Friday, September 05, 2008

I want it all, and I want it now

I took this test. Mainly because I was bored. And it was, well, just laying around. And it confirmed what I had thought 4 a while now..

Out of all the choices, out of all the appears that..

according to Tiger Beat Magazine.....

I am a perfect match for Zac Efron...

as if I needed them to tell me...

I think not..


Remember last year when my dog thought she was with child? But really she was not...

Well now she seems to think that one of Blondie's sandals and one winter glove are her puppies.(fraternal twins I guess...)
She lays in a clothes basket with her puppies . She carries them around, lays with them, and licks them...and calls them George..

When you try to touch them, she nips at you..

Yesterday I asked her if I could pet her puppy..I took the glove out of her mouth and started petting it..

cause I'm all about roll playing and shit..

She jumped on the couch and watched my every move with that pink glove..

I was going to be a cold heartless wench and throw the glove to the other room..

but I refrained..

I set the glove on the couch and my dog licked it, then picked it up and took it back to her basket.

I realize nearly everything I touch, I contaminate with my stupid gene, but this has gone too far.

I am too young to be a grandma...even if it is just a glove and a sandal. I still want no part of it..I don't even have a gray hair yet..

Not that I am willing to admit anyway, or don't drown out with full foils and good hair styling.


I think my interview went well. She emailed me yesterday asking 4 some personal references and some work ones.

Only problem is, I HAD to give the name and number of the lying, backstabbing wench who fired me when my grandpa died...The same one who lied under oath to a judge...The same one who lost said case against me...

Since she already knows she is going to hell for lying under oath, she may realize she has nothing to lose.

I worked overtime 4 this woman, came in on days off to get things done, and even went out of my way to make HER job easier.

I swear to God if she fucks this up 4 me, I'm going to bust her knee caps open with a chain saw.

Its Monday thru Friday..8am to 3 or 4 holidays, no weekends, even snow days..

I would be working one on one with a young man with a traumatic brain injury..Only down side is this position is only for one year. Its a special government funded program..After the one year, unless there is a job opening there...I will be let go..

But she told me there is a very good chance they would hire me on full time afterwards..

I should know something later today...


Here is a pic of my Boo's birthday cake.

my baby likes pink and Hannah Montana....what can ya do?

This is the tots on their first day of school..

that there is a 6th grader and a 3rd Blondie has some long ass feet don't she? What the hell is up with that? damn..I never noticed that till now..

And here is Boo after her first day..

Yes thats a brownie she is having with her lunch...I also let her have ice cream and strawberry milk for breakfast...


DFTF said...

Tiger Beat! Ha! Ha! Ha!

I hope you get the job. Cool cake, and don't sweat Blondie's long feet. She looks like she's gonna be a long and lean beauty queen.

So Not The Bradys said...

I didn't even know they still published Tiger Beat. I think the last one I saw, I was cutting out pics of John Stamos as Blackie and that guy who played Lujack on "Guiding Light" back in my "I'm in love with soap stars" days.

I did notice your child's abnormally long feet. White shoes make me look like I have clown feet, too.

Flip Flop Momma said...

dftf, girl has feet like her momma..poor girl..

Not the Bradys,
they not only publish it, but my girls get it weekly along with BOP and any other teeny bopper peice a crap u can think of.

Yeah her pink and white Sketchers just seem to elongate her abnormal girth on her feet.

Southern Sage said...

She might be a world class water skier! I do hire hire out for whoop assin!
lemme know!

Gette said...

We're gonna have to take you on a fun road trip one o' these days. SOunds like all yours blow.

Flip Flop Momma said...

she has feet like her momma, stop hatin..

I do not want another road trip EVER..

Tom said...

Boo's smile could light up the whole town!
I hope the funding continues and if the Repugs get in, they don't grab the money for Iraq or "Bring Nixon back" fund!

CMB said...

OMG - you didn't! The kids are so cute - hope they enjoyed their day. Happy Birthday to your Emma. Love the cake.

catscratch said...

Oh.My.God. Where to start...

You, my friend, well, you rock.

I haven't read Tiger Beat since I was like 12. You brought a tidal wave of sweet memories from back in the day when such manly men as Duran Duran and Eddie Van Halen graced every square cenitmeter of my bedroom wall. Photographic evidence that I lusted after older men, even at 12. Thank you for that. Back in the day I was the perfect match for Scott Baio, The Chach.

Next, you really need to get that dog some meds, girl. She may get all vicious and shit over that sandal one day. Then whatcha gonna do?

I must agree you do have the most excellent locks of hair I've seen. Mine sucks. For this, I am insanely jealous.

If that lady messes your shit up, go over to her house late on Halloween night to torch a bag of poo on her front porch.

Happy B-day to Boo! You go girl! Send me a piece of cake.

Kids always love cookies and yoohoo for breakfast around here.

Mrs. K said...

they look adorable! and don't fret- my 3rd grader is wearing size 6 WOMEN's shoes this year which means, now I pay up the ass for shoes that will last a month because I swear I don't know what she does with shoes- as soon as she wears them, they look like they are hand me downs from the goodwill store. hmph

and by the way- that woman is not allowed to say shit other than yup you worked for her and what your pay was-

1 plus twins said...

omg when we had that type of dog the same shit happend. we actually had to get her fixed cuz they said if it happened one more time she would die. it isn't good for them to have the whole false prego thing. our dog even lactated!! it was crazy.

cake is adorable. why the hell does your son have long pants and long sleeves on? is it that cold already? man your daughter is in the same grade as my son and i bet she towers over them.

tiger beat!!!! you are a hoot, you had to have looked up the answers on line cuz you are old enough to be his grandma. lol

so what did you find out about the job??

Flip Flop Momma said...

well she does have a pretty dang cute smile dont she?

oh they loved their day..but i loved it even more.

I was not much into Tiger Beat, I was more Hit Parade..

and my walls were lined with the likes of Poison, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi,Kip Winger..

I liked the older ones as well..we are bad bad girls..

Mrs K,

Ya, I know she cant say anything but those things, but yet..she lied under oath so I dont put anything past her.

what r we gonna do with our girls and their big ass feet?

Flip Flop Momma said...

last summer my dog lactated too...and even got a big tummy...she is just a pain in the ass.

Yeah my girl is very tall, like her momma..

well if u notice my daughter is wearing shorts...the boy just kinda beats to his own drummer..haha

Tiger Beat kicks ass, and dont u accuse me of cheating!


KrazyMom said...

Your tots are cute! Good luck with the job!

Southern Sage said...

I wasn't hatin on y'all kickers!
I mean the have bare foot skiin'
I've seen it on the TV!

Shannon said...

Cute pics! I don't know how you tell Boo "no", she is so adorable.

Flip Flop Momma said...

thanks and thanks;)

well she likes the snow.

its easy, trust me:)

Scarlet said...

Cute pics of the kids!

Btw, you read Tiger Beat Magazine?? Man, we gotta do lunch! ;)

Good luck with the job!!

Flip Flop Momma said...

Scarlet, girls read it, and I just proof read it..


Rachel said...

I remember Tiger Beat magazine. Used to buy it and drool over Bobby Sherman and David Cassidy. Gosh...I'm old!

I've been catching up on your trip. That was a looonngggg drive!! I'm sorry she didn't make peace with everyone before she died. How sad.

Your kids are adorable! I love the birthday cake and I'll bet it was yummy. It's probably just the shoes making her feet look long and lean!

Jamie Dawn said...

Your kids are so cute! You are a great momma, even if you infect everyone with your defective genes.
Your dog is dumb. Poor thing. I hope your twin grandbabies... uh, grandthings are happy and healthy.

Boo's cake is great! Me loves cake!!!


Gustav came up and REALLY packed a punch here in AR. We were without power for three full days!!!
Hitonious guy, that Gustav.
I posted pics and videos at my place if you care to see Gustav's wrath upon us.
Have a nice weekend.

I've scrolling down to read some more now...

Cliff said...

good luck on the job. I HOpe you get it.
The post below says you were in York and knowing that I live between your place and York makes me a little irritable. I woulda baked a pie or some beans or something ifn you woulda stopped.

just a kat said...

Dude - you need to call you former employer and find out their policy for employment verification. Most places can ONLY say the length of time you worked there and if you are eligible for rehire. Period. They cannot bad mouth you. Otherwise, you can rename that bitch Flip Flop Mommas House.

Tiger Beat...ahh...Shawn Cassidy!!
(I still lust after EVH)

White shoes always make your feet look bigger. My girls feet are huge and as such, we do not put her in white shoes!!

Yes, but do you make her a HOT FUDGE SUNDAE for breakfast? LOL

The dog is hysterical. All you can do is love her.