Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Come see the softer side of Bossy

There is this kid who works at the local grocery store. He is a bag boy/cart collector. He is not the most attractive gent, but he is pleasant enough. He has a few strikes against him if he is trying to get chicks. First up he needs a little oxy or noxema because his skin is not very clear. Next he is a little bit of a pudgy, which is normal these days. Nearly every child/teen I see is over weight. So he needs to get deal a meal from ole Richard Simmons...Once he gets his appearance under wraps, next we need to work on his hair. I kid u not, this boy has hair like Bob Ross.

You know the Happy little tree bastard

If he don't do something about the hair, he will end up with this poor girl

I am sure they both have lovely personalities.


About two years ago I started this project. After a few weeks, I put it in my closet and never looked at it again. Until now. I am going to finish it this time.

Mr Shaky says the colors are just horrid, but I told him when its 30 below zero and I am snug in warm under my blankie, he can kiss my ass...And my ass will be nice hot.

The boy wants me to make him a blanket, so I started one...This is what I have so far..

I am sure it will be done before he witness his first born crowning,

Its laying up on top of the couch, its only one and a half rows, I am sure u cant see it..Its just a zygote at this point.


You know how I know my Boo watches to much tv? Because when the nice folks at Directv put a warning on my screen that this channel has been on so long they are wondering if I am alive or got knocked unconscious by a frying pan or if I am indeed still watching Noggin, for going on the 4th straight hour.


Well, we are not always watching it, we have it on as background noise.

yes, background noise.

Those rejects at Directv need to start minding their own damn business. Their only job is to provide me with constant entertainment, not to remind me I suck as a mother.


Bee Real


just_tammy said...

Whaaat???? Your tv company asks you if you are still watching?! What the heck would they say about my viewing? I leave it on HGTV and stuff like that for hours on end. Yesterday it was on one station all day since some series was running back to back and I was working on a project. It WAS back ground noise. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Know all about those unfinished projects. Working on several of them right now while starting a new one. What the heck is wrong with us anyway?! Yeah, we are two of a kind. Let us hang our heads - NOT!
It's everyone else, including your cable, who are nuts. Once again my story...

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes, if its been on the same channel for mor ethen a few hours, it comes on saying " your tv has been inactive for the last while do u want me to shut off?


I have so many unfinshed projects.

Fantastagirl said...

I think the blanket would keep you warm - doesn't he realize how cold it is?

Skip the kids, start making blankets for your future grandbabies...lol..

Kendra Lynn said...

I like the blanket...wish I knew how to knit or crochet...I'm a bit too lazy to teach myself though...or maybe I'm just too stupid to teach myself.
Maybe its a little of both.
Ah well.
How's the weather there? we are supposed to have major wind and flurries this weekend.
WHAT? How can the fictional Easter bunny hatch little fictional eggs if its so crazy cold?
Can you tell I"m tired of the cold?


Gette said...

Oh yeah, hubby's li'l handwarmer, he'll love that.

naked one said...

at butches blankie
i stared and squinted because u know i aint to sharp and i didnt read until after staring
i didnt peg u a sewer
dont stick urself.
My g-ma could do that while watching tv and talking on the fone and never miss a lick!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

great grand kids are more like it;)

its cold here, it snowed a little..not good.

he aint getting nuttin;)

Oh I cant sew...

I cant barley do that, but give me a neelde and thred, and I am doomed for sure.

Katie said...

I can't crochet worth a damn. I can knit though. I have made some, very special looking projects over the years. Damn straight, they may be ugly as hell but the sure do keep me warm when it's snowing in April.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I cant knit or crochette worth a damn either, dont feel bad..hehe..speaking of snow, guess what it is doing now?sonofabitch

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I cant knit or crochette worth a damn either, dont feel bad..hehe..speaking of snow, guess what it is doing now?sonofabitch