Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Call Me

Have u ever seen those cell phones that are not phones but like some sort of hearing aide device? You know, the ones people just clip to the outer portion of the ear, thinking they look all cool and shit?

Every time I see a person with one of these, all I can think of are cochlear implants. Like they are deaf and need the extra amplified sound. I just want to run up to them, and use sign language, to say hello, or what have u, cause these poor fools arent blessed with the abilty to hear.

When in all reality, they are just asshats, asshats whom have stupid ass looking phones. Asshats who think they are too busy to mulitask eating a bagel and holding a damn phone.

What is wrong with the regular phone u hold to your ear? not only do u look like an asshat, but in certain situations u look like you are totally unstable and crazy. if u are not looking at the side with the cochlear implant, u assume they are having a fight with themselves, or talking to their imaginary friend Judy..

But really, your just an asshat.

And people who sit and text, must not be comfortable with their ability to actually speak the language using proper grammar, or they would just fu*king talk.

People who sit and text look like stupid immigrants, and people with hearing aides look like asshats..

Dont feel bad if you can not speak the proper dialect, or maybe you are just having phone sex with a total stranger whom accidentally text you, cause holy shit, he dialed your number on accident, and you just keep stalking them, by texting them over and over...

just had to put that out there..

sorry if your an asshat or a stupid immigrant or maybe did not go to college to learn proper grammar...

And if you are one of these people whom also uses the terms " fur stupid" or "ish"

your just a Go*damn reject.


On to other business. I am going to kill my cats, my oldest daughter purposely farted in my youngest daughters face, my son got an E is science, and me being from the old school, thought he failed, when indeed E here means Excellent. Like an A, but only E...He nearly got his ass grounded.


Update on my ole grandpa. He indeed does have cancer, they are indeed NOT going to remove it because he is INDEED going to be 88 years old in June and they don't think he would do well. SO instead he is going to go thru radiation I guess.

Oh and my sister gives her son enough drugs to make Anna Nicole a nice small cocktail in her holy palace in druggie heaven.

Mark my words, my nephew will die of a drug over dose....he wont live to see his 10th birthday I know it..

He is six and he takes


mixed with bits of benadryl and lollipops.

I am having a bad day. If u cant already tell.

I am going to buy some peeps, just so I can bite their damn heads off.

Bee Real


Meow said...

Yay, I'm first ... that's pretty amazing.
Hope your bad day has improved, Bossy.
Sending you happy thoughts !!
Take care, Meow

Peggy said...

Peeking in from the doorway as I am afraid to come on in till you find your happy place. LOL I will tell William he is a retard for having a blue tooth. He has one so he can talk on the cellphone but still drive his semi down the road without running over innocent people. We won't mentioned the other people he doesn't try to avoid. :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well, so far it isnt looking promsing;)

oh no, not while driving...that just plain scares me too..

but i will let it slide because I love u and your lil goat Diva:)

Neurotic1 said...

I hate those ear things! Last month my group was giving a presentation in front of the class. This idiot girl had one on during the presentation. It started making noises and shit. I was hoping it was going to shock her into the next week! Can I borrow some of your nephew's drugs? I may need them to get me through this morning!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

dont people who where them look like total asshats? damn..

well, I am sure my sister wont spare a pill. she likes to have that boy uncpnscince at all times, even trying to get some of the shit increased.

~Deb said...

Hmm, it's either Belltone or Bluetooth!

I'd rather Belltone to tell you the truth!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

shit, u lost me..haha

Cliff Morrow said...

Man, I hope Shaky doesn't get any ideas tonight. See you later Lorena.

Kelly said...

Sounds like your day is starting off just as peachy as mine. I knew I shouldn't have come back from my vacation!

So your sister would rather drug him up, than deal with being a mom? Don't get me started! People like that piss me off, then there are people like me that would give anything to have more children and can't!

I just laugh when I see people on those type of phones. They look like idiots talking to themselves!

ktlee said...

Please don't hate me. I have a bluetooth (I love it.) and text like a maniac.

That sucks about your nephew. What the hell?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well shaky is pretty safe, he does not text or have a ear implant and does not sue phrases like fur stupid and ish..

I know, people like her drive me insane, she is to lazy to be a mom.

I am glad I am not the only one who thinks they look ridicouls.

well, as long as your not texting LOL and saying fur stupid and ish, I will let u slide by:)

Choppzs said...

My Hubs has one of those blue tooth ear device things. I don't because I prefer to talk on the actual phone and i refuse to talk while driving or anything else anyways, but he seems to like it. So I guess I have an asshat for a husband!! But...we don't do texting. I have blocked it from our phones because i hate it so much!!! I hope your day gets better, and I also get confused with 4th gr. report cards. We get numbers, not letters. 1-really stupid, 2-almost stupid, 3-at grade level, and 4-above average. Then they give those stupid + and - things. So annoying!!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

dont worry, my hubby was going to get one too, then I told him he would be an asshat if he got one..I told him your gonna look as stupid as your brother does..

he chagned his mind after that:)

Blondie gets numbers and s+ s and s- and then they get just plain+ and then this ~...confuses the shit out of me..

flea said...

aww cheer ups, Easter is only 5 days away and that means that we can gorge ourselves on chocolates and other goodies, or perhaps this only makes me happy...hmm