Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Learning to fly

Here is one sure fire way you totally know your wee one has no idea of the concept of death/dying. When your three year old says

momma, can we go dig up thumper and see if she is feeling better? I bet now that she is dead she is feeling better momma...wanna go see?

as she is beaming from ear to ear at the thought of her brilliant idea. Looking at me like I am some damn fool for not thinking of this idea before.

In remembrance of the rodents..here are pics I took the day I brought the bunnies home.

And yes I say BUNNIES..cause there were 2 to begin with..That rabbit died shortly after arriving here..

The tan and white one was Cadburry...She died shortly after moving in. The gray and white one is Thumper, the one who just joined Cadburry on the other side..Or the next burial plot in the yard..

Here is Boo holding one of them..Look how little she looks..

Oh and here is a pic of Blondie holding the cooter I found the other day..

she loves her cooters...

I cant help it, I cant stop saying cooter...cooter, cooter,cooter.

I still cant get past the term Cooter. I have only heard that term used as a reference to the um, how shall I say.....VAGINA.

You wont catch this southern belle eatin Cooter stew..

by the way, when you said cooter stew, I just wanted to hug u and thank u for making me smile..so who-ever said it, thank u...and I like learnen me some southern things.So feel free to brush me up on anything else i need to know to fit in when I get there.

Here is another pic of that big cooter I saved..

Thats my Cooter alright..
Bee Real


Neurotic1 said...

Too funny. I have been down south now for almost 14 years and I have never heard of a turtle being called a cooter. But I can guarantee that I won't eat turtle or cooter stew either ;) You are getting your own little pet cemetary there! Are the animals gonna make the move with you?

Yarn Tails said...

LOL Dont you just love some of the things people call different things. Cooter...

Those bunnies are just so cute...

Kids say the damnedest things dont they?

Karin said...

So you just wait until I tell my husband we have a cooter living in the tank in our living room. The One Meg is holding is a Red Eared Slider. It is the same kind as we have here at home. I am happy you chose not to eat it because I would be very upset to know that you were eating one of my pets.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yup, i never heard it called a cooter either...I learn something new evey day:)

Yarn tails,
no, the bunnies WERE cute:)

yup, I knew it was a red slider..No way in hell I would eat a cooter, or a turlte or any meat for that matter..

I love turtels and frogs..I catch em all the time..

I am like a little ole tom boy:)

Wethyb said...

I don't think I've ever heard a turtle be called a "cooter". Is that someting new? Or something just the Southerners say? lol. I have no idea :D

No you got me saying it...cooter, cooter, cooter. I may have to share that with hubby.

The Kept Woman said...

Are you sure that's a cooter? Looks like a beaver to me.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I think its a southern thang..

knock your self out..say cooter all ya want.

no, its a cooter alright, the sonofabitch tried snapping my toes off..

Working Mom said...

Ok, the cooter thing's new to me (at least calling a turtle that). I'll join in on saying it...cooter, cooter..cooter :)

The bunnies "were" adorable. Too bad they didn't withstand the test of time.

I like your new do also. Looking good!

Chels-Puddle Jumper said...

Sorry Thumper died. Where the hell was I for that post?

Now, everytime I see a damn turtle, I'm gonna have to call it a cooter. I won't be able to help myself.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Working mom,
so u in Florida, never heard of a turtle being called a cooter either?

I think I do remeber hearing it somewhere a long time ago..but blocked it out..

cause where i come from a cooter is your..um, delicate area.

wanna go cooter catching?..haha

ok, i cant stop...cooter cooter..

I love getting knowlegde..I never knew this, and I am loving it..

ya, it sucks thumper died, but its one less mouth to feed , I suppose.

Katie said...

When the rabbit my nieces and nephews died. They wanted to dig it up and show me how gross it was since it had been in the ground for a while.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

kids are retards:)

1 plus twins said...

ok never heard of a turtle being called cooter!! that is too damn funny. those bunnies are cute!!!

Wendy said...

Living in The South is new to me but I thought I had heard most of the funny sayings...can't say as I know nothin' bout no cooters though! Cooter is a funny word...kind of rolls off the tongue...no I didn't just say that! I'm going to bed.

jsull28fl@yaho said...

if u didnt know cooter stew was cooter stew i suspect ud like it
second cooter isnt really a southern term for Vagina
I do absolutely know all the terms for Vagina in the south
Vagina's are good people
I love them
and lust them
i think that most crackers would understand the terms, tater, v-jag-na, vertical smile,wing ding, shot o' leg, biscut, cootchie, that thang, trim, and there are others but cooter tho understood in context is not common.
Just tryin to hook u and ur readers up in v-jag-na speak, just doin my part!!!
ole Tater head J

js said...

ok i read the comments
come on now where have y'all been??????????????
y'all female girl womens lil stuff can be called aything anything and guys will understand

and y'all southern chicks where the hell have y'all been???
you can absolutely order cooter stew in a restaraunt in Fl, Ga or Al for sure!!!!
so y'all are sayin u have heard y'alls stuff called a cooter but not a turtle???

Ok and for you Mrs. Britches I am somewhat disappointed that I wasn't consulted on the southern-speak
im just sayin

Anonymous said...

You are welcome about the cooter term. I don't know where those other people live...but in the country everyone knows that a cooter is a HUGE snapping turtle. We even have people come and catch them in our ponds to take home and eat,lol. The little ones are either called box turtles or snapping turtles, those are not cooters.

Hails said...

im guessing a cooter is a turtle of some sort? Never heard of it before!

patti_cake said...

Yep we call turtles Cooters here in South Car-o-lina LOL
One girl I know lives on Cooter Crossing Road. How'd you like to put THAT on your address label?

Sorry about the bunny :(

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

1 plus twins,
yes,me either, but i love saying it now..

the bunnies "were" cute..hehe

we need to start a cooter club,

well cooter in these parts means, um, well..I told ya...

we dont eat nor to they serve cooter stew here..well I am sure they do in some crack houses, but its not the same as what your thinking..hahah

oh and sorry, I shoulda known you were my go to guy for this cooter bidness.

ok, so not EVEY turlte is a cooter?..just the "big fucking snappers"..ok..I didnt know that..

I know the turtle i brought home to show the kids was a ride slider of some kind..but he is NOT a cooter right?

u know your cooters!

ok, I almost pissed myself with someone living on cooter crossing..haha

flea said...

aww cute pics!

i honestly would not known to say to her after that...that's a good one fer sure

and i too have a liking to the word "cooter" and it could stand for several things, which is why i like it so

Michael Manning said...

Cute kiddos! Be careful, or they wind up with their own TV show! :)

nora said...

I went to the media VIP party for the Verizon Wireless Music Venue in Indianapolis last night. They announced the 2007 summer outdoor line-up and your boys are on it.
The party was on the stage and I thought of you. Check my blog for some photos, I think you'll enjoy the last one -- now you can picture where Def Leppard will be going potty.

kaliblue said...

ROFLMAO @ you. I can always count on you to make me laugh bossy:-).

The Cooter Expert said...

yes dear I am your cooter man. Well not Your cooter man, i mean your cooter is your cooter, i wasnt sayin i was the man for your cooter, i just meant im the man to come to come to about cooter, not your cooter, just various cooters, I mean a cooter pro thats me!

Tomscockwhore said...

I wonder why both the bunnies died? Did you feed them arsenic or something?