Monday, May 14, 2007

have a nice day

Let me start off saying that my luck has indeed run its course. As I knew it would, it always does.

For starters, I woke up Saturday with a raging yeast infection, yes yes TMI I know, but it feels better to get it off my chest. For those of you who have never had the joy of experiencing such things, this is sort of what your cooter/hoo-haw feels like..

See, its the Pillsbury Dough Boy...on fire, get it...

Ok Moving on...

The swelling is starting to go down in my ankle and my leg...see..

Still a tad swollen and bruised, well its more swollen then bruised I guess, but I did manage to mow the lawn Sunday...and walk 10 miles...

When it was a blazing 102 degrees...Look, see for yourself.

It was nice...I like it hot, but whilst on my 10 mile walk, I over heated, I drank my ice cold water, even before I got to the lake. At one point I was so hot, I filled my bottle with lake water and poured it down my pants,shirt,bra and over my head..

desperate times, call for desperate measures. I was thisclose to drinking the damn lake water. I mean thisclose.

My head is still pounding from the whole sorted ordeal.

My turtle/cooter rescue is coming along well. I saved a few over the weekend. I am slowly making my mark in the turtle world.

Creatures who carry shells as their homes, love me.

God speed my fine shelled friends, God speed.

Oh, I got my new glasses Saturday. See...

Do I look smarter, or like a stripper?

Well I need to go put the fire out in my underwear.
Bee Yeast Free.


J to the I to the double L said...

First. WOOT! In yo faces BEE-ACHS!! I swear to Jesus we have the exact same havent baked a loaf of bread in my panties in years...I will pray for you. seriously. Love ya!!

Katie said...

I can't believe the 102, you're nuts for being outside. I like it warm, but that's too much!

Did you get my e-mail?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

anymore I get them at least once a year...

I need to start buying stock in Monistat.

Where did u get your glasses, maybe we do....I love them..I dont wear them much, but I love them just the same;)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

what email?...Shit, I will check my blog email..

Was it that hot in your hood?

It was toasty out here in the west cenrtal part, I tell u what,

Ba Doozie said...

I can't think of anything more pleasant than walking 10 miles on that injury. I love yeast infections, they remind us how fun it is to be a woman

Neurotic1 said...

Yuck on the yeast and double yuck on the ankle! I hate both of them! Eat some yogurt and drink some black berry brandy. According to my mom- the so called health nut- they will cure anything! I LOVE the glasses. I am a glasses freak! It doesn't help that I have at least a half dozen pairs ;)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

ba dozzie,
try walking ten miles on a gimp leg with your shorts on thats unpleasant.

Black Berry Brandy u say?..hmm..

I swear, my pants are on fire..

I hate wearing glasses...I had to get new ones cuz my eyes chagned..i am a contacs girl all the way.

The Kept Woman said...

Shit. My computer ate my comment.

As I was saying...nothing worse than the dreaded Beast Injection and I hope that you and the coots are feeling better soon!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I tell u what Kept Lady..I am on fire and in need of morphine..


Princess said...

FUCK! That ankle looks nasty and painful!!!!!!!!!!!!

And your fricken walking about on it!! *smacks* That is so naughty!


Meow said...

OMG, you shouldn't be out exercising with a temp like that, and an ankle like that, too ... you are mad !!
Hope the ouchies is starting to clear up ... yuck, that sure ain't fun !!
Love the glasses.
Sorry I haven't been by for awhile ... I didn't realise that Google Reader wasn't registering your blog ... you are now on Bloglines, so I can find you !!
Have a great week.
Take care, Meow

Hails said...

you look like a hottie in your new glasses.

man your crazy going outside in the heat. We finally have rain. Im happy now!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

it does look nasty, but really it doesnt hurt that bad anymore:)

well, i wont be out doing any walking when its that hot again, unless I have gallons of water with me;)

to bad I never wear the glasses..although I would love to look like a hottie;)

Choppzs said...

I love the glasses!! I think you look sexy!! ;) lol

And yes, Yeast infections suck ass! My kids always gave them to me when I would be pregnant with them! Jerks!

Emma Sometimes said...

Nice glasses. Your ankle looks so painful. Hope you feel better soon.

and yes, TMI. Go buy some cotton unders...and stock in Monistat.

Working Mom said...

Sorry, I laughed about your yeast infection. **hanging head in shame** I've never had one so I don't know what it's like and I don't think I want to know after seeing the poor pillsbury dough boy.

Your ankle looks awful! How in the hell did you walk that far on it?!

Love the glasses, makes you look brainy!

vani said...

yes, TMI. but been there and its no fun. someone told me that yogurt this true? lol

Tomscockwhore said...

Way too freakin hot to be outside! Doing exercise no less. Have you lost your bloody mind?!?

Michael Manning said...

Hoping all is better soon, Bossy. Also I've noticed comments on your Sharon Stone style sunglasses!

Jamie Dawn said...

It's been a long time since I've suffered with a yeast infection. I feel your pain.

Cool glasses!

Your ankle looks hitonious. Well not quite hitonious. I save that word for truly, truly, beyond horrid things.
Your ankle looks hideous.
Slap a bag of frozen veggies on it and lay off the walks.

I predict your good luck will return on Thursday.
You will also be receiving some good news in your mailbox.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I use to get them when i was prego too...Now I get them when i work out alot and dont change my clothes right away...gross i know.

all I buy are cotton, I need to start changing my clothes right after working out..I sit in my sweaty underwear for hours before changing, my doc told me that is stupid..

I do need to get stock in Monistat..for sure.

Working mom,
just for lauhging, your gonna get one now;)

I eat yogurt daily, they are lying..haha

TCW, hot to be outdoors for sure..I am the village idoit.

sharon stone style u say...

ok I am keeping them for sure now.

Jaime, the good stuff in my mailbox coming thursday, or another day..Cuz thats the ONLY day I will get my mail..

Cliff Morrow said...

geez...a wet t shirt outing and here I sit on a farm in Nebraska.
When one of my family got new glasses, Dad would always ask them "Well, how do you look?"
You look good.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

sorry u missed it..

Nothing like a big boobed girl pouring nasty lake water into her bossom..hehe

js said...

very seldom does a post hurt me
this one did
the only discharge i want to know about is military and honorable at that
well i hope ur lil stuff feels mo betta soon

always pullin for the lil stuff

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

no discharge, just itchy...So dont worry..

J to the I to the double L said...

Its Tuesday...whay the hell havent you blogged yet Bee-ach!

patti_cake said...

I tried and tried and tried to comment yesterday and couldn't. Sorry.
LMAO at Bee Yeast Free. Now that's some advice I am definitely taking to heart! Hope your cooter feels better Hon!

Yarn Tails said...

Damn you are having the worst luck. And I cant believe you walked 10 miles on that foot. Are you nuts? No dont answer that... LOL

Yay for the shelled friends!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well I will tonight...Not enough hours in the day for me anymore..u know how that goes.

my cooter feels better already:)

Yarn Tails,
I am nuts...

really it does not hurt "that" bad anymore;)

Michele_3 said...

Geez girlfriend- even Floridian girls can't stand that heat- LOL!

Sorry about the yeast infection~You trip me out with the pilsbury dough boy on fire though!!
Got to go catch up on your posts now about your ankle-(looks swollen still though-) Sorry I have been away too long! I am putting you on the top of my blogroll from now on!!

Packof2 said...

wow, I leave for a few days & this is the trouble you get in? I have had a few YI & man do they paint quite an accurate picture of them too.

Hope you are on the mend:)


"T" said...

Damn, sorry 'bout your crotch. Been there. Not your crotch but, well... you know what I mean.

Glad to hear your ankle is feeling better. Please send any unused Vicodin my way.


Gette said...

I H8 yeast!

Jamie Dawn said...

My psychic powers are limited.
All I can see is that your good luck will return by Thursday. I know not what day the good fortune will come in your mailbox. I just know it will be this week.
Also, I see another turtle or two in your future. The turtle gods are smiling upon thee.

I hope you are not scratching your private area. It will only burn more if you do.
I recommend taking two or three pain pills to help stop the itch. :)

Jerry said...

Yeast infection, huh? Well, maybe you could make biscuits.

I'm a guy. What do I know about yeast?

Wendy said...

Yeast infections and swollen ankles suck! Especially at the same time! We had a turtle come visit us couple days ago.