Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Purple Rain

Now before you get your undergarments in a bind, I know that indeed it aint Wednesday. I am leaving for work and wanted to put this up as I wont be home until midnight, so please no comments on

hey u know it isn't Wednesday yet


man i don't know where u live but its still Tuesday here..

It will be Wednesday soon, so shutup.

Ok, now on to the official business of the day.

This is where I am going on 7-7-07

Now don't get all jealous and shit, it aint the way God wants us to act toward each other.

I am laying down 131 bucks, plus whatever convenience fees and charges they tack on bastards..

The tix go on sale Saturday, I am hoping to get good seats for that price.

Now you may wonder who the hell I am going to drag with me...Well I have that all figured out. You see, when Shaky and I married some 12 years ago, he said, and I quote

for better or worse

I plan on milking that for all its worth..See its better for me and worse for him, we are killing two birds with one purple stone.

I am also going to be the first in line to buy the new fancy perfume. And it damn well better be female perfume or I will never be able to live that down. I mean its bad enough he is designing a woman's perfume, but if it is actually a "mans" perfume, Mr shaky will have a field day with that...what man makes a man perfume? men don't wear perfume, I knew he was odd and stupid.

yes, harsh words, but thats what the good man of God would tell me. Just to break my heart and laugh and stomp all over my dignity.

but its a chance I am willing to lay down and bare.

Because when its a worthy cause, I am all over it like flies on shit.

He told me that I may have already exceeded my concert fund for the year, as I have forked down a bit of a wad to see Def Leppard twice this upcoming summer. I told him that I checked with my accounted..(meaning me) and its all clear.

You can not tell me I am working for not. I bust my balls all week, and damn it, if I want to waste money on fake tans, rock shows and perfume designed by a man whom wears high heel boots and likes the color purple. then so be it..

I do wear the pants in this family after all.

Well my pants anyway.

Well, I am off to the office, where I will be making hard earned money in order to stalk rockers and men who wear high heels.
But in Prince's defense, if you have ever met him, or even seen him up close, you will know why he wears high heels.
My poor Boo is probably taller then him.
But I hear he makes up for it in other areas..
Im just sayin
Ok, I am done.Flops Rule


vani said...

Nice new layout! Makes me feel all summery and stuff..hehe. My oldest confuses Prince with Michael Jackson and always asks, "Mommy, is that a boy or a girl?"

Flip Flop Goddess said...

u like the layout? nice and summery, just the way I like it.

Oh gosh, how can anyone confuse those two?..holy hell no..

Yarn Tails said...

Someone must have stole my rock jeans. I just dont really care for Prince. Now Def Leapord I could probably handle, but Not Prince! hehe

Hope you have a half way decent day at work. Two more nite shifts for me and then it is days! Yay!!

Humincat said...

Where do you hear info like that? I've never heard anything about Prince's goods or any other rockers goods for that matter. I guess I roll with the wrong crowd. I'd say you could take me, but your not in Ca I don't think, and I'm not sure if they let nursing babies into Prince concerts. Maybe in a few months, when I can have a real freakn drink. Not that I'm complaining....

Karin said...

Well it sounds like you have things all planned out. I would think that since Prince is so intuned with his femine side he should be ok with making a perfume. Have a good night at work.

jsull said...

ok sexy
i got ur back for one concert
just cause ur pretty
if u run thru ur concert funds hit big poppa up and I'll pay for one
just sayin

Katie said...

I'm an accountant, I say you can go.

Ba Doozie said...

oh I cut a rug or two with the purple man in my day..yup.....hope you have a dad burned blast!

Ba Doozie said...

who the hell is this big papa guy? up above me here....makin me nervous

Flip Flop Goddess said...

Yarn Tails..

WAIT..u dont like Prince..oh for shame..haha

well, I have some sources..and they tell me stuff..hehe

Well since Prince has toned down his act, he may not mind a nursing momma in there..hehe..I think he passes out Bibles now..hahahaha

he sure intuned with his femnine side...thats what I like, I think he would know what I want and where I want it..hehe

Slick will,
glad u got my back on this one..

I have my nice concert fund..although I would LOVE to drop the 250 bucks for the private concert at MAcy's..guess I will settle for the 131 one at the target center..although he is going to have a much harder time spotting me in the audince that way.

your hired..haha

Ba dozzie,
Oh I still can cut a mean rug to him...

Oh big pappa is a harmless worries.

Big Poppa said...

damn im thinkin i might needta look up someone here!
She evidently doesnt know Big Poppa Da Panty Droppa
I gotcha on the difference in ur concerts tho........
I wantcha to have a "personal" experience with ur guy......
I'm good people like that

Wendy said...

Girl you are nuts! I would let you drag me along to that concert fo sho! Tell your husband Michael Jordan made a cologne for men. Men need to smell good too!

I've heard about Prince's stature in both areas. I guess if you are hung like a horse you can where all the high heels ya want.

jsull28fl@yaho said...

Thank you for your compliments Wendy. I didnt realize you had seen me unclothed. I actually answer more often to King than I do prince.
but call me what you want, its obvious you have seen the banished pics that some have chosen to post of me on the internet.
ty for your undying admiration.

(ok thats a crock of shit but thats funny right there!!!!)

Flip Flop Goddess said...

slick willy,
I have a feeling that is never going to happen..

So your a lover of the purple one too..My kinda gal..

Hung like a horse..hahahahahaa, still laughing over that.

Oh man...go to bed..hahahahahaha

just_tammy said...

I knew you would do whatever to get princely purple perfume!

KrazyMom said...

That is a true test of Shaky's love for ya! I just can't picture him going! haha. I have never been into Prince..don't hate me for it!

The Kept Woman said...

LOVE the new look.

Enjoy Prince...there's nothing better than seeing your favorite guy (he is still a guys, right?) live and in person!

Yippeeskip said...

1983...high school gym...dark...dancing with Tony Bryant..."Little Red Corvette". Tony wore red zippered parachute pants... I would have rather been listenening to "Darling Nikki" with Devon Yates... Still, nice memory.

Flip Flop Goddess said...

dont u know it;)

well I drug him to a prince show back in 04, he wont admit it, but he had a good time, i know he did.

ok, dont tell me you are questioning his man hood..hehe

holy shit, i am so laughing my ass off right now..

but Darling Niki is one kick ass song:-)

patti_cake said...

Wow I want a full report and pics and on the perfume cos' I want some too. Ooh I get all tingly just thinking of "Darling Nikki". He DOES sing his dirty songs right? He didn't go all christian-y like Charlie Daniels and cut half the hits from his roster right? Now i'm all panicky and I didn't even fork out any $$$~
Have fun sweetie!

Flip Flop Goddess said...

Patti cake,
sad to report this, but he has cleaned up his act, no more "pussy talk" or any sexual songs..its a pretty tame show now a days..

but he is still my man.

~Deb said...

Hey, I actually wear mens' cologne, it's called Zirh----it smells like citrus, a bit like Calvin Klein, and let me tell you how many compliments I get.

(Of course it's a hit with all the ladies.) Maybe you shouldn't get it.

Enjoy 7/7-------and spend BIG!

Anne said...

I just love the new look! OH, and I'm full of envy over you getting to see Prince!

J to the I to the double L said...

have fun at work...sigh...i needs me a j.o.b.

Cliff Morrow said...

Here's where I"M supposed to say I'm jealous. Isn't it?