Thursday, August 24, 2006

Love and affection

I did the noble and dreaded deed of taking my 9 year old Butch Bee school clothes shopping. I can only take one kid at a time, for the simple reason I want to kill them all if I take them out of the hive together. I mean literally kill them. I would line them up under my little dodge caravan and hit them like a squirrel running giddy across the road. Is that too harsh?...Well if u have ever tried shopping with 3 kids at the same time, you would know this is a mild punishment.

My son is set for school. I spent only about 200 bucks on him. Boys are so easy to please. Take them to Old Navy or to Gap and they find what they want, and that's the end of it. We had to make a token stop at Target. I like buying socks and underwear there. I don't know why. He claimed he needed a new backpack. This kid has about 3 of them. The one he picked out was 60 bucks. 60 damn bucks for a stinking backpack. Now in my day I could go to Big Wheel and get a back pack for like 8 dollars. Came complete with a Trapper Keeper and a Michael Jackson notepad. Hell yes! Today the back packs come with nothing but a high price tag. My mom wondered if they were lined in gold. We looked. They aren't.

I am a people watcher. I have been all my life. I don't like being social ,I would rather stand on the side and make fun of the people I see. Its better for my pysci that way.

I notice a trend. A Horrid trend. Do you ever notice that men like to wear their pants below there gut. Like the squeeze into a size say 32 when they really where a 52. Why don't men buy pants that fit around the waist? Do they not realize how foolish this looks? Us women, we like to try and hide our mid section, so we buy pants that fit so tight around the mid section , we cant breath. Why do we do this?..Makes the tummy look flatter. Think about it, have you ever seen a woman wear a pair of slacks, trousers, jeans or whathaveyou with her gut hanging over the top of the pants? It does not happen. I think men need to take a lesson from us ladies and wear clothes that fit. Stop living in the world that you think you still wear the same size you did in high school. You don't. Go out and buy the husky pants, its ok...Cover up the beer belly fellas, you will look leaner, and cleaner and well kept. Its just a bit of fashion advice from me to you....

Next week is Blondie Bees turn. Lord have mercy on me that day.

I bought my Boo Bee some Dora underwear. I want her to stop peeing in a diaper and start whizzing in the crapper like the rest of us. Well most of us anyway. She will be 3 next Tuesday. This is a crying shame. I am lazy and there is no reason why she isnt wiping her own ass. Starting in the morning this all going to change.

I have a question . Blondie bees little friend who is going into second grade has her own cell phone. Is this normal? My parents did not even allow me to call friends till damn near 6th grade. Are my kids social outcasts because I am not gonna spend money on cell phones for them to lose? What damn 6 or 7 year old needs her OWN cell phone?

So these are my delimas for this day in history.

*Guys wear your pants around your waist, not below it.
*Back pack makers don't sell 60 dollar backpacks unless a kid comes for free with it
*don't let your small kids have cell phones, they will lose it or possibly order a pizza with it.

Bee Real


Britmum said...

Scragend wears the correct size trousers and he asked me to tell you that he hasn't go a belly either. LOL

I am a bad mother because I didn't buy him any new clothes yet. I am waiting for it to cool off or thats my excuse any way. What the hell spending that much on a back pack. I went to Ross and bought one for $15. It even has wheels, quite nice really. I might even take it for a spin soon.

Guess what I am the first to comment on your bloody blog. I love it.

bye bye from JoJO

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well I am gald your hubby wears them the right does mine..and we would have major probelms if he did not..

15 bucks, the hell did i end up having to pay 60..and i have no wheels?

damn jojo:)

Working Mom said...

Men have no damn sense, I thought you knew this :)

Oh, and I've seen plenty of women going around with "muffin top". They need to buy the next size up too!

Holy crap...$60 for a back pack?! And a 2nd grader with a cell phone?! Lordy, my kid's gonna be a social outcast! ;)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

oh i dont mean the flab that hangs over top...i mean wearing them way below the belly..

i see the top flap over pleanty on us women..I may have even been guily a time or two..but i am speaking of the below the waist hang you only see in men:)

and yes, my kids will be socail outcasts as well...


Working Mom said...

Oh crap the whole belly hanging out?! Maybe they're hoping someone will rub it for them :)

Jamie Dawn said...

A 2nd grader with a cell phone??!! That's a new one.
Maybe she has her own credit card too???

Men and that belly thing... they just refuse to wear a bigger waist size than they did when their waist was ten inches smaller. :)

It's easy to go clothes shopping with my kids now.
Either they go by themselves which is VERY easy on me, or I go with them and tell them how much they have to spend. I just stand there and offer advice on the ugly stuff they pick out or I tell them that something they picked out looks good. It's a piece of cake. You'll see someday...

Kelly said...

The whole cell phone thing in elementary school has been an issue here too! Syd also has friends starting 2nd grade that have them...but damn it, their parents all work for Dow! They can afford it! That's just asking for trouble if you ask me.

novaks8 said...

No it is not normal.

Our rule used to be High School=Cell phone

But now my 7th grader has one because his sister left home so he got hers.

He will be doing sports this year so I will feel better with him having one.

But 2nd grade?

Raggedy said...

In one of my post a Dad had a solution for the pants hanging of the arse style.

*Guys wear your pants around your waist, not below it.
*Back pack makers don't sell 60 dollar backpacks unless a 50 dollar bill is in a pocket in the pack.
*no children should have cell phone. I tell them they cause brain cancer in the young..hahaha

Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from da Raggedy one

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

like a budda?..haha

i can tell you that my son picked out a few things I did not care for, such as some camoflauge cargo pants..gee gads..

well now my kids think they need a phone. I tell them u want a phone, get a damn job:)

I can even see a 7th grader having one..they are more likly to need one then a 6 year old..

i am gonna have to read that:)

and I agree with the 50 bucks with the backpack, i wouldnt mind that so much:)

ole 36x36 js said...

Mrs. Britches,
I have friends that have kids that age with cell phones. WTF?? Thats not right. They shouldn't have them and don't need them. My lil fella is 3 and he just got potty trained, he is a mean lil dude and he told us " Im just not gonna poop in the pot!" and he meant it. He gets that from his momma i'm thinking. My lil girl was a breeze the first time she wet her big girl panties was the last time because it was gross, the lil guy............. he couldn't care less what happened ion his "to-mater" drawers. That was until he stood in the tub and cleaned them out and himself off about 4 times then he changed his mind. And.........
I sure hope ur guys gut take wasn't spurred by my lics!!!!!!!!!!!!
frown :(
but I say no to crack, coke or ass either one.
The main most problem with the dudes with the huge guts and 30 size jeans is that they really believe they look good in them!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

ole j,
i think your right, they do think they look good in them..and they dont..

my son who is nine now was hard to trian, my 6 year old was very easy...but this last one..she is a bugger.

bugger i tell you!

Princess said...

No way would i EVER let my kid in year 2 have a mobile. That is waaay young! Could you imagine the attitude?

Thats so cute, Butch going shopping with his mummy! I hope you guys had a great day!! :D


Micky said...

Cannot even imagine a 7 year old with a cell phone. But, I am old. Just got my 20 yr old her first cell- cause she was going to Boston with her friends and I didn't want her getting stranded anywhere. No eating up minutes with small talk though, geez.
Love how the guys wear those pants, convincing themselves they still got it, and then griping about how much weight their wives have gained since the last ten years!
Back packs are the devil! Cannot figure why they need a new one every freaking year, anyway.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes i dont think they need one either..and mine arent getting one:)
we had a good time, until he got pissed off becuase I would not let him buy a damn toy!

well 20 years old is totaly acceptable.
and i dont know wy they need new backpacks every year either..although this kid has not had a new one for bout 2 years, and the zipper is broke on it he does need a new one..lil bugger.

Mandi said...

My 7 year old asked for a cell phone....I cleaned my ears out and asked him what he said. INSANE!!!! Who the heck are they going to call???!!! I even peeked at those firefly phones that are specifically for kids....$100!!!! um, I'm sorry, but I didn't even spend that much on MY phone. Ok, sorry, guess I have rahter strong feelings on this subject!

And I hear ya about potty training, we're in the process as well. What a pain. Why can't you just flip a switch when they turn two and it's automatic?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

amen all around girl..

I always say when they get to middle school MAYBE i will get them one, only because I worry bout them being kidnapped or being taken advatage of by someone..i want them to alwyas be able to call..but I am still thinking on that one.

and potty trainiging sucks..why cant we all just use diapers?..hehe

Angel Girl said...

Hell no a 2nd grader shouldn't have their own cell phone.. good god! I can see a 7th grader having one, particurally for emergencies considering that's when they start to travel further to school..

PS I love people watching too! I spent half a day doing that in Paris.. quite entertaining I tell ya!

beth said...

I do the unheard of. I take all 3 of mine to the store with me and it is indeed a nightmare. I still have the shopping thing to do, I figure the longer I wait, the taller he'll be and the clothes will fit those few seconds longer!
my 3 year old wants Dora underwear but she doesn't not want to use the potty.
just say no to the$60 backpacks and the cell phones. well, at least I'm gonna. my boys have to use their backpacks from last year and they can have a cell phone when they can pay for it themselves!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

angel girl,
people watching is so much fun..better then talking to anyone:)

and about 7th grade is a good time for a phone, but only for emgerinces:) agreed.

Last year I took all three of them out at the same time for school shopping. Lord I wanted to drive right straight into the Might Mississippi..I dont know how u do it girl:)

well normally they use the same backpack for a few years, but it just so happen that both thier zippers hense, a new one is in order.

now way in hell my kids are getting phones this young either. When they get to be in Jr High I might consder it, but it will be pre-paid minutes so they cant call anyone they please, it will be for letting me know where the heck they are, and who they are with..and for me to tell them to stop at the store and bring home a loaf of bread:)

Mrs. Diamond said...

Because I agree with you 100% about not giving kids cell phones, I won't yell at you for spending $60 on a stinkin backpack.

just_tammy said...

What can I add when it has all been said?! Oh, how about this son called from college between classes yesterday to ask for a wake up call!!! He needed a nap but didn't want to sleep through his next class. I don't even want to know what a 2nd grader would be doing with a phone.

I feel your pain on so many levels!

Ravinnia said...

$60?!? Jeez! Nuts! Same with cell phones for kids. MAYBE in middle school it is ok. Gosh or how about when they are 16 and get a job and pay for it THEMSELVES! What is the world coming to?! Good luck with the potty training!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

mrs d,
thank you for not ripping me a new one:)

just tammy,
i was not sure if u were still amung the living..i had not heard from u in a while..

well at least your son isnt like iw as in collge, i would not only sleep beofre class, but also durring..yeah, whatver;)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i know, what the hell is this world coming too?..

i never in my life ever imagend a second grader neednmg a cell phone or paying 60 bucks for a backpack..

potty traing far she has not peed hersalef..but the day is still young:)

pack of 2 said...

Amen to guys wearing their pants around their waist. Do their wives not see them before they go out the door?


Cliff Morrow said...

I have to wear the right size. I just can't breathe in or they hit the floor.
Tell the kiddies they get a cell phone when they move out or reach 30. Whichever comes first.
No actually, we had radios in our kids cars that would reach 50 miles (before cell phones were pop.) It makes life much easier when they are of the driving age...something you can really look forward to.
On the women and belly thing, a while back I saw a woman from India, in those robes they wear with her big belly completely exposed. Looked like me in a halter top.
NO... I haven't worn a halter top.

Mike said...

I, for one, can still wear the same size jeans I wore in highschool.

So there, take that!

d said...

Shoot - I didn't get a cell phone until I was 26. I guess I'm a late bloomer.

I hear ya on the pants. Women have their own tasteless version tho - the too low pants with the thong showing. For the love of all that is holy - put your ass away!

The Kept Woman said...

I tried the Dora underwear thing. I tried the "Dora Takes a Whiz" book. If there's anyone who can get the Duckling on the can it would be Dora.

Didn't work.

I tried letting her wear the Dora undies one day hoping she would not want to get wet. No dice, my friend.

"Mommy" said a strained-face two year and a half year old, "I'm making a poopy."

I've since given into the fact that I will be attending college with her to change her diapers.

aatank said...

I asked my father this very question this weekend! Here is what he said, "If you buy pants to fit around the waist, they fall down when you walk. And suspenders are not cool to wear. So if I wear them below my belly and add a belt they stay where they belong." But, I hate to say there are many woman out there that do not wear the correct size pants either. If you have never seen a woman with her belly fat hanging over (better known as a muffin top)you need to go to a NASCAR race. It is so gross what some people will wear in public.

There is no way in heck I would ever let my child have a cell phone at that age. What is wrong with parents? and they wonder why their kids can't read a book.

As a past teacher I hate backpacks with wheels. They don't fit in the lockers, and the kids drag them across the floor so other people can trip over them. Let's just say they are a pain in the Ass.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

amen woman..amen:)

i love you more as each day passes..thank you for your insight on this matter:)
and i think the radio thing is agood..maybe i will buy my kids some walkie talkies:)

damn, one man out of amilloin who thinks they can disprove my theory:)

rock on brother, and always keep tose pants at the waiste!!

yes i didnt get my own cell till about 26..they were very pricey for many years, and I wasnt gonna spend that much money, plus i HATE talking on a phone anyway..

and yes, you have a point there too..amen thongs please.

The Kept Woman,
oh hell, I have been thru those exact situaiots seems maybe you and I were seppataered at birth...what year were u born?..haha..i just love this woman people:)

so there is a reason why they do it then?.i have never heard a reason behind it..why cant tey wear belts the other way too?..i dont get it?..

amen on the kids arent allowed those, plus i dont think they are allowed on the bus either, they just look plain retarded to see a 3 rd graded wheeling there backpack across the damn lazy is that kid?

Badoozie said...

that is their waist you ninny!!! are they supposed to yank their pants up over the gut? i think it would help you if they would just not TUCK.

and as for women doing that, i see it all the time. guts hanging over. it happens.

we need to talk

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

no no no....your waiste is the area along your belly button...they wear the pants BELOW just about where there pee pee is hanging down..if the men wore thier pants at the waste, there belly wouldnt flop out u understand what I mean?

and yes, ladies will wear pants that are too small and there flab hangs out the top, i have seen that plenty, but at least they are wearing pants at the waist..

hello suzie, do u undstand what I mean?


Karin said...

I know that a lot of divorced parents buy cell phones for their kids around here so that they can keep in touch with them if they are with the other parent. However they are different than a normal cell phone and can only call the 3 numbers you program it with and can only receive calls from those numbers. There is no reason a 7 year old should have a regular cell phone in my opinion. I am not sure if others have already said this in the comments as you have so many commentors I could not spend the time reading them all.

The man thing is gross to me, however women are starting to wear pants around their hips as well so you will see a muffin top on some women, not me though.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yup you agree with most of us on the cell phone thing..i know my kids will NEVER get a phone that young..not ever!..

and yes, i do see the women with the muffin tops...somehow that doesnt bother me as much as the men not wearing thier pants at the waist.

i dont know why:)

The Blog Whore said...

Big Wheel?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

blog whore,
big wheel was a crappy store worse them walmart...if that is could buy anything there..i got a hamster there once:)

i dont belive they are around anymore..

Michele_3 said...

Bellies hanging, muffin tops & cell phones,You crack me up with the variety of things we get to discuss with you on your blog! Love it...

2nd grader with cell= is just stupid..
$60 for a backpack- jeez women I hope it lasts all year,I thought buying my 4th grader one for $35 was pretty bad..He had to get a messenger bag this year,is that what your son got too?

Also, I know what Karin is talking about with the cell with only 3 numbers you store in there- I was thinking of getting one for my oldest when he goes in Middle school.It's a lot better then your kids wasting minutes & so on a regular cell..
Ok, I'm rambling-
Take care girlie!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i have no idea if its a messagner bag, whats that?...all i know is it has a zipper, it will hold his crap and cost way too much money.

i have never heard of those phones, but they do sound pretty handy, i may consider something of that nature when they are old enough to remeber our phone number;)

1 plus twins said...

too funny, you just crack me up. i so know what you mean about shopping with 3 kids. it is the worst. i hate it. now being that it is boys is probably better than girls but still it sucks with three and i too would love to kill them when we go. my oldest is 9 and i see no reason for him to have a cell phone. i can only see it when he starts driving for saftety emergency reasons and that is it. but then i will make him work and buy it himself. lol i had a quarter for emergencies!!! lol

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

1 plus twins.
amen girl..amen..

maybe when they drive, and i dont mean there bike:)

Angel Girl said...

OK I completely made a comment yesterday, but yet it's not here. I guess it wasn't meant to be :( hmmph

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

angel girl,
its there...u did..

u musta just missed it, cuz its there..or maybe u have gone blind:)

Choppzs said...

Ok, after reading all the comments, I am ashamed to say that Girly has a cell phone. Yes, she is turning 9 and she has had a cell phone for the last year. We started out with the firefly, but that damn thing had some sort of technical difficulties, so we resorted to a regular phone. The main reason we got it for her was because she has to walk a ways to the bus stop. I feel safer when she calls me to let me know she is down there and ok and then she calls me when she gets off the bus in the afternoons to let me know she is walking home. We started it because after Baby Boy was born, I couldn't always take her down there in the mornings. She has a few people's numbers programed in it (Gma, Gpa, daddy and me of course) and is only allowed to call those people. She can only use it on the weekends, except to call me and hubs. We have strict rules on usage, and she has been very good about it. Plus, it's a good punishment tool when she is bad. She hates having it taken away. It stays off and in her backpack during the day, and she only has it on when she is at the bus stop. Ok, enough trying to defend myself!! lol I guess it depends on your child and whether you think they are responsible enough. As I type this, my daughter is being hazed by the Marine Daddy because she isn't doing as she should. She is being made to clean the bathroom with a toothbrush!! Hopefully she'll listen next time when I tell her to do something!!