Thursday, February 22, 2007

Take my breath away

This will be my last post this week, as I am a slave to the tax man. The tax man has me by the balls..Or the ovaries at least.

You know what happens when you let your three old make their own decision? Bad things, that's what. I let Boo pick out her own clothes the last two days, and she comes out of her room ready for summer.

This was her Wednesday, notice though she did not take her jammie sweatshirt off, rather just throw the tye dye right on over top of it

I am not sure why she is so hell bent on wearing shorts in the middle of February. In her defense though, this week has been 80 degrees warmer then it has been last few weeks...And today is only 43, so you retards do the math...It gets shittin cold here.

It sad when you go from -40 to positive 40. You go around all giddy and coat less. Not having a single care in the world, you smell spring in the air, and there is also a spring in your step. You open windows and even drive around town with your Def Leppard CD blaring with your window slightly rolled a jar. Or maybe I am the only jackass doing that.

and yes, that is the sofa she relieved herself on...
This whole BO thing is getting to me, if you cant tell. I have decided on my next weekend off, I am going to not bathe or wear deodorant of any kind. Let him get a whiff of some really potent BO.

In his defense too, cooked onions get on your clothes and they smell putrid. But damnitalltohell, don't tell me I smell like I have BO. I tell him its the fu*king onions. He says " but I like the smell of onions"


I smelled my shirt I wore to work yesterday, and it smells like a restaurant. So I can see how he thinks I smell, but it does not stink like BO..I just wanna beat the crap out of him..


I have taken it upon myself to declare that ME..

pictured here

want to live like this..Pictured here...In my next life

Is that too much to ask.

Cats don't have humans pissing on their shit, nor do they have their spouses telling they smell.

that's all I got...I a damn loser..

Bee Real


Brandy said...

Yup we have the windows down in the car driving around too! We are having a heat wave!!!

I would love to come back as a cat too! They have the best life there is..

Good Luck with the Tax Man!


Anne said...

Oh, you know I know it gets cold up there! It was 43 here today wooooooooohoooooooooooo! I'm with baby-I want to put on summer clothes already dammit.

I need to read more-I missed the BO thang.

Choppzs said...

Ok, we really do have the windows down and stuff today. It's nice and 60. But still want to see some white stuff!! lol

And if you're a cat, well cats sometimes get the shit end of the stick too. Like my husband says "They are made to land on their feet" as he throws one through the air. Or the kids say "Kitty Kitty" as they carry it around by its poor neck all day. Or how the doc says snip snip as he cuts off your nuts, or ties your tubes, or pulls out your fingernails so you can't scratch everything. Well then there are the fleas, that bite and gnaw at you all the time till you get an allergy and constantly itch and itch and itch, then you get taken to the vet where they stick a thermometer up your ass, and twist you every which way.

Ok, I think you have the point, sometimes being a cat isn't so great. Except that you can lick yourself!! lol It might all be worth it for that though!

Neurotic1 said...

Boo has spring fever. Who wouldn't after breaking into the positive side of the mercury! I'm afraid to roll my windows down. People might commit me to the looney bin when they hear me singing my heart out to the wiggles!

just_tammy said...

We still have snow and ice all over our front lawn but dang the doors and windows have been wide open. It's almost swimsuit weather after what we've been through! Of course if I laid on what's left of the snow in mine, people would see only a swimsuit. Yep, I'm that snow white!

Sorry you're life is still revolving around potty or the lack of it's use and the whole BO thing. About died laughing about Blondie though. Reminded me of Ralphie's brother. Can't think of the snowsuit clad kid's name! Guess I'll have to wait until next Christmas to find out or google it.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yup, it was 45 today, felt like summer..hehe

well because of the ta man, i have to work...cuz i owe the SOB money..

I know, its funny how when it hits 40 we think summer..hehe...

well your not missing much on the me:)

60's?..I hate you...nuf said:)

well, I dont allow wiggles in my car anymore..I have put my foot down..hehe

u need to come here and I will share some of my tanning minutes with u, get u a nice glow:)

Miss 1999 said...

Yep, I know about the weather in that "God-forsaken" state you live in (that's what I call it). My husband is from an ULTRA small town in MN, called Morris. Yeah, as you can tell, I have so much love for MN.

Moving on, being 43 degrees up there probably is like a heatwave, although I'm cracking up over your little one wanting to wear shorts *L*.

Tell your husband to kiss your ass-- he'll figure out what BO is one of these days! *L*

Good luck with the tax man, I know he sucks!!!

badoozie said...

the cats very well could have someone piss on their stuff. i know mine deserve that, and it can be arranged

i had to do "other" on my identity because of stupid blogger!!

Hails said...

bicardinated soda? Its like a powder. Surely you guys have it. I saw it on the simpsons so surely you have it! If you mix with vinegar it will blow up, hence why I said use water... am I making sense??

I wanna be a cat in my next life as well.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Miss 1999,
hmm, I nwvwe heard of that town, course I have only lived here two years, so I try not to learn too much..

and hell yea, its a heat wave..which will be coming to an end as we are suppose to get a big ole snow storm this weekend..the first of the season..yee-haw..


who is gonna pee on cats stuff..and what stuff does a cat acctually own anyway?

hmm..if its on the simpsons, then it has to be real..hehe

maybe in our enxt life u and I will be litter mates..hehe

~Deb said...

I totally needed to visit you today! You always have a way of making me laugh! :) And as far as the smell of onions on your shirt - I cook mostly Italian food, so the smell of garlic runs rampant in my household! I feel fer ya! Next time anyone says anything - just stop cooking for them!

And yes- it's been 50 degrees here and my girlfriend is out wearing short sleeves. Funny thing, in the summer she's out wearing long sleeves. What the??

Your lil' girl is absolutely adorable by the way!

flea said...

you know...i so want to be a cat in the next life too, they have it way to easy, i mean eat, sleep, play, and more sleep...cha count me in!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well glad i could cheer u up a bit..

heck even when its -40 i still sport shorts and t-shirts, i have long sleeves:)

I know..they have the best damn life.

Choppzs said...

I just wanted to let you know that I changed my blog addy. Assholes at hubs work got ahold of it and I don't need anyone reading stuff that may be about them at any point and time!!

Meow said...

Whoo-hooo, a heat wave !!! You sure can have some of our heat ... send cold here, please !!!
Your kids are too cute !!
Good luck with the Tax Man.
Take care, Meow

Cliff Morrow said...

Wear your BO infested clothes to the tax man. Oh, I forgot, it's not bo. It's onions...uh yeah, that's what it is.

Tomscockwhore said...

My tax man screwed me royally. Without lubrication! OUCH! We are getting money back, however I tried a new CPA and am very unhappy with the exorbitant amount of money he charged me. Then blah blah blah, amend blah blah blah, your homework assignment is blah blah blah, bend over blah blah blah. If I were a cat, I wouldn't have to pay taxes!!!

Who the hell ever heard of a 50% piggy back tax? SHEESH! I live in the most expensive state on the planet!!

Good Luck! Bring the K-Y just in case!

The Kept Woman said...

In my next life I want to come back as a stingray at Sting Ray City in Grand Cayman.

People will feed me and no one hunts stingrays. Is that a rockin' life or what?

P.S. I'm sorry but I agree with Boo. I keep staring lustfully as my flip-flops.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

crap, another blogroll I gotta I hate that..


i did not want u thinking i am ignoring u, i try and try..freaking blogger sucks ass.

your thisclose to getting a real whiff of BO

i know what u mean about the lube, I need it..i am tried of getting screwed. by IRS anyway,,

we are gonna get a foot of snow this weekend, dont get the fkip flops out yet.

"T" said...

It is true about the onions! Every time my husband comes home after stopping at the deli, I always can tell he's been there... By the onion BO stench....then I say,
hey did u go to the deli and he's all like
um yeah, how do you know? And I never tell him how I know, he just thinks that I have a lo-jack installed up his ass or something like that.