Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Holy crap

I think something is wrong..

My skin hurts, my muscles hurt, my head hurts, my stomach is making sounds that which resemble an F-16 fighter jet, and the smells leaking from the jet are very toxic.

My hair even hurts.

I am about 90% sure I will vomit in the next 2 hours...Its just a prediction.

I cant sleep, cuz I am so sickly feeling..I took a sleeping pill, if I puke it up, I will be madder then a wet hen.

Why do I always get the bugs months after everyone else? My kids had this weeks ago, I thought I was super man, the virus repelled of my steel encrusted armor, that hold my DD's.

My armor does not work.

When moms get sick, we still have to drag our lazy asses outta bed, get the kids breakfast, make lunches, comb hair, do a teeth cleaning inspection, and tie scarves around tiny heads.

Holy shit, I am gonna be sick...

Who will come hold my hair back so I don't get chewed noodles in my hair from dinner? I cut and colored it today. Myself...

Mr Shaky says it looks " real good"...I am not sure whether to believe him, I think he was hoping to get lucky, but when I told him there is a high probability of me puking in his mouth, he said, "yea I am tired anyway"

And what the hell is up with that astronaut wearing a wig, a diaper and equipped with a BB gun and rubber tubing?

I don't know whether to laugh, or be very fearful..I mean if NASA let this nut job thru, think of the countess hundreds...And yes, there is one in my family..Who works for NASA...

I unfortunately don't reap the financial benefits from that...So who the hell cares?

But that's two confirmed causes of crazy they let slip thru...

These are the ones who actually believe we went to the moon...Crazy fuc*ers.

Ok, I need to make a bathroom run...

talk amongst yourselves, I will give u a topic..

"is it pronounced warsher or washer? discuss amongst yourselves.

Bee Real

bee real


Jerry said...

It's washer, dammit. And the president resides in WASHington not WaRshington. Sorry. Pet Peeve. Hit a nerve.

Hope you didn't puke in your hair. Cause then it'll get in your brush and then....well, I'll just stop there. Be well, SuperMom!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thank you and thank you..I hate it when people say shit wrong..

well if i puke twoards the hair, its a rule i have to shower..and i cant stand that long tonight...damn

just_tammy said...

I hope you are feeling much better by the time you read this. Don't puke in your freshly cut and colored hair. That would be too sad.

It's washer! If it was 'warsher', it would be spelled 'warsher'! Just as there is no 't' in across. Yep, we have so much in common!

The whole wig, diaper, and trench coat thing was too weird for words. Just as I thought, no words to continue.

Feel better!

Neurotic1 said...

Hope you are finished puking. I have some good medicine if you need it. Only problem is that it goes in the bunger!

flea said...

ick! i totally feel for you i had this bug a couple of months ago and it's nasty.

hope u feel better soon!!

and i do believe it's washer....

Brandy said...

Kids! just dont know how to keep them germs to themselves! LOL

Feel Better Soon!!

Its washer too!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i need to go warsh my hair now..

i never puked, just feel like it..i want to die...any advice?

I am not sure what I have, now my nose is plugged and my srtomach still feels funny..its weird.

kids are nothing more then big petri dishes..

Neurotic1 said...

My advice is to not call the Dr. They will run all sorts of tests and not find anything. You will still feel like crap! Are you sure that you are not a hypochondriac? hehe ;)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well, I never call the doc, I could have a spike in my heart and still sit here thinking thr pain would go away on its own..

but maybe i am a hypocondriac..everyone else in my family is..

i dont know, my nose is stuffy now, my skin hurts...i need someone to take care of me...r u busy?


~Deb said...

Hmm......not good. Kids = germs. You're doomed my love. But good thing is, you can buy a bubble with workable hands and legs and live in peace without getting any germs whatsoever.

I have a few leftover if you want me to ship one to you. But just one thing - try not to get 'sick' in it. You'll regret it!

just_tammy said...

Now I know you will pull through this horrible illness since you can still crack a joke! It's when you get all serious and quiet I worry.

Feel better or use this time for your weight loss plan. Maybe both!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

what I need is a bubble for everyone else...do u have 4?

its not cracking jokes, its the state of my deliruim...thats how bad it is, my fever has made me deleroius.

Peg said...

I second Jerry - It's a freaking washer! Technically because my life is very boring I pronounce the whole title every time "washing machine" as in - "Al get your nasty shit of my washing machine so I can load it"

Laura Elizabeth said...

Bossy, I hate to tell you this, but you will live through this bug. And God does not kill you, no matter how hard you beg.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

haha, i agree, its washer..but i hear "warsher" so much i wanna slap someone..I have many other words that bug the shit out of me..

why are u such a downer today?..haha

deni said...

What the hell is a warsher?

If I hold your hair back so you don't puke in it, I will be puking myself.

Hey, I got my hair cut today, I feel like a new woman.

Now if only I could eat something without it passing through the other end.

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js said...

washer here in america.
hope you pooped the demons out!
hope ur feeling mo betta