Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Might as well face it your additced to______

Hello, my name is Christina and I am an addict. Its not pretty. My kids, my hubby, anyone who steps foot into my home makes comments about it. Its the smell. It may be worse then walking into a crack house, I am not sure..

This my my addiction

See my industrial size bottles? I even have a lavender scented one. See the spray bottle? Pine Sol and water, for them small jobs..

Nothing like the fresh smell of pine sol. Makes me feel all clean and a tad high, but that's OK.


Ok, ya know how I spoke about my cat pissing on my shit? Look at these bags, these bags are full of my clothes I have to toss out cause she decided her john was in my dresser drawer...

Just as I was about to kill both of my cats....Mr Shaky, being the saintly man that he is, bought this shit..

You spray this stuff where u don't want your cats going. So he sprayed it on the steps heading up to our room. And I will be a monkey's uncle, the pissers have not went up there since.Holy shit.

I had a hit man all lined up to kill my cats. I was going to go straight to the Chinese joint, and sell them for parts. But instead I hired this lil guy..

I paid him upfront with tender vitals and fresh mice...And 20 cans of tuna.

It is better then the bad ass I had first hired, but I was afraid he might leave a mess, and I don't like messes.

So if this spray does not work, they will die. A long, slow, painful death.
When I went on our walk last night, I went with with my mom, two friends from work and a friend of one of my Friends.
The whole time one of them was Texting
She was texting while driving, while walking, while talking...
It drives me crazy. I wanted to take her phone and toss it in the lake. The push her in a make her swim for it.
Only because I was in a good mood at the time.
Bee active


Neurotic1 said...

I'd have shoved the phone up her ass! That drives me insane! Pine Sol must be a Thumb thing. I always have it here too! I even use it to treat stains on clothes. Good shit ;) Keep us posted on the cats. We tried some stuff like that once for the dogs- never worked!

Karin said...

Wow I have been so lucky with my cats and them not being pissers. I think I would sell them to Gypsies if they did though. Pine Sol makes me sick so I stick to good old fashioned Chlorox around here. That bitch would be spending the next week of her life trying to get her phone out of her ass after I shoved it in there. That is plain rude. Honestly who can't wait for a cooment when you are out with others?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

So far the cats have not came close to going near my steps...

I never liked pine sol, its a new thing for me...I love it now:)

well the cat only started doing it after I got a new cat is 6 years old and not once has she ever did anything like that..then i bring home a cat and BAM, she forgets where to relieve herself..

Well, the girl texting is not a nromal friend of mine..She is a friend of my freind...I am sure she wont be going along again as she is really really lazy;)

just_tammy said...

Too funny about using hit cats to take care of business or to keep your cat from doing business where she should not. Glad the whatever seems to be working. Are you sure the cat was peeing on your clothes or are you wanting a new wardrobe? Is what Shaky smelling cat pee and not BO? Just some random thoughts...

I'm with everyone else on where that chick's cell phone should be residing at this moment. Right up there with my neighbors speaking German when non-German speakers have been invited along. I can only catch every third word and only express the usual important phrases. Just cheeses me off especially when they keep going when someone has told them to knock it off. See you got me started again...

Kelly said...

Okay,now you are acting like me with your obsession of cleaning!

I love all five of our pets but can honestly say that if that were my cat, it would be dead! Unless of course you trained it to do that so you could justify buying a new wardrobe!

Fantastagirl said...

The texting thing would have driven me nuts...

Princess said...

Man, cats piss me off! They are so selfish, they think they own ewverything and think they have a right to anything. Like peeing on your clothes.

I know someone that always is on the phone like that. It drives me fricken crazy. You cant have a proper conversation with her, coz you konw shes not properly listening. I just wanna smash the phone! :P

Ps. We dont get Pine Sol. But i love the smell of, Glen 20. Mmm, i spray it all the time! :P

Peggy said...

I will trade you one grandson for your cat. Zack so far has talked Hope into jumping off the top of the boat. Tossed a can of soda in the bonfire so it would get hot and explode. Hit Julie with a stick (wanted to see if he could break it). I am so glad I didn't have boys as I would be in jail right now!!

Chels-Puddle Jumper said...

You need to toss those little pissers outside and tell them to stay out there. I would be livid if they pissed all over my clothes. Maybe if you spray the stuff around the house they'll run away.

Texting pisses me off. I don't know how to do it, and I really don't care to figure it out. It's retarded if you ask me. Not that you did.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well I can say I am not all that upset about the clothes..I mean, getting new clothes is nice..


oh, I dont have an obbesion wiht cleaning, in fact, I hate cleaning..I am just obessed with pine sol...haha

Texting is kinda like Sanjaya from Amreican Idol...


I hate cats, and I am getting to hate all domesticated animals...

your zach, sounds like my zach..

it aint looking good..haha

Puddle Jumper,
I wanna toss them outside alright..little fuckers.

I need to get one of them planes and just spray it around the neighbohood..

Linda said...

Uhmm, a new wardrobe. OK, so just how did you train the cat to piss all over your clothes? Also, what's the number for the "hit cat"? My nasty little ankle nipper (cat, that is) needs to learn a lesson. Your second choice of a "hit cat" scares me.

I recently finished reading your blog from as far back as I could go and have decided you're my kind of woman. This is my third attempt to leave a comment, let's see if it gets through.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

look, it went thru..

well, all u need to do is bring a new cat into your house, it will piss off any other cat u have, then they will start pissing on yout stuff:)

its as easy as that!

J to the I to the double L said...

Well glad to hear you got the piss problem taken care of..I used pine sol yesterday and Buster brought a friend home for lunch and told me my house smelled like green peppers...???told him to get his nose checked and to lay off the crack :-)

~Deb said...

Well, this is definitely one of the major reasons why I don't have cats, that I'm highly allergic to them. But, I do have an addiction to Lysol and Purell antibacterial gels. Ssssshhhhh! I'll see you at that OCD meeting next week.

AND, the way........are you the Christina that emailed me with something I didn't understand? I thought it was spam, until I realized it was an update address book of some sort? Was that you? I'm trying to figure out which Christine or Christina it was. I was baffled. I apologize if it was you!

Be well. Be clean!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

pine sol rocks..

no, I did not email u anything...dont worry..

I LOVE Lysol too...big time:)

patti_cake said...

I will have to try the lavender scented Pine Sol.

My cat Spooky shits on my husbands stuff LOL Never mine. Right now he's banned for life from being in the house by himself.

Choppzs said...

Pine Sol = Good
Cat piss = Bad
Texting Girl = push her in a bucket of cat piss mixed with pin sol and that should solve the problem

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Patti cake,
lav pine sol is AWESOME...rock on girl. at least your cat isnt targeting your stuff..haha

damn I love u..hehe

Working Mom said...

I also have a fondness for pine-sol.

My kitty prefers to puke everywhere. Drives me freakin' crazy.

Working Mom said...

Oh and my belly shots are up if you're interested :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Working mom,
Mine like to puke too..

OMG, your pics are

Katie said...

One of my girlfriends has a lemon pine sol & 409 addiction.

Charm School Reject said...

To get the cat pee smell and (usually) the stains too wash your clothes with a cup or two of white vinegar thrown in. It gets rid of the smell but doesn't linger on your clothes. Our cat used to have the same issue.

Aunt Frankie said...

Send me the cat with the gun , I could use her !