Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I hate everything about YOU

Dear Walmart,
I am not what you would call a valued customer of any kind. IN fact, I find your business practice quite cave man like. You have no common respect for all the mom and pop shops that help small communities and where folks make an honest living running their own bushiness. Why don't you care? I will tell you why, because your heart is full of greed and you honestly only give a crap about making a buck for you. You sell crap made cheaply in Japan where people work their asses off to make 50 cents a day. Then you "pass along your saving to us"

But this is not what I am pissed off about today. Out of pure desperation I had to go to one of your stores the other day. I needed to buy some paint for my kids room. I wanted to paint her room pink, because she wants it that way damn it.

So after my darling husband got home from a hard day..(ok that part is a lie, he was in a cool controlled temp environment while I was sweating my boobys off)..anyhoo, all our hardware slash paint stores were closed..

ok, another reason why this town sucks, you can not go to any stores past 5 pm..Your light bulb burns out at 5:30..Your crap ouuta luck and have to eat dinner by candle light...You out of candles?..Yup your screwed.

So we went to Wallmart. I head over to the paint section, pick out my color, and wait. Not ONE of your wonderful employees came over. And there was no customer service button to push. Why? You suck.

So hubby went over to another dept and had them paige over the store.."hello employees of walmart some asswipe needs help in the paint..."

We wait a another good 10 minutes. Finally I tell my hubby I need to go walk around because if I am there when an employee finally shows up, there will be abrawl, and I know how this embarrasses him..So I was avoiding it.

I walk around your crappy store with bad lighting, smelly people and cheap crap.

I walk for 20 minutes, feeling way OVER dressed the entire time. Who knew that wearing short blue jean shorts and a cute tank top would make me feel not trampy, but rather OVER dressed. I just looked like I had come from a business meeting compared to the jokers I see in there. Really, you need a dress code for your shoppers. I can only take so much of viewing humans in stained shirts, ripped pants and crumbs in their beards and greasy un kept hair. And that is both male and female, yes ladies with beards do shop at walmart... I guess they feel like they fit in. Good for them I say, its good to have a place where we all feel we belong.

So I finish my walk thru and tell myself I need to shower when I get home to get the stench of Walmart off my person. I think one of them hoodlulms rubbed against me..EWWW..

I get back to the paint counter. NO EMPLOYEE THERE...My hubby is standing there looking all patient. He tells me not ONE person who works there had walked by.

I told him to leave the cart full of crap he thought he was buying because we were leaving. And on my way out I would let one of your oh so helpful workers know how much they suck.

I walk to the front where for sure I should SOMEONE who works here.

I find a young lady, she had some weird crap stuck in her braces..Really tell your employees to brush their teeth..Thank you.

I ask her if anyone is working in the paint dept today or if it was closed on Mondays because it was paiged over the intercom TWICE that I needed help getting pink paint for my kids room..

She tell me.."Gosh I don't know.."

I tell her I had been waiting for over a half hour for some shmuck to come over and mix some paint for me.

" gosh I just don't know"

So I then tell her.." Yes, noone at Walmart ever knows anything."

I just wonder what kind of place you run. You have no costumer service, your employees don't know shit and your store stinks.

Why do people shop there?

How do you keep going?

Is Satan running Walmart? I do believe he is. I bet if I busted thru the employee lounge door your red rear end would be sitting in the break room with your hooves up on the table sipping blood from puppies.

Walmart, not only do the lowest of low shop there, but they also work there.

I have decided to mix red food coloring in a gallon of milk to paint my kids room...But thank you anyway..

Let this be a friendly warning..I am on to you. I know I have my issues with Target, but hell, the store is clean, the employees cant take pee breaks, but hell they look nice and are helpful.

And there crap isn't cheap looking, that's why people can not afford to shop there, and if they sold paint, I would not have been at your establishment. I am a Target girl.

And they where walkies so that if a patron has a question, someone can help them, and there are buttons all over the store in case u need help.

Its called Customer Service.

Look it up.


I have an ode to McDonald's too today.

when I stop by and order a grilled chicken sandwich and large diet coke, and I get home and have crispy chicken and regular coke, it pisses me off.

Now if I ask for no tomato but get a slice, that is an easy fix for me.

But I cant take the crispy off the chicken nor the fact it had just been sitting in a pot of hot boiling grease.

And I can not magically take the sugar and calories out of the regular soda.

What the hell are you doing? Trying to kill me?

Let this be a warning for you...I will get my grilled chicken elsewhere along with my diet soda.

I know your worried. I did not eat lunch today thanks to you...And wasted money that I could of bought some lotto tickets with.

Bee Real


novaks8 said...

Dude, first off, I am first commenter. wooot.

(do I get a prize or something?)

But people shop at Wal Mart because it is CHEAP.

Whenever I shop there, I am always amazed at how little the total is.

The secret?
Shop in the early morning.
Rednecks don't shop in the morning. They shop at midnight or later.

My helpful tip of the day.

Oh, and NEVER go in Target not properly made up. You WILL see everyone you know!

Tammy said...

K, I understand how you feel...but we have a nice new Walmart...I mean it is huge and clean with shiney wooden floors...I waited a year for this Walmart to be built...the one we had the "old" Walmart was just as you described...only it was Walmart "all squished up"...could hardly move in there!!
I have a blog friend Lisa that calles it WalMonster...and one other friend Brenda who went off on McDonalds here recent...sounds like they better get their act together PDQ....

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes u do win a prize:)

Ihave never found a good time to shop at walmart, of course i dont got there unless its an emergancy..the reason stuff is cheap is becuase it is made cheap;y by children in forgien lands:)

and I am never made i would look no differnt than normal, and I dont know anyone anyway..hehe

well this walmart just put in the wood floors, not sure if they are tyring to look like the GAP or what, but it just doesnt work..what bugs me about walmart is the non-customer service u get..that is what pisses ole Bossy off:)

Bumbling Bav said...

Oh Oh Oh ... can you also write about the fact that when McRonchies runs out of their toy that is to go WITH THE CHILDREN'S MEAL... that a hostile three yr old does not take "They are all out"... well. Thank ya!

Oh and thanks to novaks8 for the tip on shopping in the morning. I shall give it a try.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

once the kids wanted to go there for some toy from a new movie or something and they were out of the toy and we got like match box cars or about pissed off kids, they wanted me to drive back and tell them to give me my money back;)

Britmum said...

Hey Bossy your write a bloody good letter there. Some piece of trash scummy smoking old S**g wedged her cart next to my car after I had already put mine back. I start to back out and there is the f****** cart. It scratched my car. I am not best pleased. So can you write a letter to the fag ash lil for me?

Ta muchly xx

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

that would piss me off big time..sounds like u just wrote a pretty good letter there yourself..haha

vani said...

and here you were bitching about target being so is WORSE!

jsull said...

Ok whoa up........
Nov is crackin on the necks, I happen to be the mojo dula of the necks, the grand pubaa. Easy on the necks. other than that though I am with you on the take on Wallys and Mickeys. Go girl tell us what you think!

Kelly said...

Retail customer service has really gone to hell in most stores (with the exception of my hubby's of course :) Our Walmart is the same way. Sure hope you know what you need because you'll never find an employee to help!

I am livid with our McDonald's and Burger King. Either one, EVERY TIME we order, it is wrong!! How can you mess up a happy meal?? Get home and it's a hamburger instead of nuggets, diet soda instead of regular...I gave up! We go to the local family sit down restaurant and forget the fast food now. May cost more, but at least if it's wrong, you can send it right back (which it never is). People complain about poor wages, but they SUCK! VALUE your job or QUIT!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well i only complained cuz i worked there and they would let me leave my counter to piss;)

but I love shopping there:-)

you admitting your a neck? it cant be:)

I need proof of this..l need to see a photo of your teeth and your harley tatto;)

doesnt that piss u off when they get the happy meals wrong. I just love the grilled chicken sandwhich from there...bastards screwed me today..

we go to the sit down places too...but with 5 it can be 50 bucls and then the kids never finish ther food anyway..

and i would rather go with no goes smoother that way:-)

Jewl said...

I know it sucks working retail but I swear lately the employee quality has gone way down hill. We have had a few run ins ourselves and ended up emailing the companies in disgust. So, I feel for ya, I really do. I think if they paid their people more money they might get people to stay and not have such a huge turn around... making customer service better in the long run.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...


novaks8 said...

The toy thing at McD's pisses me OFF!

I hate that place.

We have 4 in town and there is one that makes me want to yank the stupid drugged out acting girl through the window.

I order a Sesame Chicken Salad or whatever it is called and she always asks me "what kind of dressing?"
Hey dummy, the kind that COMES WITH IT!

One day I actually SHOWED her a pack that I had in my car from another time and she looked at it like it was an alien.

Another day, she said they were out of that kind, gave me a different kind and gave me croutons instead of almonds!

The other day she didn't give me a receipt.

Why do they have her on the window?

Thursday I HAVE to go there because my grandmother wants a freaking double cheeseburger and small coke and that McD's is right by her house.


If I beat her up and go to jail will you still respect me on Friday?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i will have double respect for you:)

Fantastagirl said...

You know I hate that store -and be glad you didn't get paint from them. We painted one room at our old house with their paint - and it was crap - stick to the local stores, or men*ards, Home Chepo, or that Low's. (yes I mispelled them intentially).

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I normally get my paint from home cheapo:)

i have bought boarder at me*ards too:)

Meow said...

Hmmmm, I'm guessing you don't like Walmart !?!?!?!?
Don't have it here, but my guess is it's like KMart ???
I guess people shop there cause it's cheap (and nasty !!). Oh well.
Hope you have recovered ...
Take care, Meow

d said...

Good luck with the milk paint - you nut.

Is there any place left in your city for you to shop?

Walmart is not my favourite place, it's waaay too busy there - but man, if it were anything like you described I would stay away - far far away.

"Take the crispy off the chicken..." - God you kill me.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

the walmarts are really THAT bad here..I swear:)

and have u ever tried taking the crispy outta the chicken?..hehe

jsull28fl@yah said...

Well damn. Did my neckness just get challenged???????????/
I got proof
yeah I do
Even if I havent ever been on the 6 o'clock describing the tornado/ hurricane I'm still a regestared neck, with papers. Send your proof request to me and I'll send you the pics, I'm poor fat and bald but a neck all the same. You can't see me dome though I always come lidded.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

you really are a crakc up...i am challneging your neckness..I dont belive a word of it..

i am waiting for the pic..u know where to find my email..I am waiting.

oh and i dont want a nudie of your nubbie..haha

Gette said...

WalMonster! That's a good one. I myself use Evil*Empire.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i need to start making and mixing my own things so I never have to depend on these bloody fools anymore

not nearly naked js said...

first I'd never send a pic of my lil stuff
i actually came back to specify that my proff for anyone would be "g" rated. I havent a clue hpow to find ur mail but I'll look
ill also check my yahoo to see if anyone was brave enough to see the poor fat bald neck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ole j

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

no i didnt think you would..but trust me, it HAS happend.. more looking:)

js said...

Mrs. CMFM eyes,
u have neck mail with photographic proof.

Karin said...

why at only 10 pm do I feel like I already missed the party. At number 28 is there really much left to say. I am happy to report I don't even know where the closest WalMart is. I would rather do just about anything to avoid that store. I have a Target across the street and a Home Depot not far away so I don't not miss Wal MArt at all. Then again I can shop after 5 pm.

jsull said...

i sent them.........
i spect you didn't get them or either you were speechless
damn thats bad
I guess the ole PFB neck pics were not good!!!!

Heart Of Darkness said...

I had an entire chapter on WallMart in my BA thesis. Then I recycled it for my MSBA. There was a lawsuit against them on their way to treat female employees that I focused on. NOT nice...

The fun thing here is, I gave them about a million opportunities to tell me their side of things, and they didn't even bother to mail me back... oh well... WallMart sucks! :)

Princess said...

ROFL! man, i need to start going to the toilet before reading your posts coz they are so fricken funny i nearly pee myself!

We dont have Walmart here. But we have W.A Salvage that sounds very similar. Cheap and noone knows anything. I have always wanted to see a Walmart tho.

Eww to Maccas. Ours here is pretty poop. I prefer Hungry Jacks these days.


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

ok i am on my way to go see, i just got up..give me a minute mmkay:)

well at least you have the common sence not to go..or to even know where the closest one is..I respect you greatly for this.

and the party dont start tillU get here sweety:)

heart of darkness,
i had heard about that lawsuit a few years will never try adn explain becuase they really have no excuse other than its run by the devil:)

consider yourself luck on the no walmart live in a very smart area I can see that:-)

Kendra Lynn said...

Oh Wow...sounds like you had quite a day!
Hope today is a better one.
I personally like Walmart. But not ALL Walmart's. My Walmart is clean, nice and the workers are semi-helpful.
I can handle it.

What I can NOT handle is that the local Christian bookstore...the one that I used to work crappy.
Those people can not figure out how to work their computer system. They know NOTHING about ANY of their products, and I always have to go find someone to come to the checkout so I can pay and leave.
I am so mad.
If you are a CHristian bookstore, and advertise "Christ" or whatever, PLEASE try to be courteous and Christ-like and KNOWLEDGEABLE of your product! that I got that off my chest I feel MUCH better.

Thanks for listening. :)


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i am with you on the whole "knowing your products" stuff..i hate going into a store and noone knowing what the heck is going on..makes me mad too..

Bossy♥'s YOU said...






The Blog Whore said...

I like Walmart AND McDonalds.

So ha!

There ya go.

I'm just trash like that.

On the other hand, I love Dillards and Olive Garden.

So, I guess I'm middle class trash.

And sometimes I have food stains on my shirt...

But never in public.

I shop at Publix too.

Sing Bon Jovi Bed of Roses, please.

Working Mom said...

I shop at WalMart. It's only a mile from my house and oh so convenient. ***Hangs head in shame***

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

blog whore,
i knew i loved you for a reaosn..your my trashy middle class blog whore and i luv u:)

i am not a good hard rock singer, i admit it..not sure i can pull it off;)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i expcted more from you, Bossy is very dissapointed..


Working Mom said...

The Target near me smells like pee. Has since the day they opened it. Makes me wanna puke.

Will you still be my friend? :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

no i wont...


~Deb said...

What??? Does this mean you won't be wearing your "slutty" little tee to Walmart anymore? I AM CRUSHED!!!!

Ironic how these Walmart employees wear their smocks that have huge letters saying, "HOW CAN I HELP YOU?" And yet---they completely ignore you.

Boycott them! (hehe)

old~motherhen said...

I want to know if the milk and red food coloring work on Boo's walls.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i know..those blue crappy vests they where say how can we help you?..well, they cant...there all retarded.

and yes a boycott is on order.

oldmother hen,
i was planning on your painting it..

kaliblue said...

The stuff is made in China and Taiwan :-). I miss the Made In America symbols on Walmart brands. When Sam was alive that's what he prided Walmart on. Keeping Americans in Jobs. Today the kids who own Walmart now only say, "Show Me the Money Bitches"!!!. They could care less how it looks, where the stuff is coming from, and who works there as long as the stuff is leaving the "Showroom".. Speaking of "ShowRoom" I gotta rant about RoomsToGo someday. Now there's a place that REALLY gets my blood to boiling!!!!!. Cheap ass furniture that tares up right when the warranty runs out GGRR!!!...
Have A Great Day!!! And Thanks for shopping at Wallyworld:-).

Mrs. Diamond said...

we have a nice new walmart too, but there's never ever an employee around when you want help. sigh.

The Blog Whore said...

Well, you said Bon Jovi and I am sticking you to it!


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes it seems to have all gone to ehll in a handbasket since ole sammy's demise, thats for sure.

mrs d,
my point exactly:)

blog whore,
um, i gave a bunch of other choices too..i didnt think anyone would pick Bon Jovi..I am still thinking about it...i dont like that song:)

LZ Blogger said...

BB ~ You are just a hoot! For me reading your blog is like watching a car wreak... even though you shouldn't look at someone else's misery... you just have to keep looking (and in my case reading!). You Target Girls are as funny as hell! "Can't take the crispy of the chicken!!!" You're a riot! ~ jb///

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

lz bloggr,
well i am glad you can get some enjoyment out of my misery:)

well can you take the crispy off the chicken?..haha

Anonymous said...

My favorite part was when you said that satan would be sipping blood from puppies.

Wonderfully hilarious post!

jess said...

My favorite part was when you said that satan would be sipping blood from puppies.

Wonderfully hilarious post!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

annymous, jess,

i am guessing you are the same person seeing u said the same thing..haha

isnt it sick how my mind works?..why puppies blood, i have no bloody idea, but it sure as hell sounded good at the time:)

thanks for coming by..please come again:)

The Blog Whore said...

Holy Crap 54 comments!

The Blog Whore said...

Um, I figured that...

that's why I picked it.

Alrighty then... how about Levon by Sir Elton John?

The Blog Whore said...


Jamie Dawn said...

I think the same people shop at EVERY Walmart in the USA. I guess since I shop there, I am bound to end up wearing ratty clothes and taking a shower only once a week. Lord, help me!!
I like Target much better, but there are only 3 Target stores in this whole state, and none are near me.
I am stuck with Walmart.
Poor Customer Service is a BAD thing.
My parents and brother are here, and we have been so busy. It has been a lot of fun so far. We are leaving on our trip to visit my Great Aunt Mabel and, we are also going to visit Graceland to meet Elvis.
Have a good rest of your week and avoid Walmart if you can.

this ole hat said...

Well im thinking you got my pics, I hope they were ok! W-O-W @ the number of comments!!!! Go girl.
ole jsull

Claire said...

Gah, Walmart. It worries me that they are now in charge of my beloved Asda (yeah, I love a store, what of it?).

For the audiopost I say yay for Bon Jovi...but how about 'Livin' On A Prayer'? Classic!

Working Mom said...

Wait just a damn minute still love the blog whore and she shops at WalMart?!

Bumbling Bav said...

Holy crap... I get to be comment #61. I have never seen so many comments!!

Rosa said...

My hub works in the textile business and he has banned me from shopping at WM (not that I did much of it anway). But yes, WM has made an impact on the entire world. Even places like India can not compete with some of the other sources WM is using for cheap labor. It's really sad. I try and tell everyone to use more mom & pop shops. But then again, when you don't have a lot of money to spend, there aren't a lot of choices out there. It's really tough. But, I agree and I don't shop there. So there :-P

js69ull said...

i am holding out and checking back cause I wanna be comment 69

Raggedy said...

Yikes that was a bad trip all around...
I did a Wallmart post once...If Wallmart is lowering its prices everyday how come nothing is free yet?

Please go take the Aura test here:

Leave your color in my comment section for a recent post and I will add you in on Friday or Saturday...

Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) huge huggles
(")_ (")Š from da Raggedy one

Cliff Morrow said...

Well I read your blog to my bride just now. We had to stop to laugh quite a bit. (things are slow here on the farm)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

ok, i cant answer everyone indivually cuz i am tired..just got home from work..the inmates were crazy tongiht..

but js, i got your pics and i emeialed you back..

levon is good blog whore..i will see what i can do..

cliff, just go cuddle with your bride, dont read her this garbeg:)

ok, good night..i am going to bed now, i will visit everyone tommorw..peace out peeps:)

Anonymous said...

Wow!i agree with you i cant stand walmart either its gross,but you went to far.. your rude about it.just dont go there if you have such a problem with it.and mcdonalds if your going there to get food and expect yourself not to get fat.. good luck with that food is unhealthy either way...

Anonymous said...

oh and with your paint..think about it dont go to walmart..everything there is could have waited a day to get your paint you didnt have to have it that day. and go to a hardware store...

Lady Noelle said...

LOL, that's funny stuff. The other day Hans and I were at wal-mart buying a cat tree for our cats. We get to the cat isle and Hans says, "Oh look, the french is on the outside so I don't know how tall this thing is". And then he shouts it. We waited for a few minutes shouting about how wal-mart sucks and how the frech suck because that's all we see. Finally, I walk across half of the store and find the pet department lady talking to someone else. I told her about the french and how we couldn't get it because the cat tree was on the top shelf. It was all pretty stupid. After her fat ass finally got over to the cat isle and climbed up the ladder, we bought the cat tree. I know, yer like, but why? It's actually really cool and our cat's love it.

Thanks for the laugh girly..

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

sounds like you may work at walmmart,
i suggest you get a job that can help u make ends meet..gosh..

and i am impatient and i wanted my paint now...not later..thats i was gonna fancy walmart with my hard erened green bakc..but screw em now..

lady n,
a tree for your cat?..i need one of them..

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

ok, i just figured out who you are..

and a grilled chicken from ronalds place is only 5 points on WW..So its all good. But I didnt get it anyway and couldnt eat the chicken that was sitting in that is nasty.

at least in the homeland the damn hardware is open till 7pm...ehh.

I was giving walmart a second chance, i learned my lesson, but thank you for caring:)

Lady Noelle said...

Yeah, it's 7 feet tall, goes from the floor to the ceiling, it's covered in carpet and has 3 shelf like things on it. The cats love it.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

my cat would SO love that..she is a bit of a spoiled brat..

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

my cat would SO love that..she is a bit of a spoiled brat..