Friday, April 13, 2007

pink houses

This is a run down of the last 24 hours...In no particular order.

*Boo tells me she is going on a trip, and I need to drive. I ask where she is going, she says to her house.

*I ask her whose she is in now, she says it is mine.

*she tells me her house is pink and purple and is next to Blondies house, I then ask where Blondies house is, she says "its next to mine momma, I told u dat."

*she then takes the black cat, says she is taking that kitty home with her tonight. I tell her ok, and I have a few other things she can take as well, as I am wanting to downsize.

*The Boy comes home from school after having "the body is changing class". He is mortified at the fact they gave all the boys deodorant and soap. Also he said he had no idea his pee pee was called a penis. Oh, and it grosses him out to think he is going to be sprouting hair in that area along with his arm pits..oh and that he can get a boner from riding his bike...

no, really, I read it right in his pamphlet..along with he can get boners for no reason whatso ever...

I then ask him what else he learned he then told me " oh momma, you dont even want to know, plus I dont think you would even understand..ok, well maybe you do understand it, but I am not going to talk about it anymore."

I think he is worried about "pitching a tent" for no reason in the future. Man I hate to think about him pitching anything but a baseball.

*Then Blondie points at my boobage and asks if hers are going to get that big. I tell her I hope they wont. She says "yea me too, my shirts wont fit if they are that big, and i would have to buy a new coat too"

I have the weekend off. I plan on cleaning out my garage. So maybe I can start parking my mom wheels in it. Nearly 3 years here and still have not been able to park either of our cars in it.

Its starting to bug the bees. The boy told me the other day.." my bike wouldn't be snowy if the garage was cleaned out so I could park it in there."

I told him his bike wouldn't be snowy if it was freaking snowing in the middle of April. And maybe if he got a job, a job that would support all of us, we could move to a warmer climate.

he said..

mom, just clean out the garage.


Bee Sober


just_tammy said...

I don't even need to ask how the tv on not so much thing is working out with conversations like that going on in your home. It could pay off big in the end since it will help in your writing for tv career. Big bucks for just one day in the life of...

Cleaning out is just way too much fun. It really shouldn't be legal as it is way to fun. We are having so much fun here clearing out just for a two hour move. Are we having fun yet?! I'm a bit tired, can you tell? Well, get after it. Just don't get rid of the snow shovel yet. Guess we need ours today. Crap!

aatank said...

I love the fact that kids are so innocent. Just wait until butch hears what he is suppose to do to make babies with that thing. IS your house really that bad that the little kiddies what to live in their own house?

We must have moved in the same year because It is almost 3 years that we have not been able to park in our garage either. My truck wouldn't really fit if it was clean, we measured it and I have 1 inch to spare to fit in the garage. That leaves me 1/2 inch on both ends, way to close for me. Hubby did tackle that task over Christmas and New Years so now we have a path down the middle where we can walk though.

I hope your next 24 hrs. are as eventful as the last.

js said...

send the bees out there to clean out the garage!
you had the perfect opportunity to explain Global Idiocy to him! ooops i meant warming. The GW people actually said the snow is caused by it?!?!?!?! haaaaaaa idiots one and all!
have a great globaly warmed weekend!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I am way too lazy to do anything that clenaing the garage, writing..

when r u moving?

I must not realize how bad the kids have it here..if the three year old wants to move out..

We moved here in 2004....still not unpacked..good God.

Slick Willy,
its suppose to be in the upper 50's and 60's this that is what I call global warming..

Neurotic1 said...

I remember those coming of age classes. The questions some kids asked. Too funny! Just explain morning wood to the boy already! Hope your garage cleaning weekend is fun ;)

patti_cake said...

Your kids are too funny! (Wonder where they get THAT from?)

Those maturity classes ... I remember the excruciating embarressment. Boys get soap and deoderant? We got tampons. *snort*

Have a wonderful week-end Bossy!

Wethyb said...

The Boo conversations just crack my ass up! Kids do say the darndest things, don't they?

And that poor boy...there's nothing like sporting wood when all you want to do play with your buddies.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

do u wanna come hlpe me clean out the garage?

I remeber one year we watched the girls vidoe, then in 5th grade we had to watch the boys video PLUS the girls one again..I HATED that...for months after seeing the second girls video I was sure I had started my peroid every month..

but it didnt happen till 7th grade:)

we got pads, not tampons..haha...

I am glad we never had to worry about sporting wood...I would of never left the damn house, i can u that.

Katie said...

Too funny. The worries of childhood.

~Deb said...

GAWD the growing pains of realizing you have body odor! I feel for the kiddies!

Karin said...

Man I remember that class, they gave us the worlds largest pads in history. They were awful, like showing a mattress down your pants. If I hadn't already started my period I am sure I would have been traumatized by it too. As it was I knew they just bought bad pads. It was embarrassing though because at 10 when they gave the class I was the only girl who had already started.

Is the black cat the peer? Can you send her with all the animals? How the hell does your 3 year old afford a house when we have jobs and can barely afford ours.

I really think if the garage bothers the boy so damn much he should get his lazy ass in there and help you clean it. Perhaps after a few minutes he won't mind his snowy bike.

Choppzs said...

Ok, are they really starting those classes this early now?? I haven't heard anything about those yet from Girly, I am sure they would send home soemthing saying so. Well luckily I have already had a few talks with her so she wont be to surprised. Geesh, I hate this part! lol

Wendy said...

Oh your kids are funny! I don't want to think about that stuff either. I'm thinking cleaning the garage would be a great job for the kids. It took us a year to be able to get a car in our garage and that is all we have room for. The other side is still a mess.

Packof2 said...

oh man...i am so happy i don't have kids which prevents me from having those conversations!

i don't know how you keep a straight face.

Britmum said...

OMG I choked on my tea. How bloody funny... hehehehehe

Take care xx

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

if only our worries now were worrying about getting boners while riding bikes..

I glad thats all we worry about touching door knobs and grocery carts..hehe

we got big huge ass pads too when we had the talk...I think I stuffed my training bra with them.

I had my first class in 4th grade too..they send home notes, so u will year when he is in 5th grade, he gets to see the girl movie..that will be a fun day here.

trust me, I dont wanna think about it either..but holy shit the day came..haha

you dont know what your missing..hahahahahaha

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

do u need the himlick manuver? Sorry for making u choke on your spot of noon tea..hehe

Kendra Lynn said...

Ahhh...the kiddos are growing comes the great pre-teen/teen years...aren't you just LOOKING SO forward to those?
(can you read my sarcasm? I do NOT want my girls to get any older...ever.)


kaliblue said...

I tell you them there chultdrens of yors is gettin smarter and smarter ain't they?. And I'm feeling dumber and dumber *LOL*. Have a great weekend!!!

Cliff Morrow said...

Your son is wise beyond his years. Get to pushin that broom.

Badoozie said...

I overheard my boy on the phone with his friend the other day, "what? they said penis 9 times in that video? GROSS!". they don't really like talking about it at their age. why do they make them watch those?

Jerry said...

Come to think of it, my garage needs cleaned out too. Wanna trade?