Thursday, April 05, 2007

Dont dream its over

One more time, one more time is all its going to take. One more time and I am going over the edge.

The boy. My tween boy has one foot on a banana peel and one at a military boarding school for ingrates.

Why is it when I ask him to study, he thinks I am asking him to sacrifice a lamb or God forbid our dog?

although I wouldn't mine the dog meeting an untimely demise

I am thisclose to packing my bags, or his. Preferably his, cause I hate moving.

I ask him to study and he says " why do I have to be trapped here in this dungeon?"

because I am the mommy and I said so, that's why...sonofabitch

Thank you for all your nice comments on the last post. I talked to my grandma and she said for now, they want me to stay here. She said if he gets going on the treatments and he isn't doing so well and they need my help, they would like me to come on down. They hate to think they are putting me out. I am planning on going around his birthday...he should be done with his treatments and feeling good by then. Then we are spending two or three weeks there this summer. I am hoping this radiation will cure him and it will all be back to normal. I am hoping he will be ready to donate money to the Indians by that time.

I am watching Footloose on VH-1 Classic. Back in the day when I saw this at the movies, I thought Kevin Bacon was all that and a pair of high tops. I am watching it now, wondering what the hell was I smoking back in 3rd grade, cause he really isn't that good looking.

anyway, I got side tracked....

oh and none of them can dance worth a lick either...WTF.

ok, I am done...

So Mr Shaky is in a play at church on Friday. That is Good Friday to all u pagans out there, you know, the day they nailed His ass to the Cross and watched Him die..

anyhoo...He is playing the Big man Himself, our Lord and Savior..


He is going to have to go shirtless. This isn't going to be pretty. I am worried.

See ..thisismebeingworried.

I swear I am not watching American Idol no more. For one thing, there isn't anyone who grabs my attention, there isn't anyone who is really that good.

then there is this issue with that creepy looking Sangotnotalent....He is still there and the one person I rather enjoyed, Gina, is long gone now.

Well I need to go wash up the boys clothes, so he at least has clean pants to pack.

Bee Happy


Jamie Dawn said...

Your hubby is going to be HELL to live with after he plays the part of the Son of God.
He's gonna get all high and mighty on you, mark my words!!!
If he starts acting like he's better than the rest of the family, just tell him that if he can't turn some water into wine then he better bring himself down a peg or two. That oughta shut him up.

Stay tough with your son. If you don't, he will try and walk all over you. My son has had to have some tough discipline over the years. You will be victorious!! Hang in there.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

oh Mr SHaky knows where the bear shits in the woods here JD..hehe

I am trying my damnest to stay tough, even though I would love to give him up for adoption:)


Katie said...

I forgot it was almost easter. Which now makes sense as to why my mom has been calling me to see if I am coming home this weekend. Whoops, I thought it was about my birthday.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

shame wants to cook u a nice ham dinner, she dont care bout your birthday..hehe

~Deb said...

First of all, Kevin Bacon irritates the hell outa’ me. Even back then, with his little pointed nose, he irked me for some reason. I remember on the bus, I had a boom box that I brought to school with me. Everyone apparently did it. You heard 4 boom boxes with different genres going off at once. No wonder why we’re a bit demented as adults. Anyway, I used to put the soundtrack to Footloose on…what…a…fricken…dork….I….was!!!!!!!!! Can you imagine cranking up “Footloose” to IMPRESS your friends? Yeah, totally horror when I think about it. Now I crank up corny ass folk music when my friends are over. I’m getting old Bossy!

I’m glad that your grandfather is ok. Hope everything is going well and you’re still the same crazy lil’ busy bee!

How’s work going? I always love hearing about your adventures at the work place.

Ciao for now.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

in the third grade for our end of year party we went to our teachers house for a picnic. We were allowed to bring tapes or our small radios. So I brought my radio and my footloose tape. We all danced on her deck like a bucnh of damn morons. How mordifying.

I dont write about work much anymore as the only things worth writing about are the asshats I work with, its really not much fun..

just_tammy said...

So tomorrow your church gets to see a shaky shirtless Jesus...Nothing, I've got nothing...

Send that child down here when you get his bags packed. I'll make him realize what a great mom he has so fast it'll make his head spin. Okay, too much I want to say on this, so I should leave it at that.

Glad you are going for your grandfathers birthday. He'll be happy to see his favorite grandchild.

Choppzs said...

Yep, I would have to agree. AI is starting to suck. I was so pissed off last night that that stupid Haley girl or Sanjunka didn't get voted off!! Ughh, pissed me off! I say we start a protest against that website that is trying to keep him on. Lets go beat their asses!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

ok, but dont say I didnt warn u..make sure u have PB, the boy likes peanutbutter.

we need to start some sort of bandwagon aginst him..but how...we need to start a website voting for someone, but we have to pick one person we all agree on..hmmm

kaliblue said...

Your gramps is in my thoughts sugar.. As far as Footloose, I thought Chris Penn was HHHHHOT!!!. I especially found him attractive after he learned to dance (not very good I might add)*LOL*.

Choppzs said...

I really like that young girl, is it Jasmine? or Jordan or something like that. I also like Lakisha. Hmmm, lets start a "We will beat your ass if you vote for Sanjia/Manudo Boy/Sanjunka/The guy that sucks royal ass" club!!

Cliff Morrow said...

my Bible has a different description of Good Friday than yours does.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

boy didnt chirs penn die recently?..I forgot he was in that..

sounds good to me:)

well I did not write anything word for word of course as I did not want to be struck with a plegersim lawsuit.