Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hearts on fire

Well, tis the time of year to snuggle with your sweety, have candle lit dinners and have unprotected whoopee with strangers cuz u have no Valentine...

If your single, stay away from the bars, you will only end up waking up next to some dude, u thought looked like Johnny Depp in the smog filled bar, when he really looks like Johnny Carson...

To all you married or "spoken for" folks, don't expect too much from your mate. I mean most married people don't consider this a real holiday and say they aren't going to celebrate it, yet if they don't get anything, they are pissed off...(that is so totally me)...Its a no win situation.

I am sure I will be lavished with fine jewels and chocolates...Tomorrow I will be fat, but I will be a fatty with some bling...

or so I am hoping...

Have a wonderful hearts day...

Bee Real


Fantastagirl said...



Happy Valentines' day!

Brandy said...

Happy Valentines Day!

My sweetie got me a rose bush instead of cut roses. He gave them to me early cause I have to work in the morning! I even got a really sweet card!

Hope you have a great Valentine day with you Sweetie!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

ditto ..hope u have a great one.

i got mine too cuz i am a baby like that..hehe

Meow said...

Happy Valentines Day.
Hope you got all the bling you can wear !!
I got a kiss from my hubby !!!
(We don't really do Valentines Day, but it's the thought that counts !!)
Take care, Meow

Cliff Morrow said...

Happy VD BB.
Hope you have some fun!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well what i got whats what i wanted..hehe..happ v day swweety

Cliff, good to the bride...

Britmum said...

Heres to Diamonds all round babe....

Happy Valentino day.

Take care xx

Karin said...

Yeah I am so not expecting much from the Hubby tomorrow. He is going to martial arts after work and won't be home until 10. I guess I will just have to snuggle with a cat. Hope your day is better than mine.

aatank said...

Have a Happy Valentine's Day.

Mine is begining to feel like I'm running a daycare. Now only if I could get paid.

flea said...

happy V day (even though i really don't celebrate it and won't get anything from the spouse, not that i care or anything.....)

Neurotic1 said...

Happy Valentine's Day! I always give Mr. Conservative his card first thing in the morning. That way he has no excuse to forget something on his way home! I don't much care for flowers. But I will settle for a nice dinner brought home!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

amen, although I know I wont be getting any, I like to dream anyway.

well nothing wrong with snuggleing with the cat, they are soft and they dont talk back..

u may not be getting paid, but your doing a great thing..

have a good hearts day anyway..hehe

yes, we dont celebrate ether, but i am madder then a wet hen if I get nothing..hehe

i like the way u he HAS to bring u home at least something..hahaha

just_tammy said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Bossy!!! I guarantee you'll end up with more than I will since mine is in Japan until tomorrow or Friday depending on the weather. There'd better be something in the suitcase!

I'm going to get fat all on my own since I feel like making cupcakes. Guess it's all those years of baking them for the kids' classes. Even though the kids are way too old for that type of thing my brain says it's cupcake time!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

um, to me its always cupcake time..hehe

js said...

well everyone can rest easy knowing that mine will get nuttin for v-day!!!! Unprotected sex excluded of course.

If your single go to many bars! Wake up with said stranger, and smile well provided your friends were either as drunk as you and thinks he looked like Johnny Depp (which you will affirm on your cell fone call leaving his house, or if your friends had already left or weren't there at all. Go get em!
happy v-day

Peggy said...

Hope you get so much bling that you need sunglasses when you put them on. Have a great one!

Blazer1234 said...

I'm one of those married people that doesn't celebrate. I never did, ever since being married. Not because the hubby doesn't love me, or me love him, I just think it's a big ol' waste of money. But who can turn down a little bling? Enjoy it!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Slick Willy,
figures you would encourage bar flies.haha..or are u just hoping they think u are johnny depp..or tim mgraw..haha

well, I am sure i wont be getting bling, but its nice to dream ya no..

every year we say we arent going to...then we do..its my excuse to be able to go out for a decent meal with no freaking kids, gotta use what I can ya no..hehe

Michele_3 said...

Happy Valentines Day!
Here's to bling, candy & cards!
hope it is a good one girlfriend!

js said...

nooooooo both them dude have hook worms
im way to much a man (ok i'm fat) to be mistook for them 2 cats ifn folks can see my whole body!
Just encouraging those singles to get em a lil lovin if they can!!!!!
Make Love Not Taxes
thats my motto!

kaliblue said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you:-).

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes, I wish the same to you;)

Slick willy,
make love not taxes..ok...I can live with that motto.

thank you..hope u have a good one.

JD's Rose said...

Happy Valentines Day Bossy!

I want to see that bling if you get it!

Badoozie said...

johnny carson is dead so that's pretty bad

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

hmmm.....well, thats gonna be a hard one.

I said LOOKED like Johnny Carson..NOT that u were sleeping WITH him..goodness my lady..

Princess said...

Well, tis the time of year to snuggle with your sweety, have candle lit dinners and have unprotected whoopee with strangers cuz u have no Valentine...


You put it so delicately Bossy. Your a fricken legend!