Friday, May 25, 2007

Dr Feelgood

I apologize in advance for the endless stream of picture vomit I am going to put you thru. Picture vomit is something a blogger does when they are too lazy for a real post, or have nothing to post about..Take what you will from that.

Yesterday Blondie had her class play..It was The Three Bears and she was Baby Bear. Would of made more sense to cast her as Goldilocks, but I was not the casting agent.

This is her...and that lad next to her is the dude whom calls her..

and yes, I do have a hit out on him..

In our next scene Baby Bear is distraught over that bitch Goldilocks busting up her chair.

Ya and you idiots know the rest of the story..

Anyhoo...This is Boo, telling me she was not in the mood to go see a Theatrical Production that her sister was in.

This is me telling her to get her ass off the couch and put her shoes on.

I know, I look like a hard ass, don't I?

This is me again, I think I may take my glasses back, I am not sure if I like them..Plus I cant see shit out of them..The doc told me my eyes were better, so I needed a weaker lens.

He is a big stupid butt, because I cant see didley shit squat.

Anyhoo, since I want you to get those visuals out of your mind, I am going to talk about something.

Are you ever with a person, anyone really, and you ask a question and they say

"it doesn't matter to me"

Why does that bug the shit out of me?

When someone tells you that, it means they indeed do not want to participate in

whatever your asking about.

Now if they were to say..

Hell yes, I am game


Sure thats fine by me

that means they want to..

when they say

It doesn't matter to me, they are saying, do it yourself ,or hell no I don't want any part of that.

I will give u some examples

"Hey Barb, do you want to pass out the 8pm meds or shall I?

"it doesn't matter to me"

That means they are too fu*king lazy and indeed are not game on that.

If you say

" hey, do you want to sit on your ass and do nothing all night?"

and they say

" yes, that sounds wonderful"

that is indeed what their whole soul intention is..God Bless em I say.


My dad will be here sometime Saturday, remember he is staying at a hotel rather then my humble abode..

Still not sure if I should be extremely offended or extremely grateful

Then it makes me wonder when I come home to visit and I stay at his house, would he rather me stay at a hotel?


But maybe they just wanna get their freak on..I don't know..

I feel like a bad hostess, granted, I hate people, but I do like my dad. I get my rock and roll genes from him..

Although I can sing better then him, and I actually know the words to the songs I am singing..

God bless him and I cant wait until he gets here..


I had to work until Midnight Thursday...This is what I looked like at 11:30pm

I know, I know..put a bag over her head...I mean holy crap...

Although it looks like I might of just dropped some acid, but seriously, this is what I look like. NO make up artist, no air brushing.

Thank your lucky stars you don't wake up next to that every morning like poor Shaky does.

Ok in order to get that misleading image out of your heads..Here is a pretty sunset I saw on my walk the other night

Ok it is not that great of a shot..and I do apologize.

Oh and Boo told me today that my face smells like a zoo.

I am hoping for a nice leisurely weekend, I don't have to go back to the office until Tuesday. I am hoping to start sobering up by then.

Have a great Holiday Weekend..

Thongs Rule

HAve a happy period..


Angie said...

no Golden Arches shot? What's up with that?

I would be thankful dad is staying at a hotel and not worry about when you visit. First off, is there even a hotel in the homeland?
Second, he's ur dad, so he has to let you stay with him....that's what I say anyway.

have a great weekend!!

Flip Flop Goddess said...

crap..Ok..Toay I am getting a pic of that empty lot, my min is slowly going, please forgive me;)

and the only motel I can think of in the homeland is Maggies..slim pickins.

patti_cake said...

Boo kills me! How does your face smell like a zoo!

kaliblue said...

I love the new look chickie!
You crack me up I swear :-). I just love your lil kiddies, they will be just like you one day.*giggles*
Have a great Memorial Day!

Katie said...

You do look like a badass, I think it's the glasses.

Choppzs said...

Yah, i wanted to see McDs! lol

Ok, I guess I can make due with the shots of you! lol

J to the I to the double L said...

your kids are getting so big...and they are so cute! AND NO your dad dosent want you to stay in a hotel you silly ass. YOU are the kid, when you come HOME it means like literally. Oh yeah, and call me a Hairy Horses Ass, but I dont agree that thongs rule...too un comfy...hey btw a nameless someone pooped yesterday YAY! I might throw a bash to celebrate...guess what the theme will be?? Hersheys (squirts) I know im bad.sorry...:-)

Dottie said...

Kiddos are too cute! I have to stop by more often, you always make me laugh out loud. Enjoy your weekend away from work!

Flip Flop Goddess said...

shit..i just typed out a big long comment to all of you, and its freaking gone..sonofabitch..


I will get that pic of the mcdonalds up tonight..i swear.

Humincat said...

Your daughters are BEAUTIFUL! My niece is the age of Boo and she says some really odd things, and yesterday she decided to cover the couch arm with 2 pages of stickers and then put then in her hair. Little monkey tells me now the couch is NIIIIIIICE. Great. And You should make the new pic your pic, its easier to see you, and not so dark. I have to say, you are staying Bossy in my link, because it took too damn long to fix it the first time. Besides you're still Bossy as hell, and Bossy is easier to write. Yeah Thongs totally rule, all I wear, and on my feet too.

Flip Flop Goddess said...

thanks..and my son looks just like them..yea..for real.

U can keep me Bossy all u want..haha

Its to damn hard to change pics, that one I have I am afraid is staying..not like u really need to know what I look like right?..haha

and when i say thongs, i am referring to flip flops..hehe

J to the I to the double L said...

woopsie...I though the ones u wear on your feet would be spelled tongs..dunno what the hane I was thinking...Oh yeah you forgot about the Arabic Hotel...used to be called Heritage Inn..

dakotablueeyes said...

I like the glasses but hey if you can't see take em back. lol No good if you can't see anything.

just_tammy said...

Like the new look. All the bright colors sure get your attention.

Glad the play was a success. Boo just didn't want all the attention going to Blondie.

Enjoy the visit with your dad and new mom who really couldn't have ever given birth to you. Fascinating!

Sandi said...

Love your blog and the new look. Although I just started reading you so I wasn't tired of the old one yet. But I guess you couldn't just leave it up for me. Keep the glasses, they look good on you. But again I don't know what you looked like in your old ones so maybe I'm not the one to be asking or answering...
Have a good weekend.

Flip Flop Goddess said...

tongs? those are what u dish out pasta with dumbshit;)

its not that I dont like em, its I cant see, they are too weak..but I like them in a sally jesse raphel kinda way

where the hell have u been?

thank you..nice to see u..

well I dont normally wear my glasses, as I normally wear my contacts, but I like to change it up sometimes and be all four eyed..

thanks for stopping by sandi.

Ba Doozie said...

wow, you sound like you're in a pretty good mood. Glad things are looking up for you, if indeed they are. I don't know if I'd be offended about the hotel staying, I personally would rather stay in hotels because I just like my space and I don't like imposing on people. so don't take offense and thank your lucky stars

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm loving the new summery look of your blog.

The glasses are totally cool; too bad you can't see out of them.

Enjoy your dad's visit.

Have a great holiday weekend.
You may want to put some good smelling lotion on your zoo smelling face. Boo cracks me up!!!!

Cliff Morrow said...

Which part of the zoo? You need to have her be more specific. They sell candy and caramel corn and have elephant dung there too.

1 plus twins said...

love the look of your blog!!! it is too cute. the pictures on the post are all adorable. as for your dad, just think of it as a nice jester they are staying at a hotel and when you visit him don't read anything into it, he is your dad your kids grandpa and it is an unwritten rule they are to let you stay with them. don't over analyze any of it. take it for what it is and enjoy!!! oh and is your little one telling you your face smells like animal shit??? ha ha too damn funny she is. you can definitly tell she is your daughter!!

Humincat said...

I can't wait until my Babygirl starts to talk and tell me how my face smells. Wait...I can hear my older one yelling,,,,,yeah, I can wait.

Neurotic1 said...

I like the picture vomit and I like the glasses. Do not take them back! Hope you are enjoying your company!

Shenna said...

Just found you through Emma.

Can't believe you love Def Leppard!!!!!!! Me too!!!!!!!!!!

Even though I now listen to mostly contemporary christian music, I still LOVE Def Leppard.

Do I have 80s girl written all over me???

Flip Flop Goddess said...

sorry i have been so busy...I cant comment. just wante tot hank u all for your comments and hope everyone is having a great weekend..Tommorw I will have fresh bait to post..

Fantastagirl said...

Love the new look!

Emma Sometimes said...

Who knew picutre vommit could look so darn cute?! Oh, and your daughter too. ;oP

Raggedy said...

Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one

Meow said...

Hey, your new template looks wonderful ... I likey !!
Love the photos of your kids ... they are sooooo cute !!
Hope you had a great long weekend.
Take care, Meow

Wendy said...

The things kids say! Very cute pictures of all of you! Hope you had a great weekend!