Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The marrying kind

I thought I would do a fun lil post to leave you with before I go. Since I work all day Wednesday and then fly off early Thursday morning, I am giving you my last post now.

And it very well could be my last one...Remember..Gorilla's or pirates could take over my plane and that would not be good cuz I have no banana's nor treasure, so they would both be pissed right off.

I am going to give a little journey of the men I once wanted to marry and why I am glad some of them did not pan out..

First up I am taking you back to the early 1980's. I was about 8 or 9 and Thriller was bigger then God. No really...It was...Michael Jackson was IT. He was actually very handsome.
This is the one I wanted to marry and little dark babies with. I wanted to totally marry him and love him forever..

Then I started sensing he was odd. When he wore that damn white glove. ON ONE HAND..I knew he was wacko.And damn good thing I did not peruse it any further as this is what
he turned out looking like

Oh and he is a child molester to boot..Yes thank you Lord for unanswered prayers indeed...EEKS!

Then we move on to the mid 1980's....I then found a new man I wanted to court me. Another brother. I did not so much want to marry him, as to get freaky with him..Even as a pre teen I knew this man could show me a thing or two that I would never see anywhere else..

whether you love or hate him, it doesn't matter to me. Something about him makes me all warm and fuzzy inside..Yes its Prince...And I have his symbol tattooed on my back. Just be lucky I don't carry a vile of his blood around my neck....I will always have it for him. I know he is weird and all, but damn...I don't care.even to this day , lets say if Mr shaky dies, or whathaveyou....HIM...ME...ONE NIGHT...Oh yeah

As a kid I loved WHAM, but I did not find them very attractive..Really, I mean look at this..


...Why I did not see it then, I don't know. If I would of known or even thought about it, I would of never fallen in love with him when he went solo..

I mean look at this people..

Now this is hot people...And this..

Damn ..Sexy, just plain sexy. And his voice. He is truly a gifted singer. I mean whether you hate him, you have to give props on his voice. And look at him, he is hot..Sexy...

and weird....I mean hello George...stop hiding in bushes and asking men who walk by if they are gay...And please don't offer sexual favors to cops in rest areas..Dude you had me till that point. I did not mind you were gay, but man..Hiding in the bushes is just damn creepy..

George...Email me....

ok....Then I started liking a bit of metal...Well some metal. For years I wanted to marry this dude..

I mean look at him. He has a baby face, long curly locks...And a rockin body...I have loved Def Leppard since I was about 11. And this was the guy I was sweet on..I was once the president of the damn fan club....

Now today he looks ok. I mean he has aged well..But to me it looks like his face is a tad bit too tight....Now if I am wrong, Rick I am sorry..

So now I have resorted to the lead singer. I always thought he was sweet looking, but I could not get passed the damn mullet...

Now this is what he looks like. He has aged well. I mean he looks his age. He looks like a rugged rocker. Sexy is spewing all out of this guy..

So there you have it. I have went from child molesters, weird sex fienes, gay men, and rockers...A little something for everyone...Am I right people?

Now a days if Mr shaky were to um.....Die of natural causes....Or whathaveyou..

I would totally do any of them..Well not MJ...That's just creepy, plus he likes little Purti Rican boys anyway...

There is a little peak into my twisted mind and the way my pharmones sway. I am a toal wack job.

So who were any of your dream guy or girls?..I am intrigued..

well I wont be back until Sunday...Given if there are no snakes, nor hippos on the plane..I mean it could happen.

I will miss u guys. Stay safe, safe sober, stay clothed...Stay out of your county hotel.

Bee Real

oh if u missed The Will, check below to see if your name is there....


Jewl said...

You and I have totally different taste! LOL I did have a poster on my wall though of Waco at some point! Thanks for the Days tapes!! LOL... I can't believe you have all of those, a girl after my own heart!

just_tammy said...

Yes, once again, nothing for me from you except laughs and that's more than enough. Hope you have a great trip. If I survived all of our flights, you can manage this one little one!

Jennifer said...

I love your blog - I laughed so hard today. I hate to say it but I'm right there with ya! I adored George Michael :) Have a safe trip!

Jennifer said...

I love your blog - I laughed so hard today. I hate to say it but I'm right there with ya! I adored George Michael :) Have a safe trip!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i am scared to ask...who do u crush on..or do I not even wanna know?.hehe

man I have missed you...

well if you like him too, i dont feel so retarded..and thank you, i am glad you like it here:)

Michele_3 said...
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Michele_3 said...

ROFL..you made me laugh, I use to adore MJ back in the day & then just like you when he started becoming a freak & I was like "Oh no forget that" I use to love Prince too- Especially after seeing "Purple rain" I thought he was so sexy!!
I never like George Michael though-I'm not sure why, I think I knew he wasn't into women - So why waste my time... My sister & I use to fight all the time because she never believed he was Gay for the longest & would scream at anyone who told her he was! Too funny!

Have a safe trip Girlie, & thanks for adding me to your will- I laughed about the running shoes-(I always tell my husband that having 3 boys & all)LOL!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

isnt it funny how everyone thought ole MJ was FINE back in the day..

I just think george michel is a beautiful man..his phsyical features are flawless:)

glad i could make ya laugh though, and I hope you wont be fgetting my shoes, cuase hell i need them:)

1 plus twins said...

omg that was too funny. it really took me back to the days of my crushes!! lol man that is funny. hope you have a safe trip.

js said...

LOL@ dies of natural causes!!!!
I always say if she gets abducted by aliens......
Its hard for me to imagine that any man has hair like that, tickles me though. good post!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

1 plus twins,
isnt it too funny when we think back about who we thought was cute when we were younger..i am almost embarssed:)

I must know..who would you do if your wife were to die of natraul causes?..haha

Anonymous said...

Bossy...I gotta admit, I had it real bad for Donny Osmond and David Cassidy, oh...and Peter Brady (I always thought he was way cuter than Greg)! And then I did have a thing for Dean Martin and Rock Hudson too, and only Rock Hudson (as far as I know) turned out to be gay.

Karin said...

I was never much of a crush kinda girl. However back in the day I would have licked Kirk Cameron. I liked M J's music up until he lit himself on fire doing that commercial. I just drove by the park George was caught in the other day and I was thinking about that bathroom lovin.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes, I was a peter brady fan as well...he was/is much cuter then greg..and today..hot damn he is hot.

yes I liked kirk camron as well..not enough to call it a crush but him and micheal j fox were on my walls in grade school:)

u always go by the cool places..may i come live with you karin?

Peanutt said...

I think we married alot of the same people! LOL, wow. I wish I had known you were coming here, you could have stayed in my spare bedroom or met up or something! WTH???? Hope you have a great trip!

novaks8 said...

I was like 12 in 1980

I never had the hots for MJ but good LORD how many times did we watch Thriller and do that stupid dance?

Prince- yes yes yes I still squeal when he comes on TV. Cept that new chick he has really needs to get outta the way. No one cares about you woman!

George Michael- I loved that man and never had an inkling that he was G-A-Y. Then I saw a clip of Wham one day and went "Whoa!"

Def Leppard was my all time freaking favorite band EVAH!
My first boyfriend loved them before they even had a US album! (how did he even know about them? This was like 1983...wayyyyyy before the internet) I loved the drummer. And the lead singer.
But mainly the drummer.

My son now has drums and a guitar and listens to them all the time.

The other day, his stick split so he used one and stuffed his arm inside his shirt!

I think he has watched the Def Leppard movie on DVD one too many times.

I was in love with Rick Springfield by the way.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

so your sayin my men were two timing you..haha

well i will still come stay in your spare rooom:)

rick springfield?..he was ok..

yes def leapprd kicks some major butt..i just saw them last month and they still have it:)

I never much cared for the drummer, he was not my type:) so we wont be fighting over him:-)

The Kept Woman said...

Thank you.

For once in my life I feel like I was normal wishing I was Mrs. Lars Ulrich.

It was his sweaty butt crack and leather pants that did me in. And he's a drummer...what more could you ask for?

Bumbling Bav said...

I had the posters of Waco, George, brian bloom, kirk C.... I loved them all. Now Waco just grosses me right out. I had a million crushes.... and still do! I already have my next fling picked out... lol.

Your blog just cracks me up... and can not handle that you are going away. However I am very thankfull for the help in the poo area... that so sounded wrong.

Good luck "Stay'n alive, stay'n alive...." all together now! (see me doing the dance... ya know you do)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

the kept woman,
haha, u were a little metal head too huh?..rock on girl:)

arent we just so damn lame:)

it just makes me feel all giddy when u tell me how much you like me:)

brian bloom?..sounds familar, who was he?..

i moslty had posters of my heavy metal loves..oh and some of george michel mixed in...you couldnt even see my wallpaper...just plain sad really:)

Badoozie said...
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Badoozie said...

the only thing we agree on is how the def leppard guy looks. i think the mullet rocked.

i'm hot for Josh Lucas and mathew
mc whateveryoucallhim.

i hope you have a fun trip. i don't even remember where your going or why. thats how with it i am.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well your guy is cute..but i was just talking about my child/teen dreamy dudes..

today know men really float my boat, i must be going thru menopause.

i am running away from home..

i cant belive you, i leave you stuff and u dis me..

Gette said...

I have eclectic tastes...

Brendan Fraser

Sam Elliot

Patrick Stewart (especially in leather. Excalibur...

Oh, those guys do it for me now. Then? Hmmmm. Third grade, Peter Criss. That's the only one I remember. Otherwise I had unicorn posters instead of Tiger Beat pinups.

Kuan Gung said...

Too funny...my, my how time changes us all...weird indeed...you do have or had curious taste... ;)

Heart Of Darkness said...

No offence, honey, but you sure do know how to pick them! ;)

I'm not saying anything, though, because if I complied a list of myself, I just might scare myself crazy. You know, the type of crazy where you hide in closet, blabber incoherently, and jump out to scare random people... :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

oh Lordy woman:)

kaung gung,
I am thankfull I moved past MJ...bt the rest, I cant help but still love;)

dont be a wuss. tell me who you cruch on:)

deni said...

ROTF, we all have weird men in our past, whether they are celebraties or real men.

Have a safe trip!!

LZ Blogger said...

I see I was cut out of the will here... but the good news... I did not have my picture posted up here with the likes of Michael Jackson and WAM! Thank GOODNESS! ~ jb///

JD's Rose said...

OMG Bossy! I must say, you have not exactly had the best taste in men, have you?!

Have fun girl!!!!


jess said...

I can't believe you didn't have Jon Bon Jovi or Jim Morrison on your list.

But I will agree - Michael Jackson was cute, when he was still black.

Anyways, have a fantastic trip and I look forward to reading about it!

kaliblue said...

OMG !!! This has been a blast from the past. Have you ever seen the movie 13 going on 30?. Some reason this reminds me of the movie :-).
I too loved Prince, John Stamos, Steve Perry from Journey (made me squeal like mad). Paul Stanley from Kiss(made my undies wet). Um I think that was about it for me..*giggles*
Have a safe flight and have fun:-).

ole not that choosy Js said...

Well Mrs. Britches I never was much the crush kind. I would have to say the mega hot chick from my youth would have to be daisy duke of course, I suspect you could have guessed that though. As far as now I can't think of any stars that fit the bill. If I was looking to outsource my seed I would say it is more of a type than a look. Lets see, she couldn't be scrawney, thats the prob with most celebs they are scrawney,I'm for pretty eyes, pretty mouth and she must be game.....willing... maybe not all the way to freaky but on that side of the gauge anyway. Although I never x'd a woman out for body type if I could build one she wouldn't be skinny. Does that help???

jsull28fl said...

Well dang I just read all 221828233223 comments and I didn't make anyones list?
No chicks out there are for poor fat bald dudes?

Claire said...

Hehe, Bossy you crack my sht up! Have a safe trip and watch out for gorillas!

Lady Noelle said...

I have to say I also had a thing for MJ. Thriller was the bomb then. Next on my list would prolly be Nick Carter and Kevin.... something, I can't remember his last name. Anyways, they were from the Backstreet Boys. Oh, I loved them and their music and I wanted to have their children. Lol. Next would prolly be the guy that sang in the Sugerray band. I think his name was Mark McGrath or something like that. 2000 and on is a bit fuzzy, cause I met Hans. Chad Kroger is hot.. I would hit that.

Really I think that's it. I hope your trip is good and safe.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

hey gang,
i just got home form my 12 hour shift at the ole county hotel..

i am not even packed yet and i leave at 5 am tommorw..

i am such a damn slacker.. will be back later to come check up on everyone..


jsull said...

Have a fun trip!!!!!!
ole j

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thank you ole chum...dont miss me too much now ok?

Jamie Dawn said...

You are attracted to freaky guys, but all I can say is... to each his/her own.
Prince is ultra talented, but that little fella just doesn't fan my flames.
MJ is also very talented, but he is a hideous mess.
George Michael sings great and used to be handsome. His overly done plastic surgery has made him look weird.
I sat in my voice doc's office a couple of years ago with the lead singer of the rock band Cinderella who was having some voice issues of his own. He was there with his woman. We talked and even exchanged emails for awhile. I think he may be YOUR type. Long hair and a true rocker.
I'll just keep my clean cut hubby. :)

jsull said...

I'll fight my urges to check here while you are gone then i'll be up a mountain with my indian stick for a week trying to slay the elusive bull elk. Maybe I'll get one.
go get em
be careful
have a big ole time
ole bored j

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes george has went too far on what was a great face....the guy from cindrella is ugly..hehe..but its cool u met him:)

dont fight it..its ok to come here..hehe...maybe come light a candle have a litttel sanance..whatever;)

Jerry said...

If I were Mr. Shaky Pants, I'd be having a complex thinking what do I have in common with this freak show of past crushes?


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

sad thing is...only one of the is a past crush...

i hang my head in shame jerry..i really do:-)

Wethyb said...

I remember my sister used to call Michael Jackson a "fox"....LOL. And, yah, I loved Joe Elliott. He was so hot back in the day. Lookin' a little rough these days, but I've seen worse.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i prefer the rough rugged joe...he does not have a mullet, so its all good now:)

Kendra Lynn said...

Scott and i had quite the laugh over this post!
I will go with you on MJ...he's weird as all get out, but boy, he was cute way back when!!!

Hope you have a safe trip.
Take care.


Heart Of Darkness said...

You really wanna know?

Airwolf - Jan Michael Vincent
A-team - Dirk Benedict
Melrose Place - Grant Show, then Linden Ashby
Backstreet Boys - Kevin Richardsson

Just a few, true, but stormy! ;)

Kinda wish you never asked, huh? :D

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

back in the day MJ was hotter then a tamoillie:)

your way too cute:)

Princess said...

I was half expecting too see The Hoff in your range of men! ;)

Gangadhar said...

ROTFL..you made my day...hahah

Michael Manning said...

Hey, I enjoyed this LMAO! And thanks for visiting my site recently! I'm not worried about you on the plane. If any crap happens you will stand up and do a Steven Seagal routine and I'll see you on CNN and say "WOW! That girl commented on my site! Yes, you've dodged many bullets--Thank God! As for me: Jennifer Love-Hewitt and Elizabeth Hurley have figured prominently! Have a good trip!

Raggedy said...

That was a fun post.
Enjoy your vacation!
Take care and be safe..

Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from da Raggedy one

Anna said...

I totally loved George Michael when I was little!

Working Mom said...

Gimme Sebastian Bach, Janie Lane, Joe Elliot, Vince Neil (I could go on and on) back in the day....loved all those long haired rockers!!

Meow said...

Have a safe trip, Bossy ... catch ya on the flip side !!
Take care, Meow

Heart Of Darkness said...

I knew I was considered cute, never occured to me I'm the "you're so cute my teeth hurt type of cute... ;)

EmmaSometimes said...

I'm laughing too. And YES there is someone for everyone.

Give me tall dark and handsome....preferably over 6ft and I'm good.

None of these guys appeal to me and as for Michael? His picture makes me scared.

Mrs. Diamond said...

I am praying for Shakypants. That's all.

Cliff Morrow said...

I'm beginning to see why you read my blog. You are a strange girl.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...


jsull said...

Wecome back,
hope your trip was wonderful and relaxing
ole j