Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I wanna be sedated

Well, the sofa still has lingering effects of pre-schooler piss. I may have to take the whole cushion out back and torch it. Pretty soon the cats are gonna smell the pre-schooler piss and then think "hell, the pre schooler uses this for a toilet, why cant we?"

Then the dog will join in, it will be one big pissing party.

I am tired of my job. I am tired of the crap I deal with. I don't care what anyone says, when u get a bunch of women working together in close proximity, trouble is gonna brew, because women are back stabbing bitches. I admit it, and I am guilty of it. I hate it. But its true..I am turning into one of them..One of them women who is a nasty mouth, no good piece of hormones wrapped up into one big fat turd.

I am not proud, but its the way the shit flies..

I do cooking at the crazy house, and everytime I cook something with onions in it, I come home and Mr Shaky tells me I smell like BO..I tell him it isn't me, its the onions. I don't smell like BO, I smell like cooked onions..

I chase him around, telling him to smell my armpits, so I can prove it isn't BO. He tells me that he is not smelling my armpits, because why would he want to put his face in my BO.

I cant get it thru to him, its the onions...Its the Go*damn onions...Jesus..

I have decided that even on days when there is no school, I will still send my kids...


This school system has decided to forgo the normal spring break, but rather give these bastards long weekends...

I already have to deal with this pissing on my sofa pre schooler..

That is plenty for me to deal with..I am not focused as I once was. I can not multi task anymore..

I can only handle one bee at a time..And I would prefer to have the one that doesn't piss on my stuff..

well that leaves the boy out, cuz he misses the john and whizzes on my bathroom floor..

So I guess that leaves Blondie..She has not pissed on my shit in years.

Bee Real


Karin said...

When did Boo's hair get so long? Yes you are right woman are bitches and working with them will turn you into one. As far as the onions go I think your Hubby has a faulty sniffer because onions and bo are very different. However when I waitress and had to change the cheese shakers at the end of the night that did smell like Bo or stinky feet. I hope you have some pissless days ahead of you.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well sometimes I think sauating onions smell like BO..and I smell my hair this morning, and its smells like what sauting onions smell like, which is not a pretty smell..

Boo has always had hair..long hair, I only trim it..Blondie use to have hair longer then that till she put gum in it about 3 years ago, and I chopped it to her shoulders:)

Neurotic1 said...

No spring break. At least you won't have to deal with them for a full week. Just endless long weekends ;) I agree all women are that way. Put 2 men in a room and they talk about sex or sports. Put 2 women in a room and they talk about the last woman that left!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

only reason i ws looking forward to spring break, was the chance to sleep in for a week..

women are strange people..arent we?

Kelly said...

I used to work as a receptionist in an office full of women...I quit, enough said! LOL

No Spring Break? You poor thing. I am not looking forward to ours so much, as I have two not so well behaved kids coming here that week! I will bet that your school will not continue that next year, there will be alot of families pulling their kids out for the week to vacation.

"T" said...

Oh yes...


Hate them :)

Hey, at least you have her partially trained. My kid has zero potty interest and wishes to pee in her pullups forever, amen.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well last year they sent home a questionare giving three choices for spring break..one was long weekends..

they said they made this descion based on the response last year, most parents picked that I guess..stupid asses.

dont worry, in no time she will be pissing on your sofa cuz she held it in to long.

Brandy said...

The kids get more days off than I ever did going to school. We just got done having a long 4 day weekend. And I know in a couple of weeks they have another day off! I say get rid of all the extra holidays and make em go to school!

Can you tell that I had to spend four days with fighting teens??? Ugh!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

we just had a four day weekend, plus they dont have school this coming friday..can u tell i spent four days with fighting kids?haha

The Kept Woman said...


I have TOTALLY thought the same thing about BO and onions before.

I'm so glad that's not just me!

Working Mom said...

I've worked in a small office with 9 women for 10 years now....oh, the stories I could tell! I've learned, no one is truly your friend there. Stab you in the back in a heartbeat. It sucks.

Jamie Dawn said...

I always refer to bad BO as smelling like "a Burrito Supreme that has been in a car with the windows closed in scorching hot weather for three days."
I'm SURE your onion scented body doesn't smell THAT bad!
PEW! I've been smelling an oniony smell every since I went to your blog. Could it be that those onions are so strong that they are coming through the computer???? :)
Give the pisser a hug for me. She just wants you to get a new couch, that's all. She did you a favor.

Cliff Morrow said...

You used to write for Billy Graham, didn't you?
Nearly poetic my dear.

Badoozie said...

i'm pretty sure you're having trouble at work because they other biotches are jealous of your bootylicious body..i don't think they're ready for yer jelly

kaliblue said...

Cook ya some onions at the house and tell him to do the sniff test now*LOL*. About the couch, I say torch it!!!. Cause all yor (misspelled on purpose:-), animals are gonna mark it as sure as you just typed it :-). Why are we women so bitchiefied with one another?. Is that a word ?.*LOL*.

Tomscockwhore said...

You SLAY me!!!!

Britmum said...

Awww Bossy come for a vacay to me. I would take good care of you. You could have your hols with me.

I don't like working with woman either unless you can laugh at their bullshit.

Take care xx

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I had a nice ong comment typed out, to each and everyone of you.

and POOF, fu*king thing is gone..

someone stole it..