Sunday, February 25, 2007


I hate people who always complain. If its not one thing its another. If u have so many issues ,get a bottle of pills and a 5th of whisky, but leave me the hell alone.

Well, right now, THIS is my bottle of pills as well as my grain alcohol. So deal with it.

Friday while I was working at The Crazy House , one of our residents died suddenly. We are not sure why, or what...But she is now on a cold slab at the morgue. That day she had been telling one of the staff that she was going to die today and that her insides were burning. A few hours later, she was found dead on her bedroom floor.

her insides weren't melted, but she did die that day..

So dealing with that has been a nightmare.

Then The Boy tells me he has his parent teacher conference at 5pm. We go...The school is all locked up.

They had no school that day , because of....Conferences, yet, there was none..

By the time I left for work Saturday to the Crazy House, we had gotten a good 5 inches of white powder. No not cocaine.

Mr Shaky shoveled both driveways and all the sidewalks before I left. Whilst at work, it snowed about a foot. When I left at midnight, none of the streets were plowed, the stop lights were not working, and my driveway was all drifted in. I tried like hell to get in, but my efforts proved frutile against the white powder. No not cocaine

I stormed into the house and asked Mr Shaky what the hell he had been doing, because holy shit, he was not making sure I could get in the drive way. He looks at me in shock, and says " I shoveled before u left"

No damn shit....I guess U have not been near a window in the last 8 hours, because there is a drift in the drive so high I couldn't see the fuc*ing porch.

So I sent his ass out at midnight to commence in the shoveling.

Then the dirty SOB had the nerve to say to me.."the reason u couldn't get in the driveway, was because of your driving"

Oh hell no. U just did not say that to me..I have been driving in the snow my whole Golldamn life, don't u dare tell me I don't know how to do it..

So we fought about how well I can drive for a half hour.

Then shortly after I get settled into bed, I hear a big THUD...My Boo Bee had fallen her chubby ass outta bed.

This has not been a good weekend.

So far there is about 12 inches of snow out my door...And its still snowing...We could easily see over a foot by 6pm Sunday.

Right about now some cocaine sounds pretty good..

I hate winter, I hate people dying, I hate white powder, I hate when tots aren't capable of sleeping far enough from the edge of the bed to keep their asses from falling out , I hate it when I cant pull in my driveway....

But I am loving the thought of some cocaine...

I have worked 46 hours this week, went to one non existent parent teacher conference, witnessed grief sticken co-workers dealing with the death at our house, gave out more hugs in one day then I have my whole life, got snowed in, was told I am a retard and cant drive in the snow, made the hubby go out at midnight and make a fuc*ing path for my car....

This is a tip...A free one...From me, to you.

If your spouse is out at work, and you know full well we are under some sort of blizzard warning, and you know your spouse gets home at midnight, please, by all means, make sure the driveways are not riddled with snow and ice, cuz it makes for an angry wife if she gets stuck in the driveway...Really damn angry.

Bee Real


Brandy said...

I am with you there. But hubby and son have made sure the drive is clear for me.

When hubby was trucking and coming home late like that I would go out and get it all clear for him so 1)he could get in the driveway and 2)he didnt have to shovel himself...LOL

We are getting the rain and ice here. I hope you have a better day today! Stay warm and dry if ya can!!

Karin said...

Well in my entire life I have never been snowed out of my driveway but if I ever am I will kick Hubbys ass for not taking care of it. I am sorry you are having such a bad weekend. Just remember it is almost spring and soon you will be having your favorite kind of weather. Give Boo a little kiss falling out of bed sucks!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well, I can say one thing for sure, I wouldnt shovel the drive way if I knew Jesus was coming..I dont do and the hubs have an agreement, he takes care of shit in the winter, I do it in the summer, i mow the lawn, plant the flowers..

all he has to do is shovel...this has been our first snow its not like he has to shovel a lot.

yes, it is worth a good ass me, espeailly when it happens at midnight and your tired and cranky.

Blazer1234 said...

My gawd woman. You need a shot of something strong. Hope the week gets better for you.

Kelly said...

Well, that will be my job tonight and tomorrow since it doesn't seem as though Hubbs will be able to fly in and I will have daycare families arriving. Mind you, I don't even know how to start the damn snowblower that I have NEVER used! Winter sucks ass!

That is too bad about your client at the "crazy house".

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well, the way I see it, it cant get much worse..although it is snowing again..son of a bitch,

i dont have a snowblower anymore...right now one would come in mighty fuc*king handy..

Cliff Morrow said...

I'm with Shaky, you should have 'gunned' it.


Jamie Dawn said...

I've been noticing on weather reports just how hideous your weather has been for quite some time now. The unbearable cold and unrelenting snow would make me as irritable, mean, and whiny as you are. :)
Poor Boo fell down go BOOM!
Maybe Boo ought to wear padded PJ's and a helmet to bed.

I have a back porch that has room for two rockers.
We can sip our sweet tea there and stuff our faces with Sweet Cream Biscuits. Afterwards, we'd have to run around the block a few times though, but I know that wouldn't be a problem for you.

Gette said...

Got outta my yard thanks to the neighbor, then got stuck in the middle of a city street in Monte. Asshole plow drivers.

Britmum said...

Oh Bossy you have nothing on me... Did you read my post about being stuck in the snow for 7 hours and not moving more than 15 miles. hmmm did ya?????

O.k. I still love you though and I am sorry about the death, Boo and your husband not clearing a path for you.

Take care xx

Anonymous said...

you must be an idiot, or a conservative at least! I mean any real f*cked up retard would know that it isnt cold that Al (the most idiotic sonofthebitch) that ever was allowed to live in the world tells you everyday about, ok everybody together now, global warming!! And here you are bitching about snow? How can that be? There are only 2 answers to this question answer one: Al Gore is an IDIOT. and anwer 2 Anyone who listens to Al Gore is an idiot. Friggin hysterical assed gloom and doom Idiocrat.
Anyway on a lighter note, those taxes you were bitchin bout yep you guessed it, the party that makes no excuses for raising taxes, the Idiocrats!!!!! Anddddd to top that all off Al wants to raise taxes to fight Global Warming!!!! All of that and you can't get in your driveway for the snow, go figure.
Have a nice day!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I gunned it alright..

that all sounds mighty fine, U can be expceting me shortly.

for some reason, the snow plow people have no idea how to plow..

oh sweety, I have stories worse then that..hehe

Slick willy,
what the fuck does al gore have to do with my fucking drive way not being plowed?

u must be off your meds...seroiusly dude...

Stating the facts said...

simply pointing out once again the insane hysteria that is the democrat party. Thats all. Its fun for me. Some people don't see the obvious lunacy and continue to drink the kool-aid! It does tickle the ever living shit out of me that folks are so easily led, then in short order their paychecks are slaughtered for some assinine idiocy such as global warming. They actually had to cancel an Al Gorathon because of snow and freezing weather!!! Do you know what the idiot loon leadership of the Idiocrats said?
yeah you guessed it.
its caused by, everbody together now, Global Warming.
scratching your head yet?
me too.
Idiots one and all.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Slick willy,
still I dont care what facts you "think" your stating, what the fuck does al gore have to do with my drivweway not being plowed?..I mean its not like he was suppose to come do it and did not show up...

what the fuck does global warming have to do with the fact my driveway was not plowed?..I honestly dont get what the fuck your trying to say..

Its fucking winter, I live in MN, it fucking snows...

still, what the fuck?

deni said...

Oh, no, he REALLY didn't say that to you! Does he have a death wish?

Neurotic1 said...

One word- YUCK! I am so glad I don't have to deal with that crap anymore. Hope your day today is much better. Tell Mr. Shaky to quit complainin' and do his job- dammit!

The Kept Woman said...

Wait...about that free piece of advice...does that count for the female variety of spouses too? 'Cause it's like snowing buckets here today and that would mean I have to shovel so SD can get in the driveway tonight.

I don't like shoveling.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I think he does have a death wish..

i had his ass out there shoveling yesterday...the snow came up to his waist beofre he shovled it..I never seen so much snow in my life..

i am moving in with u.

no, it only applies to men. we should never be expected to go out in such condtions...SD can park his ass on the street, go grab the shovel and make his own path to the driveway..

flea said...

omg you so deserve a hit of cocaine, or some sort of alcoholic beverage....i would've so kicked his sorry ass for not shoveling, or locked him out in it for at least an hour or so

hope your all shoveled out today

just_tammy said...

So happy to have the rain and ice we are dealing with. Guess there was even a tornado somewhere. All around us was the big snow storm. Sounds like you got more than your fair share. No excuse for what hubby said. You should have slammed the door behind him so hard that he ended up buried under the avalanche of snow falling off your roof. Just a thought - a too late one. File it away for another time if he is brave/stupid enough for there to be another time.

That's too bad about the girl. Too bad you had to give so many hugs which is sooo against your nature! Here's to a much better week!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

would u like to come join me for my hit and drink?..i could use some company..hehe

I heard parts of Kansas were under a winter storm warnring AND a torndo warning at the same bizzare is that?...I am glad u guys did not get any of that.

ur idea is time i will do that..

although I hope there is not a next time.

just_tammy said...

Bizarre is the perfect word for all of our weather reports for the weekend. We were prepared for any and all of it. Our neighbor had pulled his motorcycle out of storage since it had been so warm and sunny (read above zero) thinking he would be out riding. It sat through rain, wind, hail, snow, and ice. Poor guy! Poor motorcycle!

Anyway, just keep that idea in the back of that devious mind of yours. For Shaky's sake, I hope you never have to dust it off.

vani said...

makes sense to me, but you gotta remember some spouses don't have any, like mine for example. but that's a story for another post! :)

Leesa said...

Just a quick note to let you know that Battle of the Blogs has started. Round One will last until Sunday evening.

Leesa (

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

motorcyles out in Feb?..damn

mine is a retard at times, but most men come by it honestly.

shit, i forgot all about that..I dont even know what i am suppose to do..

js said...

'ats m'girl!
i knew u thought he was as much of an idiot as the rest of us!!!