Monday, April 23, 2007

only the good die young

Well, I will tell u a few things about the last few days. First up..I saved some lives, and lost some..

First on my four mile walk around the lake Friday I saw 14 dead bull frogs, two dead snakes, 2 dead salamanders, roughly 80 ducks, 15 geese, two swans....

it was a nature walk at its very best..

Then Saturday when I went on the same walk about, I saw a turtle. I picked him up, brought him home to show the bees and to ask Mr Shaky if there was enough meat on his bones to make a smashing bowl of turtle soup....see here he/she is

After much examination, it was discussed and agreed upon that he wouldn't make much of a lunch, so we took him back to the lake and set his ass free..

Also on the same walk, I spotted this..

No, this is not a gator, this is what we call in these parts a big fucking snapper. The son of a bitch was next to the high way trying to cross. I knew if he/she got much closer, it would be a dead big fucking snapper. I grabbed a stick and my mom and I tried to get him/her to turn around , away from the road. Well he/she was not taking to kindly to our advancements in trying to save his/her life. It charged at is a few times..I got behind it and started kicking it in the ass trying to get it to move..

Finely a nice passer-by-er on his bike asked what the hell we were doing. I told him i was trying to save this stupid shit from becoming road kill. He told us to distract his front and he would pick him up and move him to the lake. So he did.

God bless him...

So that was ONE live I saved.

Now on to the one I lost.

I will just come out and spill it.

The rabbit died.

As we were burying it in the yard, just like a true Mafia warlord, Blonde says

now the worms can eat her eyes out.


I got red put in my hair, here is some pics for u to see..

I am not sure how well you can see it...but its there..

It kind of took the blond out, which I was rather enjoying, it fit in nicely with my binge drinking and my pill popping, and the big boobs.

Speaking of big boobs, here are my weekly

Fighting the fat cells one fat cell at a time shots

My ass seems rather large in that shot, I am not sure I should be showing this.
But its my mission to drop about 25 pounds by July.
In the last 7 days I have walked 42 miles, rode my bike about 5 miles, and did other various activities that burned um, a lot of calories as well.
So this is my weekend.
Oh and I am very disappointed in the Def Leppard tickets I got thru the fan club pre-sale. Such a waste of my time, money and effort. I coulda got better seats from ebay or a damn scalper at the show..
but we have out Hotel booked for the night. We are staying at The of them there in Detroit, it is where the boys stay when they play at this place. If they don't stay that night, I will be very pissed off. Not only am I crossing state lines to come see them, but I am giving Paris booze and bail money by staying there.
I don't like to enable any one's bad habits.
Bee Fun


Anonymous said...

Since you call yourself a southern girl at heart...I will tell you what we call those huge turtles.
Cooters...and yes, some people eat cooter stew.

Cliff Morrow said...

It's been a while bb. You still seem to be a troubled young lady. But it makes for good blogging.

When I was young and someone said the 'rabbit died' it meant they were pregnant. I'm just saying.

I hope you can find some nice folks on your trip this time.


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

cooter stew huh?..U dont wanna know what people around here call cooters..haha

I have many troubles....but damn it, I saved a cooters life this weekend..hehe

Neurotic1 said...

Who knew you were such a good samaritan! I hate to say it but I'd have left the cooter there ;) So much for the rabbit. Is Blondie gonna dig it up and see what happens when nature takes over?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I cant get past calling it a cooter, I mean u know what hicks around our homeland call cooters..I cant get past it..

well, I have seen to many dead "cooters" along the road, and I was just trying to save her life, u can tell she is old...and I felt sorry for her..

One day I acctually had a full functioning heart..haha

I think Blondie might try and dig her up sometime...she knws it will be a good two weeks before it starts looking really gross..

thats my girl.

Tomscockwhore said...

You are a freakin nutcase! My jaw dropped when your rabbit died, because YES, that usually means you are pregnant. Is there something you aren't telling us?!?

I've never heard a turtle called a cooter. Hmm, the only cooter I know is the one between your legs. Or maybe the guy on Dukes of Hazard!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

AMEN..thats all I know as a cooter too...glad I aint the only one who think of that when thye hear the word cooter.

Well, all I can say is..the rabbit is dead..

It's sister died a few weeks after we got this one is joining her in bunny heaven.

No babies, just dead rabbits..hehe

~Deb said...

FIRST OF ALL--------I noticed your key word for the search engine is, "fat ass"????????

Sweetie, with all due 'lesbianonic' respect, you have a FINE figure! You do NOT need to drop any weight. I am being completely honest. If you did need to lose, I would simply say, "Let us know how it goes!" But seriously, wow, very very nice! ;) Don't tell my girlfriend I commented so flirtatiously...

Umm, how many dead frogs was that? I lost count when I saw the nice bum! ;)

~Deb said...

Hair looks stunning by the bi.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

your so cute..

u just wait, a few more weeks and my fat ass will be non exsisitant.

well I think it was about 190 bull frogs...but I lost count when u said " wow, very very nice"..haha

patti_cake said...

I always try to save turtles. Even the big "gator" turtles we have down here. Oh the stories I could tell!
Sucks about the Tix but i'm sure you'll make the best of it! Whoo hoo! I love love love that hair!

Karin said...

I swear I didn't come and pee on your rabbit. However since the boy isn't allowed to carry a wallet and he has been rubbing up on a girl you may want to keep your eyes open cause rabbits don't just up and die.

Sorry about your seats I hate when that happens. I don't think Paris gets any money from your stay at the Hilton yet, until her parents kick it. I like your hair the red looks good. You know that your camera has a self timer so you don't have to have the weird flash in the mirror, right?

Yarn Tails said...

Cooters.....lmao! I only know of one thing called a cooter and it aint no turtle.

Boy did I miss a bunch or what? when did you get rabbits? I always knew you were a sweetheart!

Love the Red Hair!!

I am with you on the losing of the weight. I need to shed like 15 million pounds. I even exercised this am. I am dieting and all. If I dont lose the weight I wont fit into any of my summer clothes. Ugh!!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I bet u got osme big ones...I love turtels and frogs and such, and always try and save ones i see in trouble, its my only ticket to heaven, thats for damn sure.

I did the flash like that on purpose, I thought it look cool:)

Damn woman, the boy just had a class on puberty and stuff, dont go making me have to home school him..sonofabitch.

Yarn Tails,
Cooters to me is the same as it means to you I think...Lets just say I do not think of a turtle when I hear the word cooter.

nuf said.

Choppzs said...

See you really do have a big heart!! lol It may not be for your kids, but at least the turtles around have a good chance at living!!

Oh and I love the hair!!!

Cooter??? hehehehehe, snicker, snicker!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I am all about saving the wild life, thats for damn sure;)

go cooters..


Katie said...

I like the new hair.

You're so kind to nature for helping the turtle. Must have been an effect from all the Earth Day coverage?

J to the I to the double L said...

I so wish I was on that walk with you..we coulda deffinttly had some fun with that big snapper! btw Busters dad told him when he was little that that is what his pee pee is...a SNAPPER