Monday, April 16, 2007

have a nice day

So, it was a lovely weekend. The temps hovered around the 60 degree mark, which is a nice break from the snow we had just 4 days ago.

My dog has big mats on her fur. I am hoping someone calls animal control saying there is an odd looking varmint running around the neighbors yard, possibly an otter, a beaver or a muskrat. I hope they tell them to come set up some sort of wild beast traps..Although the pooch is only running thru the yard when we are out there, i would still let them set the traps up..And then let her go play alone.

I swear, she looks an awful fright..I am a bad dog owner. I am too lazy to take her to the groomer, and I am too lazy to trim her bangs so she can see. She kinda runs into shit, I mean she cant see, what do u expect.


here are more pics of the hair, I have some with it up some with it down..I am still not sure if I love it or not..After I get the rocket fire red then all will be good on the land of oz.

Mr Shaky is looking some sort of mental retard himself. A pale retard at that. I think for fathers Day I am buying him a sun lamp. Oh and a beard trimmer.
If your wondering where the other bees are..well
The Boy, he spent too much time sitting around with ugly kids older sister, so I locked him in the laundry room.
Blondie, she spent too much time being mouthy and grumpy so I gagged her and have her sitting in my trunk still...
Well, that's all I got. Its been a slow weekend.
Bee Real


Neurotic1 said...

I love the new hair do. I can't wait to see the red streaks! Would you send some traps for my varmints too? We have been under tornado warnings for the last little bit and they won't come in the house. I keep waiting to see them flying by the windows!

Wendy said...

I told you this on your Myspace page but I wanted to tell you here too, I really like your hair. The color is great and it is a cute cut! My varmints were clean but not anymore. Rained hard all night now they are mudballs again, damn. All that work for nothing.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

tornado warning?cool shit..stay safe, I see on the news the weather is a little shaky out your way and my sisters way..I just hope she dont blow into my yard.

thank u..

well at least your varmints are clean...well my dog is clean, I jusst gave her a bath last week, but she needs a hair cut:)

j said...

red rocket?? I aint sure what that is but i'm thinkin that it could be purchased in an adult novelty shop.

That dude in the pic has a big noggin

Jamie Dawn said...

The new do is da bomb!!
It looks really cute.
I love all these pics.
Your hubby looks happy in those pics.
He must like the do too. :)

Kendra Lynn said...

I do like the hair...lots.


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

red rocket, is gonna be awesome, u just wait and see..

thanks...your gonna love the red rocket too...cant wait till i get it:)

aww, thanks..

Katie said...

I have been pretty excited with the warm weather. I actually broke out the flip flops again. Think this nice weather will last?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

damn well better was 77 here at one point...I didnt want the day to end..

Miss 1999 said...

I love the new haircut-- it looks great! Did I hear that you were thinking about dying it red? That's gonna be a big change (if you were for real about it) but hell, you could pull it off! :0)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Miss 1999,
not your color red, I mean red, red..from your crayola box:)

just highlights, not the whole thing:)

patti_cake said...

I love the new 'do! Can't wait to see the red streaks in it. I always wanted pink hair but i'm too old *sniffle*

LMAO at your dog, we have to keep ours groomed too, sometimes his bangs get long and he'll be peering out trying to look at us or bump into something and Stacy or my Dad will grumble "Will you get that poor dog groomed already?" Bee abuse? LOL Oh and I am on myspace too (although sporadically)

Peggy said...

Like your hair. We got your shitty weather.... thanks! LOL

Michael Manning said...

Nice "new do", Bossy! No more Sharon Stone, eh? :)

Ba Doozie said...

well I happen to like your new hair doooo, I like it blonde, it suits you more

Tomscockwhore said...

Hey Tom bought me a red pocket rocket tonight!!

Think that's the same thing??????????

I crack myself up!