Friday, August 11, 2006


Question..if you eat hashbrowns, eggs and sausage for breakfast, then get the GI trots an hour later and lose all your money down the crapper, do I still have to count that for weight watchers points?

What, I do?..aww shucks......good thing that was my only meal that day huh? damn I always get screwed.

My 4 mile walk last night, pelicans again, but this time a swan tried beating the hell out of one...they must still have running bets on catching the fat girl..

damn birds anyway....and yes Suize, we have pelicans...good God woman..

they are all over, like flies on a dung ball..

I saw this over at Tees blog, its a tour of your home. I did it for lack of anything better. So grab a soda, or a 12 pack of Bud, whatever you want..

Kick back and watch it, its long..I did not do my whole house as that would take all day for you to view, and hey, who the hell has that kinda time?...I know I dont have that kinda time..gee wiz.

Well i get to work midnights tongiht, where I will sleep. Bastards..

They called and wanted me to work one day next week. I told them to call lazy girl.


ok, I have to put the link here and just hope you acctually go over and view it, for some reason it wont take on my post. I even had Tee herself try and do it, and she couldnt do it either...she thinks it may be some kind of glitch in my template, cuz it went fine on her account..

Thats the way Bossy's luck is.....the only luck I have is bad lucky, or Lucky Charms.

Well have a good weekend and here is the dang link to the page..

Bee Real


novaks8 said...

nice home tour!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

why thank you...just like a regualr ole real estate lady huh?

Jewl said...

Very nice home chick. I would do mine but military housing is kind of scary!

vani said...

i love all the colors u chose. :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thank sister lives in nay i know exactly what u mean:)

aww, thank you girl..i like green and gold, can u tell?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

hmm...something must be arry witrh the comment comment isnt showing up.

man i hate technology

Kendra Lynn said...

Nice house. Are those all the books you have?
I have three 4-shelf bookshelves upstairs, and Scott has three or four of the same downstairs, not to mention his "educational"/computer bookself.
OH, and the girls have two shelves downstairs and two upstairs in their rooms. LOL

And I won't be doing a walkthru of my house cause its never quite clean enough.


Bumbling Bav said...

Bossy I love your colors! And the doors to your bedroom... that is hot! not stripper hot... but hot!

That was so cool that you did that! Thanks for sharing. You and Tee are so computer smart.

And hello... do the points count if you puke an hour later???? Just askn.

Enjoy the nap at work.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

oh heavens no..see all the cabintes below? full of there are boxes in the garage...

the kids have thier own book shelves in thier rooms and in the play room...i hate books. they make everything look clutterd. I say thats what the public libray is for!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

hmm, if u puke probably not..but if you crap it out...i am thinking it does..thats just the way my luck is..

i am so not computer smart..thats why i called ole tee for backup:)

Peggy said...

I didn't see my room anywhere :( You DO have a room for me when I run away don't you????????? LOL

BossyĆ¢™¥'s YOU said...

i got you room..i just did not show it was i did not want other bloggers to think THEY had a room too..

how is davie?

beth said...

you have a very lovely room. and, you actually have baskets on your stairs!! is that for taking all the stuff up that all the organizaion people tell you to do?? I'm so impressed! and i love your yellow walls!!

beth said...

home, I meant you have a very lovely home!!

Princess said...

Mine is taking soo long to load (im on dialup atm) But i will let ya konw what i think soon! ;) hehe

Hope you have an awesome weekend!


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thank you..I knew what u meant..

I have the baskets on the stpes as a "decoration"..they usally end up on the floor cause the cat/dog or baby kicks them down..

that gold room is my faviorte one too..i love decorating it for fall..just wait till sept..u will be showing pics..sorry but i do that:)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

DIAL UP?..oh hell now sweety..

Princess said...

Ohh, i saw it!! Its soo nice and homely. I love it!


kaliblue said...

Nice house ya got Miss Bossy :-).
Have A Great Weekend!!

1 plus twins said...

house it too cute. i think everyone's playroom looks like that. at least i know ours does. thanks for sharing.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thank you..glad u could see it

thank you..and u have a great weekend too

1 plus twins.
i think your right on the is clean once in a while, but then ends up just like that the next day..damn kids

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thank you..glad u could see it

thank you..and u have a great weekend too

1 plus twins.
i think your right on the is clean once in a while, but then ends up just like that the next day..damn kids

d said...

Best damn house tour I've ever been on.

"..the pot my son misses." LMAO!

Oh, GI trots? Oh damn, where do you come up with this stuff?

Karin said...

I shall have to take the tour later, I am too tired and I have too much to do still. Have a great weekend I will be in Iowa until Monday.

Heart Of Darkness said...

You're not fat and swans are the animal kingdom version of cheerleaders - beautiful, admired and real bitches... :D

Claire said...

Cute house, hon! And worry not about the swans - we all know they're evil, right?

JD's Rose said...

Have a good weekend Miss Britches!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

dont tell me you have never heard of the GI trots?..hehe..I am glad i can entertain u so well, my job here is done:)

what the sam bloody hell r u doing in Iowa..gee gads woman, who goes to Iowa?

your way too funny...

well its them damn pelicans that scare me;)

u too my lady..

Meow said...

YOu have a lovely home, thanks for sharing.
Hope you have a great weekend ... don't work too hard !! Sleep tight !!
Take care, Meow

Tammy said...

thanks for sharing the pics of your home...loved the clock and books and John on tv...Y&R is my soap but I watched Days for many years!

Working Mom said...

Holy crap your house is so clean compared to mine!! I'm so ashamed now. Thanks for making me feel the need to clean my crappy house!! :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thank you...and you havea great weekend too, i plan on sleeping well at work tongiht;)

I tried getting into Y&R when I was a teenager on summer vaction, just could not get into it. I am sutck watching Days..and trust me, its gotten real bad:)

you call that clean? shaky is always telling me what a mess the house always is..the kids rooms are a mess, well one of them is...did u see my toy room?...hello woman!

Working Mom said...

You need to let your hubby see my house, then he'd never complain about yours!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

im sure it isnt that abd...and did u see the toy room?..hello...if that gives you any clue what the people in the house can do...damn kids..

~Deb said...

What a cool home chicky!!! I love the mustard-goldish color in the living and dining room. That's definitely the color I want. It makes the place look warmer, you know?

Other than that------the GI trots! hahaha!!! I just love your way with words!

Tee said...

I like the tiles in the kitchen and your dinner table. What a nice big backyard for playing, too!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i love greens and yellows...if u cant tell..i am thinking of painint my bedroom and sitting area a lavander..what do u think?

my way with words is jsut pricelss huh..i am a one of kind, thats why u love me:)

yes lots of room to play..i painted those tiles..they were brown when we moved here..

Cliff Morrow said...

How could you even consider leaving this paradise?? You spoiled child. :}
Life is good isn't it?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well it would be paradise if I lived where the palm trees are..

and i need a pool boy, a good looking, and someone to do my laundry..then life would be better.

Jerry said...

See you always wanted a warmer climate, and now you have it. You just need to plant some palm tress and bermuda grass. Cliff has a hibiscus he could give you.

Neat home tour. I'll have to try that....after I clean.

Krystal said...

Just wanted to let you know that I've been reading along, not posting comments, but reading along. :)

Lady Noelle said...

The link worked fine. You have a nice house. I liked the wooden cupboards all the books were on. I want a tredmil, but I have no idea were I would put it. Hope you have a good weekend.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

sad thing is 3 months from now it will be negaitive 50...not so warma dn fuzzy then!

well where the hell have u been?

lady n,
thank you...those wooden cupbaords are nice, they are built in..but they just collect clutter;)

have a good weekend

Ravinnia said...

Hey there! i always see your comments on Denise's blog but have never read yours. You live in MN huh? I am in a small town about an hour from Rochester. Where are you? It is nice to meet you:) Have a good weekend!

The Blog Whore said...



Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i live in a small town too..if i see your email on your blog i will email you and tell you..

blog whore,
but i only clean one..haha

Gette said...

I hope target gave you good $$ for the product placement in your slideshow.

And I saw books, you at least look at the pictures, even if you don't read! No fair shirkin' the tag!

We have a nesting colony of pelicans over here, and my GF is a Master Naturalist for the Extension office, so she sometimes helps with tagging at the WMA. She says when they get scared, they poop or puke on you, so consider yourself lucky.

My house is too messy to slideshow. Ever.

Hope your weekend at work is nap-tastic!

Gette said...

And BTW, if you've been having the GI trots this long GET TO A DOCTOR!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

those pelicans are such a bother..

well, target didnt pay me crap for working there, why would they pay me now?

do u need me to helo come clean your house?...then we can make a slide show..i will over soon..

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

oh nope..i dont get the GI trots very often...i just like talking about crap i guess..

greasy food gives it to me no matter what..i am gettin old..

Rosa said...

Girl, you crack me up! Have a good weekend, even if it kills you (NOT!).

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thank you chicky..and i am heading to work in 2 hours where i plan on napping heavliy if not hitting full REM sleep at some point in time..its all good honey:0

Michele_3 said...

How cool is that, we got a tour of your house! Now I feel l ike I know you a lot better!(how I wish we had basements in FL) LOL!
Cute house, loved the dining room paint color, were planning on painting ours, I'm keeping that color in mind..
take care & have a grrea weekend!

Badoozie said...

how in the holy heck did you get this many comments. what did you do?????

Britmum said...

Gee Whiz Bossy its Jo Jo here.

Whats up with the cotton socks these days?

Hey I wanted to see the whole tour and nothing but the whole tour.

What a lovely home there you have and I can just see you now tying away at yours desk D P ing it.

Take care xx

Nerdine said...

Swans are EVIL. I think they swore an oath when they were born to attack people.

loved your home! If I were to do one of those it would take four pictures and you'd have seen it all. after all I have all of one room... Ok three if you count the bathroom and the kitchen..

JD's Rose said...

I didn't mean take the weekend off... come back now.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

whenu want to paint let me know and i will come helo ya, i am cool like that;)

I am just ebing me..thats all I gotta do:)

well i could not get a damn connection at work last i slept:)...i had my desk top on, its always it said i was at work, but really I was not even connected was just my connection here at home..i was pissed..

now u need to do a tour scorpoins though.

yes swans and pelicasn are bad birdies..well tkaing 4 pics wont take u too long..lets get on that now shall we?..haha

gosh, i got nothing:)

Nerdine said...

I took a couple of photos of myself instead - you did ask for those some time ago, didn't you?
well - I just had a haircut and there are before and after mugshots. or something...

pack of 2 said...

you are such a crack up...I say no the weight watcher points don't count but I cheat on diets so whatever!

For some reason the link I have for you on my site isn't working???

Blogger bugs me!


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well i am on my way over to see, thats even better than your house:)

well i am glas someone agress with me on the diet thing;)

and thank you for calling me a crack cracks me when u say that:)

get the link fixed..damn woman:)

Granny said...

Very nice.

Your post about your plane trip showed up on bloglines but not here.

Have a safe trip and be sure you don't take anything threatening like a water bottle.