Wednesday, August 30, 2006

After the rain

Well Boo had a good birthday. I will have a slide show presentaion at the end of this delightful post.

some things that occurred last couple days. My 9 year old son who has been scared to death of learning how to ride a bike because its just way too dangerous, learned how to ride Blondie Bees bike Monday. That boy was out in the rain for 2 hours, came in and said he needed to show me something. Then he got on Blondies bike and took off like grease lighting. Now they are fighting over her bike. Good Lord this is just what I needed to deal with. My son wanting to ride a pink bike with seashells and mermaids on it. Good God.

He got a hair cut and was not happy. And I don't blame him..Looks like a two year old chopped his bangs up. That's what you get when your so cheap you go to Fantastic Sams for a 6.99 hair chopping. He said his coolness was left on the floor of the barber shop and now he just looks like an idiot. I agreed.

When my Boo got up on her birthday she runs up to my bed and loudly proclaims..momma it my birtday. Happy birtday me....

yes Boo, but technically it doesn't start till around 3:31 pm, get your ass back to bed sweetie..

She ripped her gifts open with glee, and proudly threw all clothing on the floor. Ungrateful lil sucker she is.

well without further udo...Click this for the slide show....

This is the first time I have had a three year old without being knocked up or not having a newborn. Feels damn good too.

Oh and she was peeing in her Dora underwear again. I told her Dora cant breath if she is whizzing on her head. So she told me Dora is swimming.

clever gal I got there folks. 100% pure grade there.

Bee Real


just_tammy said...

Dora's swimming!!! How the heck do you argue with that one?! Man, I love that kid! Hope this makes 'the book'.

Glad she had a great day. Very glad to hear you aren't knocked up. Don't think you can handle another what with Butch riding a chick bike, Blondie playing with Ugly Kid, and Boo allowing Dora to swim. Since I don't watch Dora, does Dora know how to swim or will she drown in the puddle of piddle?! Just asking!

just_tammy said...

Great slide show! How bout getting a refund on the horrible hair cut and put it towards a non-chick bike? The kid deserves it after being 'butched'!
Poor Butch Bee!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well i am not sure if dora can swim, but she is learning fast..

yes, poor boy needs a bike. for years he swore he would never ride one, then BAM..he is riding one..

my heart cant take it..

vani said...

LOL! Hailey just peed on the carpet after giving her a bath...before I even put ON her Dora underwear! Why can't she just pee in the tub like any normal kid?

glad Boo Bee had a good b-day..:)

just_tammy said...

You know you are in trouble if Dora starts saying 'surf's up' in Spanish. I should get my son to translate that one so you know what to listen for. He should be able to pull that one off. The other day he forgot at least three times to speak English. Unfortunately, he wasn't at home at the time. I knew we should have signed him up for English as a Second Language when we re-enrolled him in college!

Man, I'm cracking myself up tonight! Have I mentioned I really lose it when I'm stressed out!

The Kept Woman said...

You know where my kid stands on the Dora underwear thing...pooped right on the old girl.

I will admit that was quite clever of Boo to come up with though and that haircut just needs some pomade.

Hey, can I add you to my monkeys?! :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I love it when u crack yourself up..

can u send that boy here to teach me a foriegn word?...lets see, lots of mexicans here..oh and lets not forget the indains:)

the kept woman,
well at least mine has the common courtsey to not crap on dora..hehe

why yes of course, as long as i can add u to my honey it a date?

Karin said...

Ok I loved the slide show. My favorite part was Boo running and her little pants were riding low just like you like them on a man. I feel bad for Butch a bad hair cut is very tramatic, can he wear hats?

Kelly said...

Loved your slide show. They are so damn cute!

Kelly said...

Hey girl! Tried to send ya an email back tonight, but it won't go through! I'll try again tomorrow. I'm not snubbing you...I promise :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i love that pic too..see her dora undies?..she peed them:)

thanks my dear...

well keep trying to send it..for some reaosn my messgenr wont sign on so i cant even talk to you that way if u were on..

SalGal said...

Oh my gads! Totally off-topic but I thought I was the only straight woman left who loved George! Why did he have to go and get all nasty? Plus, did you realize how short he is???

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

amen sista....I am high fiving u right now.

Anonymous said...

LOL Swimming Dora!

Glad the Boo had a happy Birtday!

Meow said...

Dora Swimming ... she's a quick one. You'll have to watch here !!! Glad she had a great birthday. She'll get over the knicker wizzing ... eventually!!! Have a great day.
Take care, Meow

Princess said...

Im glad she had a good day! :D

The slideshow was great!

Lol @ Dora!


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thank you..and she did have a good birtday,or so she says:)

she is a quick on alright..lillte bugger is what she is:-0

u just wait till u have kids missy..all the fun u wull have!

Krystal said...

Dora swimming. Ha! Ha! Sounds like she inherited your quick wit and smart ass ways...

Kendra Lynn said...

Well, you can tell Boo that Kelsey's little ponies are drowning in her pee, too. Does it ever end???
Cute birthday pics, though.
In spite of Dora smelling like urine.

~Deb said...

Oh how funny. When I was that age, I always wanted a boy's bike. One day I learned the reason why girls don't ride bikes with the bar in the middle. But I still wonder, doesn't that hurt for the boy's too? (If they fell?) Never understood it.

These pictures are priceless. And granny bee does look like she hit the sauce a little! haha! Love these pictures! Also, the neighborhood you live in looks like those "Lifetime movie" shots in those perfect streets.

Cute kids! But where are the pics of mama bee???????

Working Mom said...

Do I detect plumber's crack on that one picture of Boo running? :)

And your poor son looks devastated. I feel for the guy.

Oh and the cake was delicious. Thank you ;)

Lady Noelle said...

Very cute slideshow. I had to chukle at the one of your older daughter with the caption 'get that damn boy off my bike'.

pack of 2 said...

Glad to hear that Boo had a great Birthday. Sorry I haven't been around much lately....working way too much.


Mrs. Diamond said...

I have GOT to remember to pee before I read your blog. You always make me laugh. Can't you get his hair evened out or something? Poor guy.

Mrs. Diamond said...

Oh and I'm so proud of him for learning to ride his bike! That IS a big step! And if I were you, I'd make the step of buying him a boy bike!

d said...

Happy Birthday Boo!

Great pics and neat little slide show too. Is that easy to do? I'll have to check it out sice blogger is such an ass.

You have one smart little cookie there - "Dora is swimming." - How can you argue with that?

Cliff Morrow said...

Cute pics and she had such a great day. You must be the best Mom in the whole world.
BTW, get a shotgun handy and hang it above the door. When those two hit about 16 the boys will be lined up. I forgot, that was the old days. Probably 12 now.

Britmum said...

I know htat I don't get out much but that is the best bloody slide show I have ever seen. I know, I know my I live a sheltered existance.

Boo Bee is just adorable and I would be happy to mind her. The other bees are way cute too. Poor Butch Bee. Tell him Jo Jo doesn't think his hair looks that bad. Tell him Sam has had a few dodgy cuts too.

Take care xxxxx

P.S. I miss you so bloody much.

aatank said...

I love the Dora story, it's great!!
Next time you should pay for a $7 haircut instead of the $6.99.

Just think with the ugly haircut and the girls bike you will never have to worry about him hooking up with the ladies.

Adorable slide show! Your children are so cute:)

Michael Manning said...

Poor Dora! And no wonder with all that COOL stuff going on!! lol! I'll bet your son has shown you how he can "peel out" with wet tires (works especially well in the garage) as does slamming on the brakes!!! :) JUst make sure he doesn't see that crappy movie with "Mr. Tan" himself--George Hamilton as "Evel Knievel". Of course you should watch it after he's asleep to laugh at a movie even Hamilton now says he was emnbarrassed he made! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOO!!!!!

aatank said...

I have posted twice on your blog and for some reason it doesn't show up. I'll try again.

With Butch looking like a dork and riding a girls bike you won't have to worry about him hooking up with chicks.

Boo looked so sweet in her pics. and I loved swimming Dora.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i just got back in form my job at the county motel..

your guys comments crack me up..thank you..i love u all

and aatank..its there...maybe it just showed up late..blogger sucsk..sometimes it doest look like a comment is there, but when u go back later its stupid.

i will be in to check on you all later..

thanks for liking my slideshow:)

The Kept Woman said...

I'll show you mine if you show me yours! It's a deal!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

The Kept woman,
its on baby..i already got ya logged on and plugged in sweety;)

Gette said...

Cute pics. Butch has a cute enuf mug to carry off the bad haircut. Wow are you gonna drop some coin on them at the fair...

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

oh yes......i am planning on spending lots of dough at the fair..

but the weather is looking crappy for saturday, so we may have to go to the sceince muesum instead.

Angel Girl said...

I still think you should call blondie bee "Megan Ryan bee" hehe

That was a great slideshow :) Glad to hear that it was a good day for all.