Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Sowing the seeds of love

I have talked about my garden. I myself am not much of a gardener. I mean I will water my flowers and shit but as far as weeding and the whatnots of gardening, 4get about it. I don't have that kinda time people.

I'm a very busy woman.

The hubs has this garden in that back 40...It has been coming along quite nicely over the summer. We have this over abundant amount of tomatoes. When will those damn plants stop producing the tomato?..I don't even like tomatoes and neither does the hubs..This is what I don't understand. I mean I used some over the weekend when I made chili...but as far as eating them on a sandwich or something, no bloody way.

I mean this garden must birth about 50 new tomatoes a day. And the bitches don't rot.

I bought some green and yellow peppers last week..just for shits and giggles cause I don't like peppers either..

I went to go cut one open and use it in the said chili and the bastards had mold on them already...

Things you buy at the store rot in like 20 minutes, but the shit that comes outta my garden will last till the Earth implodes on herself.

We do not use fertilizer. In fact only thing in that garden is my sons old stanky shoes.

And I am not even sure they are still in there anymore...I think our neighborhood Bald Eagle made off with one a while back..

She had been eyeing that shoe.

She musta signed up for a race or something, I don't know..

But she needed it more then I.

This place is filled with Bald Eagles. One night I was at the lake on a walkabout, and one came wooshing down toward me.

I thought I was a goner.

I thought he wanted to maybe peck my eyes out.

Turns out he just wanted me to pee myself while he and his buddies watched with bird glee..


I really love this time of year. I don't much like the chill in the air, or the fact that soon my leaves will fall and that means endless days of raking...and hell, I even hate the holidays that come with this time of year.

But what I do like is the tots in school, the smell of burning leaves and the end of mosquito season.

It gets depressing because as the fall carries on, that will eventually lead to winter. And this whole season makes me nothing but crabby. Its like I am in a constant state of my monthly curse...

If you think I am crabby now...you just wait...

it kills me when I go into the store and see winter coats and shit...And things associated with snow.

This makes me so crabby, almost like a baby with gas or an elderly man who hasn't taken a shit in a week..My insides just get all bound up..

I should slap on my fall template, just for good measure..

Just to put the icing on my crabby cake.


catrina said...

I feel ya on the changing seasons thing! I HATE winter (but I live in Illinois---how dumb is that?), and have come to dislike fall (or if you're hoity toity, 'autumn') because winter's right behind it. I know I should enjoy the changing leaves, crisp air, blah BLAH BLAH! But all I can think is that once the trees are bare the freakin' blizzards start!

Flip Flop Momma said...

I know..right...I grew up in Michigan which was cold enougn in winter, but then I move to Minesotta where it gets 50 below zero..I am freakin nuts..

we should vacation somewhere nice..4 the whole season..u in?

Anonymous said...

I never gets that cold here. I mean it gets like 60 or so sometimes. Thats damn cold too!
Its always warm and a gentle breeze blowing, no leaves fall.

All those reproducing style plants like peppers and maters will die when it frosts. Not until then. Unless you kill them.
Nothing needs fertilizer on unused dirt, if you replant in the same spot every year you will need to fertilize in a couple of years.
This concludes your farm report.

Flip Flop Momma said...

what would I do without u?

Monogram Queen said...

You need to move to a warmer climate woman and ditch that crabby cake! I am ready for this mutherfreaking humidity to get the heck up outta here. It's worse now than in July!

Rachel said...

Sounds like your hubs has a green thumb without even trying. I love tomatoes on sandwiches! Yum!

Yes, winter will be here before we know it. Time flies by too darn fast.

Flip Flop Momma said...

Gawd I wish..Im working on it though.

tomatoes make sandwiches all soggy and I dont like that..

I can share with u, u want some?

JoeinVegas said...

Target's got Christmas stuff up already.

I love tomatoes - feel free to throw them this way.

Flip Flop Momma said...

I cant throw that far or I would..

Gawd, I saw that last time I was there...its sickening I tell u...sickening...

Slick said...

Send me some of them maters.

I love'em!!

I love this time of weather. All the football games ;)

KrazyMom said...

I am right there with ya, I hate winter! Snow sucks!

Anonymous said...

Die an unfulfilled death, after leading a boring life!

Anonymous said...

yup I donn't miss falling on my ass all the time when living in Boston- but I do love the fall and winter 'cause it means it'll be liveable here in florida

Haphazardkat said...

I went to college in Minnesota--crap state ifn' you ask me. Which you should--cuz I'm filled with all sorts of wisdom like gems like that ;)

Maybe the bald eagle wanted to snatch some of your hair? Maybe he has Flipflop toupe needs. I mean hell--you live in a freakin frozen state--birds probably tired of freazing his head off. Gonna make him a stylin flip flop hat!

Oh...and to help you with your upcoming crabby fest? Go HERE! http://www.onemotion.com/flash/spider/

DFTF said...

I love Fall, but if I lived in Minnesota I probably wouldn't because, yeah, it means the crappy Winter is coming.

My kids planted tomato plants and all the tomatoes are still green. We haven't had a single one yet.

Flip Flop Momma said...

now is that the game where they use sticks and run bases?

4 sure..it sucks.

I shudder at the prospect.

Mrs K,
I dont think I have ever fallen on my ass..when that happens, a move will be in order, 4 sure!

your wisdom comes back 3 fold:)

but its not cold yet...they must be just preparing huh?

mine were grew from seeds and wont stop birthing them..

i will hold some 4 ya..come on over..i will share.

Tom said...

'maters are good for throwing! Autumn is the best time of year,and I miss autumn in
Vermont. I don't think Cleveland autumns are the same. Are you getting color yet?

Gette said...

Maybe the eagle is after a puppy. Tell the dog to be on guard.

metalmom said...

Can I slap Southern Sage for her, "it gets like 60 or so sometimes. Thats damn cold too!" remark?

*Or I'd be willing to let it go for an invite to Warmweatherville for the winter!

Wethyb said...

Why would you plant tomatoes if neither of you like tomatoes? LOL

I'm ready for fall, but I'm not ready for winter--dammit, I hate snow!

Lola said...

aren't you moving south momma??

Flip Flop Momma said...

nope...no color yet..Cleveland is prolly the same as Michigan..which is like here..which is well..chilly.

in that case the dog is sleeping outside then.

metal Mom,
yup..u can slap him alright..he needs it..trust me.

yeah, good question...well we like then in stuff..haha

im hoping.....im workin on it;)

Flip Flop Momma said...

nope...no color yet..Cleveland is prolly the same as Michigan..which is like here..which is well..chilly.

in that case the dog is sleeping outside then.

metal Mom,
yup..u can slap him alright..he needs it..trust me.

yeah, good question...well we like then in stuff..haha

im hoping.....im workin on it;)

Sarah said...

I don't like tomatoes on sandwiches either, yuck.

I know what you mean about the seasons changing...even I, who loves cold weather, for awhile feel the dread of a season change.

sweets said...

hehe it's spring here in the southern hemisphere!!... we just had months of cold, we never get snow, but it's just damn cold... so i'm so stoked for me... so sorry for you! hehe... think of log fires and hot chocolate... while thinking of me lying in the sun baby!


Flip Flop Momma said...

I know..they just make a sammich all soggy and shit, cant be having that!

I dont like fires or hot chocolate..so now what?

Guess im just gonna go cry then..