Thursday, August 10, 2006


Well it seems I am a hot commodity in the job market in good ole crapville county, today I had the hospital call me for a job I applied for 6 damn months ago. I said "sorry lady, Bossy is already taken..Not enough time nor enough money can make me take 3 stinking jobs, when all I wanted was one..Thanks, but no thanks..

Guess the word has not circulated that I am planning to retire soon..

Then I get a call today from my boss at the crazy house. I guess some of the gals are back from maternity leave and want their hours back, so I will not be on the schedule for September , I will just be "on call" which kind of pissed me off, because I was told when I hired that I would get all these hours and blah blah blah...Then BAM, I am an on call girl.......not a call ON call girl ..Me and lazy girl, since we were the last two hired..

I am working this weekend at the crazy house, the midnight shift. Guess what I am going to do. Instead of staying awake the whole 8 hours, Bossy is going to get paid for sleeping. Sorry folks, when you piss me off, I WILL sleep on the job. Sucks for you, but works really well for me, so thank you bitches..

So guess maybe I better re-think the hospital job...I might be in need of another job. If I am not out of the home working,then that means I am stuck here with kids. Gee gads that's enough for me to get a job..

um, hospital, yes its me Bossy, you called me yesterday for a job..I said go screw off, but I was only joking, I will come and be your blood drawer girl and shot giver. I will. Ya wanna know why?..Because I like money, I like needles, and I like putting others in pain and discomfort, just ask everyone I know....So what do ya say?...Am I hired?

Then on my walk last night I was chased by a flock of ,not seagulls...but Pelicans. They were coming at me with there big beaks open ready to scoop me in. Not sure if I smelled like fish, or if they had a running bet on who could carry the fat girl away..Once they got a closer look, all bets were off I guess, they all figured there they would sink to the bottom of the lake...I would be like a cement block tied to their flippers..It was a smart move on their part...

I went to the tanning salon today as the sun has been hiding under the clouds last few days. I think I may have burned my girls a bit... Then I went and got my hair cut. I come home and everyone says " I thought you were getting a hair cut."

It seems my hair cut was not notciable to these fools. I paid 20 bucks for a hair cut, the lady didnt wash my hair. In my whole life I have never NOT had my hair washed when I had a cut. Now I went to beauty school, I have been there...I know the whole routine of the hair cutting. You go to the wash bowl bowl, wash the hair, towel dry it, comb it, cut it..done in 15 minutes..

It took her half hour to cut my hair..without even washing it...So she was paid 20 bucks for half hours worth of work. I at least have to put in one hour 10 mintues for 20 bucks.....

So this is the brief synopsis of my day..

Got a call for a job and turned it down
Got a call that my second job doenst need me for any hours now
Kicked my self in the ass for not taking the needle job at the hosptial
Got my girls burned
Got hair cut and no one noticed..and i didnt get a proper wash...
Got chased by pelicans

so how was your day?

I dont really care, unless you can top mine, then I dont wanna hear it.

oh and I forgot to add, our pizza hut caught on fire the otther night...Now can YOU top that?

bee Real


Peggy said...

my day sucks donkey balls!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

oh gosh it isnt davie is it? is he?..i better go check..

JD's Rose said...

Where is this hair cut pic?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well there isnt one...its looks just the same, no need to put the blog world in fear by showing my mug now:)

Princess said...

I hate pelicans! They actually scare me. Here in Aus they chase people down the foreshore if you have food. I have been one of their victims. Now i am just plain scared of them.

You should go back to the hair dressers and demand a refund, or a free cut AND wash!!

Hope you relaxed and took that bath Bossy!! We wanna hear you got smashed in the bath on wine ;)


d said...

Well, I didn't attack my nieghbour with an axe today - believe me, that was hard. Very, very hard, but I think you still win.

pelicans freak me out. They stare. We don't have them here, or at least I've never seen them here, but I saw them in Florida, lounging around without a care in the world, making people walk around them.

Bumbling Bav said...

Well lets see here...

The lady I do childcare for tried to get a day for FREE... cause "we are friends... and don't you do favours for friends". - um suck it up beeeaaacccchhh... no I don't!

Then while working out I was next to "the grunter couple". They sound like some freaky sex show... not to put down sex shows... but whatever.

Then I was stalked by this crazy chick that thinks I should drive her everywhere cause she is the queen. (my hubby and I have both told her I am busy and that she needs to take the bus... seems she is taking awhile to get the news to her brain)

THEN... my child was threated by a child cause his dad told him to.

THEN... the father decided he liked picking on children and wanted to move up to women. Um dude would have been smarter to go after my hubby... sucks to be a sexist jerk! Bav and hubby joined forces and informed him he needed angermanagement and a few other things I can not repeat in

Yes the crap has been crappy. And I know you don't care, but venting this crap on your site feels so good!

You know I might like to stick a few people with sharp objects ... maybe you could get me a job too!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well i acctually like my hair cut, and i really didnt need it to be washed as i do wash it every morning..haha..

i did take a bath, but had no damn wine..


well i am glad u did not kill your nieghbor with an axe..i see what prsion life is like, and u wouldnt make it..:)

i hate pelians too..they act like they own the damn land, them and hell with them all

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

simmer down now..simmer down..

man thats one crappy day sweets, u might have me beat..and vent away my dear Bossy dont mind:)

i will give the hopstial your number:)

Fantastagirl said...

Yep - your day - worse than mine - here's hoping you have a better day!

Mrs. Diamond said...

well at least your days are interesting. LOL

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well i am glad your day didnt suck so bad;)

mrs d,
intersting to say the least..and what is sad, is i left a bunch of crap out:)

Kendra Lynn said...

What a day!
Sounds like a fun one. lol
And everybody wants you to work for them!
That's so great.
Choose the best paying job, and go with it. LOL


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well i ams ticking with what I have..i could not make anymore then i do now...i mean working for the jail i make crap loads of money..teehee

Granny said...

Can't possibly beat that one.

Lady Noelle said...

My first rent check to my new land lord bounced because the address wasn't what the bank had on file.

Yesterday my dryer caught on fire, so I don't have a dryer... again!

AND! I haven't cum today :P LOL!

Just kidding, Bossy. I hope everything works out for you. Ya know, I can hook you up with my company?

Pelicans are scary!

Badoozie said...

i can always top you. so i don't want to even make you have to listen to it. lol

they have pelicans where you live? are you sure?

Britmum said...

Tag your it......

Lots of love from JO JO!!!

Heart Of Darkness said...

I worked as a temp teacher at a local high school (which by all means equals a looney bin) all through my first year of University, and I was too the "on call" girl. I hated it! They rung at five to eight, waking me up, demanding I teach math at 8am and, preferably, German grammar at 8.30.
Then I went home, just to find out they were calling for me again - will you teach Geography at 1pm? Fine...!

But me teaching classes clashed badly with me taking classes, most often because they got pissed at me when I worded I had to attend classes at the Uni, and therefor couldn't teach daily...

On call is a bitch. I think I'd rather be the call girl... ;)

Jewl said...

Thank you for making me feel better about myself! LOL

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

are u sure?...

suzie, u talk big..come on show me..hehe..

and yes I am SURE they are Peilcinas..there are 30 million lakes here..we have pelicans..they are HUGE pain in the ass...kinda like a sling shot anyone?

better not be the book one..i was tagged for that already, since i dont read books without the words.."once upon a time"..might be hard pressed for me to do it;)

heart of drakness,
yes being a call girl would pay better anyway:)

anything to make u feel better:)

~Deb said...

My day is hung over big time.

Anyway, two things I need that I see in your post:

1. A nurse

2. A "call girl"

Know anyone?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

hmm...i may know one who does both jobs;)

Michele_3 said...

Sorry about the day, I hope it gets better!
I went to beauty school too & know all about the "Routine haircut thing" what was she thinking? no wash? what's up? LOL!

P.S- I had a bad day about 3 days ago with one of the monkeys(you know who)but I didn't care to post it,Not really ready to yet..But it wasn't FUN!
Take care!

LZ Blogger said...

May be your Pizza Hut FIRE... was going for that Brick-Oven "California Pizza Kitchen" style pizza flavor? ~ jb///

Karin said...

My day was fine thank you. Today will be crazy though so I best be getting off the computer. I have food to make.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

oh no..sorry about your bad with the moneky...if u need to vent just slip me an email;)

lz bloggr,
well now that could be...but i see its up and running was not a huge fire, but a fire non the less..haha

well i am gald you had a good day, i hope u dont burn food today or get stains on your apron;)

Wethyb said...

Mmmmmmm, Pizza Hut!!!!

My week's been pretty shitty too. Is it something in the air??

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes, pizza hut, she is back in buisness now..

sorry u have a shtty week, maybe we need to go drink or something

Choppzs said...

Ok Bossy, I bet my Pizza Hut can beat your Pizza Hut.... My Pizza Hut was hit with a drive-by shooting the other night. Now how is that?? And the worse part...we live right down the road!! And supposedly in the best part of this God foresaken town. But my daughter did get chased down by a humungous yellow jacket yesterday and threw her scooter down and started screaming and running in circles. Is it mean that I started laughing at her???

Tammy said...

Sorry you are having such a crappy day!!
Mine's purdy good as you know!!
Sometimes you is in the chips...sometimes you ain't!!!
:-D hair is just now growing out from a really bad day last month!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

a drive by?..u live in the hood or somethign?..haha..that would freak me out.

and yes, i would laught oo..we are mean mommies..

well acctually this all happend yesterday, today I have my new set of probelms..aww well..haha

my hiar is pretty long so you cant really get a bad cut, but i must not of got enough cut cuz noone even notcied..little pissers..

jess said...


That sounds like a rough day.

I hate getting my hair done and having no one notice. What a waste of my time and money.

Except I end up paying over $100 for my cut and color. Ugh.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes it bites when noone notices...thats about what i pay for a cut and color...highway robbery..

beth said...

I cannot top that, nor will I try, because i want to be your friend!! i cannot believe she did not wash your hair!! that is so wrong!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

amen on the hair washing..

u would still be my friend even if u could top that:)