Thursday, April 12, 2007

Private Dancer

Remember when I was tossing around the idea of getting rid of the television for the tots? Well yesterday morning I had a brief encounter of what it may be like if that were to occur.

You see, my damn satellite kept losing its signal yesterday morning, because of the snow and clouds or because Dishnetwork thinks we watch too much TV here and is trying to teach me a lesson of sorts.

Anyway, Boo and I are sitting here, she keeps bringing me the remote telling me its not working.

No shit it isn't working.

She looks at me " momma, what U wanna do?"

I say " I don't know, what do U wanna do?"

" I wanna watch Noggin Momma, pwease turn it on for me"

I am fumbling with the remote because the silence is starting to make me homicidal. I mean holy Christ, to sit in silence with a three year old and actually try talking about something is hard. Try it.

It goes something like this..

what do u want to wear today

I wanna wear a dress momma

no, its cold, find some pants

No, dress

Do u want me to beat your ass


Then go find some pants.

Something like that.

She did inform me that "real girls" do NOT wear pants they wear skirts and dresses and from now on, she would be adhering to those guidelines...Even at bedtime.

I have a feeling come bedtime I will be dishing out an ass beating.


Well my mother talked to my grandma, my grandma told her they found out grandpa is terminal. Which I mean, makes sense..I don't know.Grandma told mom not to tell me about grandpa , in fact she had not told anyone yet. Not even my dad..(its my dads parents, but my mom is really close to them)

He gets radiation 5 days per week, and chemo one day for the next 6 weeks. He gets a month off, then gets a stronger dose of Chemo after that for 6 weeks I think.

I then called my grandma to ask how he was doing. I wanted to see if she would tell me anything. She told me he was doing good, and that after his treatments he should be OK, and he has had a good long life so we should just all be great full about that.

What the hell?

Um, no. I will not be greate-ful about this.

I don't understand why they give an 88 year old man chemo. I don't know why they don't let him live out the remainder of his days/months/weeks/years not being sicker then a dog. Chemo is pure poison. it makes u very ill. Normal healthy younger adults have a hard time getting thru it, I don't think an 88 year old man is going to bounce back as well as a 40 year old.

I don't know why grandma doesn't wanna tell us, I don't know why she wouldn't want us to maybe have the choice to come spend time with him before he gets sick...I don't get it.

I talked to grandpa yesterday. He sounds good, but coughs ALOT. he told me when I come there this summer, we are going to go and donate our hard earned money to the Indians.

I better start saving now..


Well my spray worked for two days. Today I found my little black kitten up there, although she was not the pissing culprit, she indeed went thru my spray barricade.

The bad kitty, she still has not ventured up to her upstairs bathroom.

I don't know why she thought she needed two bathrooms. But I will be damned if she is getting back up there again. Unless she wants to start pissing on Shakys shit,then maybe we can hash out some sort of an arrangement.

My son has a pair of binoculars. He is always looking up at the moon and stars. The other day he started spying on Blondie and her friends playing in the yard..Then Boo found them the next day and I saw her put them in her dresser drawer. I asked her why, she said she was "keeping them safe"

She then got them out and started looking outside. I asked what she was doing, she said

I can use these to see trees and houses that are far away momma

I wonder if this means she is going to be a peeping tom.

Bee yourself


Karin said...

I can totally sympathise with you and your Grandma. Brad's Dad has Luekemia and when his numbers get low he will have to go back to chemo. Brad's parents hid that he had the disease for over a year and a half until he had to start chemo. Frequently they lie to us and tell us he is fine when in fact his numbers have been low and they are watching him closely to decide if they will start the chemo again. Brad's sister usually pokes around and finds out what is happening and tells us behind his parents back. It is so frustrating and we wish that they would be honest with us so that we can be there for him. Our fear is that one day they will wait to long to tell us something and it will be to late. As far as the chemo goes it is really up to your grandpa. They give it to him to try to shrink the tumors to prolong his life. If your grandpa doesn't want to go through that and is ready to die than he can opt out. That is what we did for my Grandma. Unforunately with all that has gone on recently with my family I am all too aware of cancer and what it does. I wish I had something more light hearted to respond to but I guess I have a hard time getting past cancer, right now. I will post more later when I have something more stupid to say.

Jamie Dawn said...

You SURE can cover A LOT of territory in a single post. That makes you special, of course, and that's why I enjoying reading your blog.
My mind is spinning from the ass whooping to the peeping tom.
I do want to offer my heartfelt care to you and your grandparents for all that is going on. I hope your Grandpa doesn't go downhill quickly. Terminal means that he will eventually succumb to the disease, but my hope is that he has a nice, long time before that day comes. I also hope he does okay during the chemo treatments. At 88, I'm sure it will not be easy. I'm so glad you called and talked to him. He's one of a kind and cannot be replaced in your life... EVER!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thank you...Two years ago grandpa went in for a colonoscopy and they found colon cancer..they went right in and got radation or anything, it was just early stage one...Now this..Cancer sorta runs on that side of the family..Even I had thyroid cancer 6 and half years ago..

Its never easy, and I wish he would not get chemo, but I think they are both hoping it will cure him, and I dont think it will..I think it is just going to make his remainder time not so nice..I just dont know..

ok come back with somehting stupid..hehe

It is a gift of mine to cover a bunch of non-sence in one single reading:)

Thank you though, and I am glad I did call, Now I just need to decide wether I need to make a trip there before my sceduled one in July..I dont know what to do..

Karin said...

The binoculars are all well and good right now but the minute that boy asks for a wallet you better make sure those things leave the house or he will get an education from a neighbor. (see I told you I would be back with stupidity)

just_tammy said...

Interesting conversation with Boo. Hope the TV is up and running before she suggests you need to start dressing like a girl. Not sure how that would go down. Nah, I know exactly what would happen and it wouldn't be pretty.

I do not understand the lying thing at all. We have the game playing bit going on with our families as well. These are the ones who want to know all the dirty details of whatever but refuse to be upfront about issues like this. I too old and tired to be playing these games and want to knock heads together. You go when you want to go and don't base the decision on dear ole grandma since she isn't being up front with you. What would she have done to your dad as a kid if he lied? How bout now? Silliness.

Peeping Boo!!! Love it!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

God I love you:)

Yes, it would be a losing battle if she wanted me to wear dresses.

I dont know as though she is lieing, she just told mom she doesnt want us to worry..I am gonna wait and see how he is doing after his first few weeks of chemo, then decide when I will..

Life sucks sometimes...

just_tammy said...

Okay, shouldn't call your grandma a liar. But how would you feel if Butch hid his report card (which contained great grades but let's say it didn't) so you wouldn't worry your pretty little head about it? Part of being a family has to do with dealing with the good and bad. Some times it helps to have others to share the worry. Anyway, hope it all works out.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

No, I get your point..I agree with u 100%. I just wish she would tell me herself though...oh well.

Wendy said...

I'm sorry to hear about your grandpa. That is tough that she isn't telling anyone...makes it hard on everyone but my family all does the same thing.
Last night my little guy went outside and made a wish on a star. He wished that, "Mommy would give him a hug." I thought it was the best wish ever.
Dishnetwork loses it's signal a lot more than Direct tv does. I've had them both and am a lot happier with Direct. I have a back up movie player in case Noggin goes off in my house.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I have had both too, and went back to Dish only because I like the Sirrus radio:)

Which makes no sence, because for X-mas ths year I got the hubby XM radio for his car, NOT Sirrus..

I am hoping ole grandpa will come thru ok..I just have to realize he is almost 88 and he is not going to live forever..

Tomscockwhore said...

I lost my first family member (my grandfather) about 5 years ago to lung cancer. And the chemo just wore him out. I empathize with you.

One of my girlfriends has a daughter who wears ONLY dresses. Dresses for everything. And no tights, she hates tights. Even in the middle of winter. Dresses. That would drive me NUTS!

Turning off the TV gets easier with practice. Ya just gotta have the will-power. And tell Boo to go play with the hundreds of dollars of toys she has instead of bugging you. My kids are lucky if they get to watch Between The Lions before bedtime. And we've been anti-TV for so long, that if they ask to watch a show, movie, etc, and I say no, they don't argue anymore. It does get easier! I never knew my kids had so many toys!

My son is 100% into binoculars and spy stuff. And my daughter only wants them because he has them. I think your Boo and mine are close in age aren't they? Mine will be 4 July 27.


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

my grandpa has lung cancer too, but has not smoked since way before i was sad..and i am sorry about your grandpa.

Boo will be 4 on Aug funny..they are just about the exact age.

I try to turn it off, I am not sure if I am more of an addict to the tv, or they are..

its kinda like being hooked on heroine..hehe

but thanks for the advice..I am gonna keep plugging aong at the no tv thing;)

Beanie said...

I think If I was 88 I would just ask for a crap load of good drugs and go out in style instead of all beat up from chemo.

Pisser about the's needs killin

Cliff Morrow said...

re yesterdays blog. I warned you about cats in the house. They need killed, plain and simple. Next will be a $1700 carpet replacement.
Sorry about Gramps but I know at that age he was given options and this is his decision. Chemo usually is used to extend life not necessarily cure the cancer. He may get a few more years with this and only be sick for a month or so. His call.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

me too..

its getting to that point.the better start counting their nine lives.

I gave my dog a bath today, she sooo needs to be groomer moved out of town...whats a girl to do? send ur wife here, she picks dogs up, right?

Anonymous said...

Some how...some way...I found your blog again...I about split a gut when I saw the line were you asked "do you want me to beat your ass?"....I don't know that just struck me as damn funny...I saw where you replied to my comment about your daughter looking like Meg Ryan...I swear when I saw her pics was uncanny...sorry don't mean to focus on that...b/c over all your complete blog cracks me up...I'm the empty I have way too much time on my hands...but it keeps me young!! I'll keep trying to look you up from time to daughter is coming to see me at the end of this month to celebrate my 50th with the rest of the fam...she's the pro at this blogging thing...she'll just have to set her ole mom up. I'm not sure how she will receive that..but hey...she owes me!!! LOL

Hails said...

My grandpa died a year and half ago from liver and pancreas cancer. He had chemo. He was as sick as a dog and wasted away to skin and bone. It wasnt nice. He was a strong man. They said he would live 8 months, he doubled that and kept fighting. 18months later he left us to go to place with no pain. Its not nice to watch someone you love waste away. Chemo is your granddads decision. They tell them there options and its up to them. Pop honestly thought he could beat it.

As for your daughter, she is gorgeous!

Neurotic1 said...

I am so sorry to hear about your grandpa. I think Cliff is right. At his age they probably gave him a choice and the chemo may extend his life some. It may not be pretty but it may give him some more time to donate money to those Indians. I think grandparents want to take the burden off everyone. They just don't want you to worry about anything. I mean hell you have enough to worry about with a new found peeping tom on your hands! Sendin' hugs your way ;)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well welcome back haha..I hope you have a nice time with your daughter, and tell her to get u hooked up with this blog buisness..hehe

A lot of people tell me my oldest daughter looks like Meg Ryan, so dont worry, your not focusing on that:)

But trust me, these kids do need a good assbeating sometimes, not that I ever giv them, but they do need them:)

come back again..

Well I am hoping if he does go thru with it, it will extend his life out some what..But at 88, I know it isnt going to give him anohter 10 years or anything..I just wish he wouldnt do it, I dont even think they realize its his choice..I think he thinks he has to do it..I just dont know.

My peeping Tom now says she is going on a trip. Says she is going to HER house which is next to Blondies house, and her house is pink and purple, and I need to drive her there..

If u feel someone is watching u, it might be one of my peeping toms..

patti_cake said...

Oh I am all for an occasional ass-beating. That is the only thing that gets my kids attention!

I am so sorry about your Grandpa. I don't understand them giving him chemo either. I hope you enjoy your time with him to the fullest extent! I'm sure Grandma thinks she is sparing you all worry but... i'm not one for keeping things like that a secret.

Katie said...

I don't understand the chemo for your grandpa either.

It sucks when the stupid snow messes with the dish.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Patti cake,
yup, assbeatings are good..although, I have never had to give one, cause the threat alone is enough to scare any mortal child..But its nice to have the power..hehe

snow sucks, satiallte sucks, chemo sucks..

it all sucks today..damn.

Packof2 said...

That so sucks about your grandpa. I hear you about the chemo too. 88 is pretty old to be going through that. I don't know if it would be worse the other way though. I hope he is doing ok though.

I can't imagine not having a TV...glad you came to your senses about that one:)

LOL...I was NOT a part of the girls only wear dresses mother did try to make me member...didn't work:)I did get several of those ass beatings you refered to tho.


J to the I to the double L said...


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yup, I was never a dress wearer either, still aint, not sure where she comes up with this shit.

dar shizzle

Britmum said...

Awww hugs Bossey me old Gal.... I love you and bloody hell I have missed reading your thoughts.

Take care xx

js said...

that sux girl
damn it does
i hope u got there and get some happy times before it plays out
that surely sucks
i had some comments about idiot oops global warming but they dont apply really now


The Kept Woman said...

Screw and g'pa should just got donate your money together for the remainder of his days. Happiness for him and great memories for you.

Aw shit...thinking of you.

Choppzs said...

Ok, just had to say that your conversation with Boo sounds allot like my conversations with my kids. They always end in "so you want me to beat your ass?" lol

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thanks guys...

it just sux all way round..

just got home from work...I need a vaction.