Monday, May 07, 2007


I do not intentionally do bad things to dogs. I mean, I may eat them at the Chinese joint, but its not that I mean to eat them, if they tell me its chicken, I am just naive enough to believe it.

But I did intentionally do this to my dog..

She needed a hair cut, so i got the clippers out, this is her half done. This is the pile of hair with just doing half of her, it looks like a dog all in itself..

See, does that not look like another dog? She was loaded with she is unloaded.

This is my and Boo with the dog, the dog now is hiding in the closet laying atop some old coats...she is pissed right off..

Now she is only half done here, she does look better right now...But if your dog needs grooming call Bossy's dog grooming service.


Here is Mr Shaky and us....the other two were out at friends homes, so it was us and our now mangled up pup.

Boo has taken a liking to the dandelions in the yard. She says they are her flowers, but they are grumpy.
Now her mother is making her cakes, not pies..
I would love to meet her mother, now she is hell bent on having a wedding. She keeps asking if we can go to her wedding tommorow.
I told her three year olds don't have weddings.
I told her get a job before you settle down.
sorry I have not been by your blogs, my work hours are crazy, and then when I get home I am so drained and pissed off, I cant muster the energy to do anything.
Please forgive my bad blogger-ness.
Oh Friday I am going to get a hoop in my nose...
Hell yeah.
Bee Regular


Katie said...

First Bitches!!

I am too chicken to pierce my nose.

Neurotic1 said...

I have 1 dog and 1 cat that need shaving. The last time I tried to do the cat by myself~ I took one of her nipples off! Now she goes to the vet! Do you think you could come and visit? I would love a nose ring but I think that Dorcas may just pull the damn thing out!

Working Mom said...

Boo looks really proud to have a half nekkid doggie.

I wanna shave my cat (I mean the actual cat) cause the damn thing's shedding every where driving my allergies crazy.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

it really doesnt hurt..i have it peirced on one side, now i want the other;)

I will come for a small fee..

I am not done with her yet, I need to clean her up a bit tommorw, I figure I tramitized her enough for one day..piercings dont hurt, I am a wuss, so trust me.

Working mom,
well, I wouldnt shave a cat, cats are bithes:)

Meow said...

Wow, interesting shave job on the dog ... you are game !! At least dogs sit still, better than cats ... I would never, ever shave a cat (seen it done, saw the injuries, not a good look !!).
Show us your new piercing, won't you.
Don't worry about not dropping by as often ... I am in the same boat ... work takes me away from fun stuff ... bugger !!
Take care, Meow

Gette said...

I started on the cockers with a scissors. It takes FOR-EVER! Now they have stupid half done (though not half nekkid, din't get 'em that short) haircuts, and all the other dogs in the neighborhood will pick on them until I finish.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

as soon as I do the piercing, it will be here first;)

i just took clippers, she was all matted from not having a hair cut durring the I needed to do something drastic;)

Hails said...

when you pissed and have no time to do anything else, STEER CLEAR of your DOG! The poor thing is gonna get cold in her arse now!

Dogs and me, seriously Im a bad mum. Seriously!

patti_cake said...

I used to have my nose pierced before I got married. Love it with a tiny gold baby hoop or a teeny tiny diamond.

Poor doggie! Hey Bossy I actually know some people that like that look on their dogs and would probably hire you! LOL

Maybe Boo is chanelling my Mom, she has been on a cake baking kick here lately!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

my dog still wont come out of the closet...

Patti cake,
I have a peircing on one side...I wear a tiny stone or a soild tiny silver stone in it, now on the other side I want a tiny hoop...I am one hip cat..

your mom can have Boo if she wants;)

J to the I to the double L said...

stay the hell away from my dog you maniac...wait I dont have one, but if I did...!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

sad thing is...she comes home from the groomer looking that way, thats how they cut her for the season..she cant get groomed all winter or she will freeze, and unless I am growing her hair to show her in dog shows, its just not feasiable to grow it..

I just saved my self 65 bucks..

I need to do her face today and finsih her off, but she is not happy at sir ..

~Deb said...

I'm calling animal control on you! haha! A bitch with a bad hair day is nothing to mess with chicky. These photos are great!

Hope your birthday was fun at least!

I wrote about your family today. (eh-hem, in the bee sorta way) ;)

Kelly said...

That's some dog you have there, Bossy! Notice how she is hiding her head from the camera in some shots! Poor little thing is embarrassed! LOL

dakotablueeyes said...

Looks like half the dog is left she's so small without all that hair

js said...

that dude has a big noggin!!!!
our inside damn dog (all inside dogs r damn dogs) always struts like the cock of the block when he gets a new do!