day jobs....

*keep the house "liveable" need to keep it me I know.

*buy some stocks and bonds

*shave my legs daily..not bi-monthly

*join a cult

*learn to play the violin......or get a violin....

that about sums it up I guess.


Here is the link to the article about mr shakys cousins step daughter.

She died the other day. She was 22. Her boyfriend beat her to death pretty much. He is a prick. She lived next door to us for a while. I went to her baby shower. Mr Shakys cousin would bring the baby over to play with Boo..they would sit in the grass and chew on twigs....then he would bring his bird out, and it would shit on Boos head..well it did once.

Her name was Holly. Please just send prayers to her poor mother, her name is Ann. Its too bad women continue to be in relationships when they get the piss beat out of them. If you are hit once, you will be hit again. Now a poor little girl is left without a mommy and a mommy is left without a daughter. It sucks ass.

If your self esteem is that bad you feel you cant do any better..then for God sake, turn gay, or just be an old dont need a man if he does that to you. Your better off alone, at least you will live a tad longer. If you stay with a man like that, please go buy yourself a self help book. Or call Dr Phil..I saw him once....Kicked him in the balls, but I am sure if u dont brinng my name up he will help you...

So anyway...thast all i have...

Have a good weekend. I will be working on varoius jobs and i will see you Monday I supose..

depends on how long it takes for the bird flu to kill me.

Bee real

*editors note..

ok, on the greatest site in the world I just saw what I want for Hannuhka..

go me both if u can, or just one....dont care which...there are only 110 availbe, so please act NOW..

ok, here is today write up about shows a picutre of Holli

I hope this dirt bag gets whats coming to him.


Karin said...

I am sorry that once again you have contracted the bird flu. I still don't know what to say about the cousin though. My new years wish is for woman to have the self confidense to not feel trapped in a harmful relationship. My only resolution last year was to get married. Yep I followed through.

vani said...

wow bossy, so sad about the cousin and your bird flu. i'm crossing my fingers that its just the bird flu, although its terminal. still beats the 9 months of hell and 18 yrs jail sentence. :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes, I think i must have a weakend immune system..i contract it very fast.

yes..I am hoping its just the bird flu too:)

Kelly said...

Well, if you are pregnant, I want first dibs on adopting...mmmkay?? Your Bees are beautiful, and Punkin' needs a sibling! LOL

Hope you are feeling better soon. You were bound to catch it with your little ones all being sick last week.

As for the resolutions....sounds like my list every year. NEVER to I stick to them.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well, I am afrid its nothing more then the bird flu..I am starting to feel a tad better, but I swear to God if I ever see anohter peanut butter ball I am gonna puke.

but i will keep u in mind should i need to adopt one of my existing kids out!

Badoozie said... die all the damn time. you are constantly dying. the weight loss thing was the funniest. that made me laugh real hard. so if you want to meet a blogger, meet me. we need to rip something up. i'm available m-sunday, 24/7 pretty much. you see, i do not work but rather, sit on my ass, and peer at the computer screen, on which resides my resume'. so buy a plane ticket and i'll clean out the spare room.

Kendra Lynn said...

I hope you feel much better very soon!
I read that article about Shaky's cuz. How sad. :(

Hope all is well otherwise.


pack of 2 said...

I hope you feel better & don't die from the bird flu..that would be a drag just before the holidays and all:)

So sorry to hear about that girl getting sad! I will never undersatnd why people do this kind of stuff.


Peg said...

men that beat women should hang from a fishing hook attached like a prince albert piercing.

sorry to hear about shaky's cousins step daughter.

bird flu sucks...but then again so does labor....

just_tammy said...

Sorry to hear you now have bird flu/morning sickness. Last night I was thinking it was too much peanut butter but maybe not.

Thought you met one of your blogging buddies. She has a little boy. You posted pictures. Think you met for lunch. When I have some time, maybe I'll scroll through your old posts. Then you could check off another goal being met.

Sad article. Sad situation.

No way in heck I am I buying you the other. Love you but holy crap!

Have you handed out fliers for Pat's safe return yet? Poor Pat. Poor Bossy. Feel better soon.

Brandy said...

Hope you get to feeling better soon.

That is so sad what happened to that girl. Some women never learn or dont care if it happens to theirs kids. So sad for the baby. I hope all goes well for her and her grandma.

I never made a resolution last year so I didnt break any of them.

Have a great weekend!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I know I am dying all the time....dont u feel osrry for me?

well so far today I dont feel to bad, so the bird flu must be coming to an end;)

well so far I may be on the road tro recovery...but its still touch and go:)

yes, I agree with you.

ok you might be right, I do remeber that..her and I are always going to meet again but it never woorks out..

well your not a friend of u have to put a price tag on my there!

well i do think the little giril had been living with the grandma anyway...long story, but I think they were rasising her.

Neurotic1 said...

Hope you are feeling better. The bird flu sucks. Luckily, my house has remained germ free so far this season. That will all change next week when we hop on a plane to homeland. I always get sick when I fly. I never make resolutions- hell why bring more disappointments into my life!

just_tammy said...

Here I thought our friendship was priceless!

So not surprised the boyfriend looks like a thug and she looks adorable. Just gets sadder by the minute.

So are you feeling better yet? Hope so. Take care.

The Kept Woman said...

OMG. What a fuckwad. That's shitty. I think there's a special place in hell for domestic abusers.

Also I had the bird flu earlier this week and appear to be on the upside. My throat still burns and I'm belching up feathers but the good news is that the talons I started growing on my feet are beginning to recede. Best to you...try the chicken soup.

js said...

ok thats a low rent sorry peice of shit mother fucker.

she could have done much better
pretty girl

js said...

ok u said the 9 months 18 years thing?!?!?!?
u told me you were on something!

dakotablueeyes said...

hope you feel better.
sorry to hear of the death.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well so far I seem to be coming out of my terminal illness..I dont ever keep the resultions either, but its fun to pretend I am going to.

oh there is a price on everything;)

yes, he is a thug, thats for sure.

well I am glad your on the talons have not left from the first time i had days are numebred.

indeed he is a piece of shit...she was a nice girl, and no one desreves that kinda treatment.

as for the other, thats what i tell everyone!

thank you..I am feelin a tad better today, thank goodness.

js said...

2 words
blood test

Blazer1234 said...

Happy Hannukah! It's too bad you have the bird flu. Hope you don't give it to your kids.

I read the article on Mr. Shakey's cousin...I hope that stupid bastard ends up in a cell that you're in charge of. Make sure he has a big, mean, gay cell-mate when the time comes, ok?

I don't make resolutions, because I know I'll never keep them. You did better than I would have. And I'm glad to know I'm not the only mom that doesn't make my own bed. :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

um, dont like needles dude, sorry.

well I wish I was in charge of his cell, but this happned back in the homeland, not here..

yup, this mom doesnt make her bed either..GO US!

Cliff Morrow said...

I'm sorry but if someone hit my daughter, there would be a funeral and I would be the one spending life in prison.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

amen...same here..i dont see how parents can stand by and let it happen..I dont get it..

now when your in your 30's and 40's and are smart enough to know better, u need to be getting out yourself, but when its your kid and so sure as hell can put a stop to it...they dated for years..and he has beat her for those same number of years..

all i know is if anyone laid a hand on boo or blondie, I dont care how old they are, I would press the charges and I would get my kid help so she knows that this is not the way a person treats you if they love you...peroid.

Steven Novak said...

My goal this new years is to make some goals...

I haven't done it yet... ;)


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

you gotta start somewhere I suppose:)

Princess said...

I hope you feel better soon!

I love your NEW new years resolutions. They are great! And i am gonna help you, by bothering you to remind you to make sure you keep your word! Especially...
.*write a screenplay....for the funniest movie u will never see.

I am so sorry to hear about Holli. That is the sadest news i have heard lately. :( WTF is wrong with people these days!


Hails said...

I hope your feeling better soon.

So sorry to hear about Holli as well. That is just terrible and my heart goes our to her family. What an arsehole. Hate men who think they are inferior to woman and beat on them. They need to be strung up by their balls.

Meow said...

Hope your bird flu is subsiding, and you're feeling better.
That poor girl ... the guy that did that to her should be strung up by his doodads, and horsewhipped!!
I don't make resolutions ... wouldn't keep them, anyway !!
Have a great weekend.
Take care, Meow

Granny said...

Now I remember why I don't make resolutions. I'm not sure I even set goals.

I'm so sorry about your cousin. I won't start ranting here because I'd never stop and it's your blog.

Take care. Best wishes for the season if I don't get back soon. My life is a little strange lately.