Thursday, September 04, 2008

Hot n Spicey

When you hit west of say Nebraska, they do something to the food. It makes you kinda sweaty. Makes you sinus clear, your pores open and your mouth a flaming pot of volconic lava.

When you hit Texas and anywhere southwest of there, you need to where protective tongue coverings when you eat.

And most things that burn your mouth when you eat them, burn your ass twice as hard on the way out.

I took a seamingly innocent bite from a breakfast burrito one morning, and well..I'm still feeling the effects...

On the road sides there they have hot chili pepper stands every like two feet. So being the dumb ass I am, I bought three bunches of them. I don't intend on eating them, I have them hung in my house, and I am waiting for them to dry up and shrivel.

I like shriveled things.

While I was hanging said chili peppers, I musta contaminated my hands..cause after a while, my eyes were burning. I was sure my retna's were melting. I was sure my eye sight was shot. I was sure I was going blind. I was sure I would start feeling my eye ball melt in the socket.

I was praying to the good Lord to forsake me now.

As of today, the eyesight is still as shitty as it was yesterday. And the day b4, and hell the month b4..

I went thru the chili pepper capitol of the world...THE WORLD people..

That is where I bought these toxic peppers.

Hatch, New Mexico...
go ahead and goggle that shit people..

In case you wanna buy some ass burning peppers...go there..

Cause I'm not sharing.

See this? This is the home where, grandma lived for 30 years. It is called an Adobe. Its made a clay...
my toothless aunt now resides here full time....wanna go visit

She lived in the historic part of Las Cruses....

or as I call it..

the shady part..

This is a view down the street..

Thats my mom there....yeah...

Lets see, what else can I show you?

This is a view from my aunts yard...see the mountains?..see my red car?...yeah bitches.

This is my aunts and I eating crab legs..

The woman in red is a neighbor lady...

Here they are having a shot of Tequila to celebrate..

The dude in red is my uncle...him and I went to a biker bar...

When I get those pics back, I will show you..He corrupted me.

Some small mountains on the way...but trust me, they are big enough...

This is a place in York , Nebraska...I went here and ate at the Iron Skillet..
I liked the hot air balloon water tower..
Don't be a hater...
Oh I had a job interview today...It is a full time gig working one on one with people with traumic brain injuries...
No weekend, No holidays..
Mon-Fri 8-4.
Thats my kinda living.
I have exercised my right to be unemployed long enough...
The hubs told me when I get a job, he wont complain ever about my concerts and the traveling I do for said concerts.
I asked him to write this in blood for me. So I stabbed him.
Well, enough about me...
How the hell has your week been?


Anonymous said...

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa atcher eyes!!!!!
A chick I knew handled some ones and then a while later innocently touched her yee haww and YEEEEEEE HAAWWWWWWWWWWW
thats gotta hurt!!

I go thru Las Crusas every year and will next month on the way to vegas.

Good timing for job getting, if Osama gets in there he has said he would get another 15 or so % out of your pay so then bride is also looking for something to start in Nov if the kool aiders win.

Love the pics!

sweets said...

chilly is just nasty! LOL hope you don't go blind... ;)~

good on the job!!! go girl!

Shannon said...

Sorry about the eye burning. Glad you're back.

just_tammy said...

All I needed to know about your grandma I learned from the picture. Window air conditioners in NM. She should be comfy where she is now.

Be careful around those chilies. Can't have melted eyeballs. Actually that could be cool for the kids around Halloween.

Good luck with the job. Sounds interesting and comes with a great schedule. Definitely get that offer in writing. So where'd you stab him?!

Oh, you caught me off guard with the red car instead of your mom van. I can't even imagine what the drive was like with three kids across the back seat. I'm sure you never heard 'he/she is touching me!'

Flip Flop Momma said...

i would rather have a burning yee haww then burnin eyes..hahahaha

on your way thru tell the fam i said hello.

I love chili, just not the pepper;)

dont be sorry it aint your fault!

I did not take the kids with was just mom and I..

SO I missed Boos birthday..I missed everything.

I did not have to hear about anyone touching anything:)

Tom said...

Johnny Cash sang about sore "yee haws" called "ring of fire". I love road shots!!! I'm up for karaoke anytime now. I can't sing, but what the hey!

just_tammy said...

No wonder you're still 'sane'. I thought you had said the kids were going as well. I need to pay more attention except I'm out of money thanks to the high cost of living. Poor Boo without her mommy on her big day. Hope she doesn't need therapy.

Flip Flop Momma said...

I cant even think of the last time I did karaoke..its been a while..

I was going to take the girls...I think I wrote that..But Hubs took some funral time off, so i didnt need to take any...thank goodness..

they did not need to witness any of the shit i did..

Bradley's Mom said...

Wow..some trip!

A full time job? How will you have time for blogging? How will I stand it without having frequents posts to read from you?


KrazyMom said...

A job? Are you crazy? I am ready to quit mine today!! If we could afford for me to not work, I'd be done instantly!

Sorry, but that is just too funny about your peppers. Hope they weren't all blood shot at your interview or they might have the wrong impression of ya! Ha ha!

Brooke said...

I hope your eyes get better. York is a cute little town. I am in the big O though (Omaha). We could have had lunch or something.

Monogram Queen said...

Thanks for sharing the pics, I have never seen an adobe!

At our Iron Skillet the roaches come out and escort you to your table!

Yay for the jobby job!!!

Janell said...

I'm devastated that you were in Nebraska and didn't stop by to see me.

I sure wish you and your mom and her sisters could have made Peace with the Grandma. What a sad and sorry life - I hope no one remembers me the way you remembered her. And for the record: I've never taken a baby bar-hopping or anywhere else in a cardboard box. Although, I'm told one of my cousins, who was a preemie, had to sleep in a dresser drawer once because there wasn't anyplace else for her to sleep.

Flip Flop Momma said...

I can always find time 4 blogging.

well...being @ home 10 years kinda wears on a girl..

The kids drive me nuts..


I drove thru the big O too...we totally shoulda had lunch..

well, at some of places i ate in texas had a crap load a stink bugs all over..


well, u shoulda came looking 4 me;)

no one will remeber u the way they do her..

your a good lady, not a bad one;)

catscratch said...

Getting corrupted by family members is the best. My dad taught me how to smoke and drink once I was old enough.

cathouse teri said...

You gotta wear gloves (or as my daughter said when she was three "glugs") when you touch peppers! That stuff will stay under your nails for days and days!

I'm glad you made it home safe and sound. The new job sounds terrif. I hope you get it! Let me know if you need help stabbing anyone else. :)

DFTF said...

ew the ass burn. Not good. We call it the ring of fire. I used to live in Nebraska.

Scarlet said...

You stabbed him! LOL

So you liked shriveled things, do ya? Hmm.

Great photos, btw.

Flip Flop Momma said...

im never touchin another pepper..ever;)

ring a fire indeed;)

Flip Flop Momma said...

well...not ALL things shrivled..

just some things..


Anonymous said...

I'm glad someone else asked about the shriveled stuff.
Shriveled just ain't how I roll!

Fantastagirl said...

Ouch the eyes, - I sooo understand the burn!

IamDerby said...

EWWWWW chili peppers, yuck! I have a white girl tongue, it cant take stuff like that. I cry over mild taco sauce. Glad to have you back!

CMB said...

You have THE BEST STORIES! I've never been to them parts, but it looks interesting.

Anonymous said...

ok wait- there are only two windows in that whole house? seriously!??

Jamie Dawn said...

Your uncle corrupted you??
I thought you were corrupted LONG before he came along and made you drink yourself silly.
I guess you didn't stop by Cliff's farm when you went through Nebraka. Shucks!! He'd have liked the visit.
That adobe house looks a lot like clay. Tee Hee.
Your aunts look like they have a goood time together.
HOT peppers are so hot. How they burn!!